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  1. Van Winkle

    Two different horses I think Graham, from different era’s.
  2. Te Aroha

    The weather will have the major bearing on proceedings Pete, so let’s just wait until 7.30 in the morning and see if the meeting proceeds.
  3. TE RAPA

    Nice lounges at TeRapa now Turny, track played fair and they were winning from anywhere.
  4. New all weather track.

    Get involved in the Thoroughbred code, our problems are tenfold compared to your code!
  5. TE RAPA

    Surely TeRapa is the one track that can cope. Big money up today so the Jocks will want to ride bless them. As long as they don’t pull pin after the Feature races!
  6. Paramount King

    That’s racing, probably his only standing start race this year, so onwards and upwards from here.
  7. Paramount King

    I have a wee interest in a 3yo trotter named Paramount King. First start back tonight and debut at a standing start and he is paying $1.23 final field. Interesting odds!
  8. Melody Belle rort ?

    Fact Trump....sorry for the can of worms being opened!
  9. Melody Belle rort ?

    The rating bands here in NZ are far to restricting. Run R60, R70, and R80s as well. Aussie rating system is far better than ours.
  10. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    Superb establishment, run by a guy that has hospitality running through his veins. I have been to the HQ on various occasions and food wise it has been right up to the mark, drink prices on par with the Viaduct, and alround a great night out, no complaints from my camp!
  11. Avondale Track today

    Great track but the facilities for human and horse need a major upgrade. This comes under your pet PFP, no money available for infrastructure, sad case possibly for 95% of tracks in NZ.
  12. MOE races today

    This time of the year heat comes into play. Track maintenance has to be carried out to, especially at a centre the size of Cambridge. Obviously people with their own tracks or facilities can conduct there horses excercise routine when they want.
  13. MOE races today

    Money talks Rife, it does seem to help forgive a few things. Trained in Melbourne with plenty of success.
  14. MOE races today

    Especially come last race time, 6.40 is it? Here we are as Trainers, owners and jockeys and being treated like 3rd rate citizens. Every trainer that had a runner today that I spoke to said how ridiculous this time frame is. Dont they realise what time of the day racing people start here in NZ? Another great decision here in NZ! Yes, and the Moe track, first rate. I don’t blame our course curators, no money for infrastructure here, all coming home to roost, just as Leo and plenty of others predicted! I hope Winston has a miracle to pull out of his hat.... waiting, waiting!
  15. Commentators - genuinely good blokes

    I lost Thomas on Brisbane Cup day at Eagle Farm in 2001, had Kaapstad Way in. Colleen and I couldnt locate him, but he had made his way up to the commentary box to see Wayne Wilson and spent the day with him. He was made most welcome, and through those beginnings, he has forged his career.