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  1. When They Raced On Really Heavy Tracks

    P.D.Johnson had one hurdle ride, El Viento, won by 40 lengths, trained by D.J.O’Sullivan. Campbell Hurdles I think.
  2. When They Raced On Really Heavy Tracks

    Ahjay hadn’t started racing back in 56 LJ.
  3. NZTR service awards !!

    Shouldn’t we all have a say in this award, sure some of these so called achievers are the ones that instigated our run to how badly we are now going. Food for thought!
  4. Re-scheduling From Today's Te Rapa Meeting

    What courses are you suggesting Huey, I can’t wait for your response!
  5. Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    Avondale was good Scooby when they were doing the sand work on it, but for what reason it was never finished, and now the surface is as heavy as any other course except TeRapa up our way. Sitting on the couch here at home and the jockeys are complaining of visibility problems! What next, it is winter racing for god’s sake! I won’t say anymore.......
  6. Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    That is great, but a lot of horses that are in work at this time of the year are wet trackers, so how does that help connections being forced to drive past the prestige Ellerslie, and head up there? I do hope the renovations on the track are successful, still not quite sure why they did not go the Strathayr way, I did get a few feeble excuses from one board member several months ago, but I do love racing there and with the new stabling facilities looking good on plan, onwards and upwards with a bit of luck. Renovations on NZ tracks are not one of our stronger points, Avondale, Counties, Tauranga, Awapuni and Otaki spring to mind.

    Gee that brings back some memories. Hard to forget that these gentleman were good trainers and great all round horseman. RIP Jack.

    Richie Marsh still alive and kicking, was a successful apprentice and kicked on from there.
  9. Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    Neither venue would survive without the Waikato horses!
  10. Counties Abandoned

    Some really good points there Idol, I know we have had plenty of rain, but Counties did spend a fortune on the drainage on their track and it looks to be back to square one. Sad, and I am not knocking the Counties Club, but it is winter racing and after all the expense they went to you think that there should not be water sitting on the track. Hopefully the number one venue gets it right with there recent work! And all the talk of an all weather track, get a decision made, get it underway, otherwise we will be even further behind the eight ball, but we should be used to dithering here in NZ, it has been going on awhile!
  11. Asian Racing Conference and NZTR

    You should know by now Trump that Australian Racing is lagging way behind the world leader NZ! Why would we possibly follow any or their initiatives! Wake up and pay attention!
  12. I hate to say I told you so.....

    Have to agree Leggy, you and Leo are right I feel, and the sinking ship scenario comes to mind as I trundle off out the door to do what I have done for many years, and I love the industry to bits, but boy is it in decline and there appears to be not a lot of light at the end of the tunnel! I do worry about the borrowing of money to sustain stakes, greatfully be proved wrong somewhere along the way!
  13. If Messara really is The Messiah

    Poorly managed is the understatement of the decade!
  14. If Messara really is The Messiah

    I watched Winston speak about what was likely to come in the Budget, and this is it? Once again we have been led up the garden path, and we the trainers, owners, breeders can make things happen, but oh no, we are weak and until we stand up for ourselves, we will continue to provide a product that the NZ TAB use and we do not det a fair return by any means. I have to say I am I am ashamed to be a member nowadays of the Trainers Association, we could make a difference but we choose not to, sad but oh so true. Surely the major studs can’t be happy, but they appear to be all hat and no cattle too, no one from there speaks up, surely they have to rely on some sort of domestic product, as evidenced recently at the Weanling Sales. So the great White hope is John Messara, hopefully this will be the saviour, and how long will it take for his ideas to be implemented, or listened to? Very interesting times, one way or the other!
  15. If Messara really is The Messiah

    To qualify, the horse must be a standout yearling? Hello, I know we badly need investment in the industry, and people to come back in, but seriously??