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  1. shodsie

    The reason the TAB isn’t focusing on racing

    where have you been the last 3 or 4 months ?????? its all in the hands of government now, no one is entitled too anything ..........
  2. shodsie

    Trump written off here's the intelligence of your mob ohoka
  3. shodsie

    Trump written off

    how good are ohokamans democrates looking??? eating each other alive what a mess poor old nancy cant string a sentence together, CNN down too 2 viewers ohoka and his best friend crooked hillary lol the new left wing just talking utter madness and un-electable........... trump getting stronger by the day/hour he may talk a lot of dribble but hes shooting at empty goal posts.....
  4. shodsie

    $200 K terminating PICK SIX

    pick 6 is a tote product nothing to do with the paddy power/open bet platform......... you will have 6 or 7 hours tomorrow too get your pick 6 on whats the problem????
  5. shodsie

    Trump written off

    so all of a sudden there is a problem at the border ohoka??? must be bloody embarrassing being you at the mo good luck cheering those democrats home they make cindy look normal
  6. shodsie

    How y’all looking now

    surely this is a recipe for disaster long term pound??? might be ok while winnie is there but he wont be there forever
  7. shodsie

    Trump written off

    imagine having too listen too, and answer those left wing lunatics, the good thing is there's only ohoka and few others listening to them now........... old trumpy just flying along win after win great time too be an american i guess.....
  8. shodsie

    Wanganui today....

    if any one thing can explain the current situation in the thoroughbred code wanganui today is it what a disgrace how anyone could spend $1 on the crap is beyond me.......... no doubt it will be the tabs fault, but i would rather be a chocolate salesman in the Sahara than trying too sell a bet today
  9. shodsie

    Jacinda Ardern

    the only one going too win out of this government is going to be the psychiatrists and their bureaucrats........ i heard on the news tonight they telling the less fortunate too head too the rouge loans sharks for a quick buck? whats wrong with "follow me there is a job fruit picking in the bay" its going too be millions and millions paid by rate/tax payers with these "the world is going too end declarations" there is a hell of a lot of money leaving the public's pay packets for very little in return apart from a few smiles and photo shoots...........
  10. shodsie

    Trump written off

    8 million people in london a few 1000 protesters aint a good % ohoka the man just gains momentum daily while the left and their media just get crazier and crazier the trump train just looks unstoppable at the moment just a shame no politician here has the bottle of this great leader..........
  11. shodsie

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    the nats have got a hell of a lot more show next time than winnie has of being there and isn't a labour/greens government going to be great news for the racing industry...... the self imposed industry voices backed a 5% man and backing $20 shots eventually leads too a empty account and this will be no different for them........ the sports betting side of things was one of the massive negatives of getting rid of the out-dated racing act (messera report) its a hell of a lot of money and with the 3 codes basically now having no ownership or power/rights too any money generated from the nzrb, the politicians can now do what they like with it.............
  12. shodsie

    Jacinda Ardern

    from what i can see and hear the only Opposition party is ACT, the more i hear bridges bennett adams you realize they aint no key english or joyce ....... they appear too want the win the media war instead of offering its base hope of an election win......... could you imagine what a greens/labour government would be like.........
  13. shodsie

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    as soon as these brainwashed kids get in the real world and get jobs start a family mortgage to pay etc, what will go straight out the door will be this climate change hoax all will be forgotten what they will be worrying about is putting food on the table, the electricity bill to pay kids shoes too buy and hopefully putting a bit a side for their retirements. the lefty loonies wont abandoned these theories it will only get worse but as we are seeing around the world now if the centre right parties get back focusing on jobs the economy and i guess the normal traditions of policy's they fight for, that's what people are voting for .....
  14. shodsie

    Jacinda Ardern

    wheres the opposition???? when is someone going too step up too this climate change hoax??? kids marching in the street brainwashed,they should be marching for houses too be built..... in aussie the people woke up with the help of a few high powered voices, all i hear is this bi-partisan party garbage...... peters swallowing all this crap,bridges kaye most of the national party too scared too speak, wheres our trump??? american south america europe australia everyone else in the world are on to it but nah not us jacinda can save the world........