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  1. Well Done Nigel Tiley

    Great quinella NWT, good result all round!
  2. B De Lore on the Messara appointment

    Yes, that gets my back up, mentioned it to a committee man..... ooops Board man a few months back and you should have heard his response, no idea! We are going to put up new tie-up stalls, can you please tell me if it is true that one prominent NZ racing owner is paying for these? As I have always said, I love going to Ellerslie to race, but I can see in 5 years time, oh, we have to close down for the winter, off you go to Ruakaka, more cost to the owners! Fine having money in the bank, get a surface you can race on regularly, get the punters into a pattern, and you might just get a few back that NZ racing has chased away over the years!
  3. Hi mate sent you a private message...cheers.


  4. Easter Monday Rotorua

    Yes probably right, but it was raced and won every year for over a century, the season pattern is still not as good as it was in my mind!
  5. Easter Monday Rotorua

    Messing with tradition hasnt really worked here in NZ. Possibly the Derby is the only race that this has helped, a bit more time for these horses to mature to cope with the 2400m.
  6. Lets Hope They Unite.

    The Trainers Association is weak, we get no information and the members are treated like Mushrooms. Strike action has long been talked about, and I would say that it was mooted many years ago, but to get us to act on a United front is like herding cats. Sad but true, the Association is at its lowest eb of all time!
  7. Auckland pubs full service tab

    Alex Park is good, but a lot of the sheets for form and sports betting are not displayed which is quite disappointing. You only have to switch on the printer. The venue is good but not the information. Frankton TAB in Hamilton leaves it for dead!
  8. Paramount King

    The big fellow got it right last night with a tradesman like display, nice drive Zac, and a winning double for team Dickie in both islands in the space of 15 minutes. Well done team!
  9. Kapoor - A tragedy.

    Facilities in Cambridge were not to blame, tragic accident which can happen anywhere, anytime.
  10. Bonecrusher statue....

    Gary Stewart is not that old, geez your a bit harsh on him!
  11. Judge's Call

    Judges call is a must, another downhill attitude from the powers, why do they do this without consultation we will never know! Great crowd yesterday and nice to be part of it, topped off by a night at Headquarters, great spot!
  12. What Happened to Bowman?

    From an ex average jockeys view, I would say he flanked the horse when he hit it and consequently the horse ducked out and he lost his balance, my thoughts!
  13. Auckland Cup

    Chimbu Phil Alderman
  14. Auckland Cup

    Kotare Chief Jock Caddigan
  15. Julius

    You can only beat what is in the field, and he did that easily with a chequered run. Give credit where credit is due, lovely staying horse!