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  1. Don't think Fred ever pushed the button at Matamata as it was then under Auckland district? When I worked on the gates there in the early 70's Jack Mudford was in charge with Vic Dye as dep.. When Jack retired Fred was already gone so it switched to Jim Flood and J.S.Humphries. As for Jockeys, I reckon Howie Mathews was around in those days as well, BS Compton was riding local horses but might not have been based there? Many a day(night!) playing cards after the trials or races back then with J.B. Christophers & Jack MaCininny(SP), and a beer or two. I'm in Hong Kong at the
  2. Marble races at Rory (Hori) McGovern's on Sunday afternoons back in the '70's before Sunday racing came about. Ken Hounsell ( Jomo Kenyatta) was the marble race starter on Sundays, everyone brought their own favourite marble to bet on, a few $$'s changed hands. Keith Opie was riding Gold Braid ( Battle Waggon ) to win the Sire Produce. Tom Fallon and Harry Green were also hanging around the joint then. Rory had Dunmoy and Dyak going well at the time Great thread Rev.
  3. From what I hear the highland flings aren't as big as in your days
  4. I think Joao quite likes the 15% tax rate in HK.
  5. Sad news last night with the passing of Johnny ( J.T. ) Anderson. After a very successful riding career, JT went on to be assistant starter around Auckland, Waikato districts working with Jack Mudford, John Humphries, Gripper Harrison and me. A great horseman and a very popular figure around the tracks for many years. Rest easy old mate.
  6. Why didn't the government allow a casino license for Rotorua? My guess is that those buses leaving Ridges are heading for the Hamilton casino full of Chinese just wanting a bet. Doesn't make sense that one of the biggest tourist attractions in NZ has no casino.
  7. You are correct, I looked back on the results of Chinese NY meeting, massive dividend !
  8. Minimum bet in HK is $10 so the dividend you refer to is declared for a $10 place bet. The Shatin track is outstanding, the only regret they have is not constructing a 200m longer chute where the 1000m start is and a longer 1800m chute to allow a 2000m start down the end of the back straight. The current 2000m start is one of worst you will see anywhere, but when they built the track back in the mid '70's they had no idea where HK racing was heading, they were still running their Derby over 1800m until the late 1900's.
  9. A privilege to have known and worked alongside Norm for many years. R.I.P. Tony & Cath McGovern. H.K.
  10. Sad news Maybe the "Classic Jockeys" could wear black armbands on Saturday, as possibly all but three rode with Tony. Would be a nice touch to remember a great bloke. R.I.P. TG
  11. Is he Dr Millers boy by any chance?
  12. The new race and trial replays are great but how do you view a certain heat without having to watch a whole batch or know which batch it's in?
  13. James didn't look out of place last night against some of the best jocks in the world, and I had a pretty good view of it all. He also handled himself very well with all the hype that surrounds this carnival, a credit to his mentor(s). Got a big wrap from the local commentators and also impressed the bosses enough to say they would be keen to see him back at some stage.
  14. why can't the ballot horse take the number and draw of the horse that's withdrawn ?
  15. Agree with you 100% as I have stated in another thread on the same subject. The late J Mudford sorted that out years ago, and he was one of the best barrier riders/starters in his day. I'm sure Cameron George will sort it out and still let the starters remain in the place they are most comfortable. Maybe the assistant starter should take a bigger role and check all is clear and signal such to the starter.