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  1. Entry fees

    It is more to fund the cost of security, the police have washed their hands of this, so it is up to all clubs to provide this. Sad really, an over kill at most venues.
  2. Kawi Cheats Well!

    Pounds bates you guys to the hilt and you keep on biting, only one winner, and that is the general Consensus!
  3. Danny Crozier

    It was mentioned before the race and Kenny was censored post race over his comments by the Stewards.
  4. Seriously, these idiots shouldn't be allowed to breed

    Grudge pregnancy, somebody had it in for Prince Charles!
  5. Danny Crozier

    TeRapa Hizzy and that was bullshit. In this day and age, all the information that is out there, punters can make their own judgement call and don’t bother listening to the so called informed opinions. I always give an honest appraisal, but my owners come first, as they pay the bills.
  6. Matamata abandoned

    Yes, it does make you wonder Robert. I have a small share in a trotter, but that is as far as it goes. Graeme Stiles is a pretty competent guy, and I am sure he wouldn’t have wanted the meeting not to go ahead, You do have it over us in a lot of ways, all weather tracks being the main one, but your leaders had a bit more foresight than ours over the last 30 years, but in saying that, Cambridge Harness doesn’t get the fields like they used to and Alexandra Park seem to get all the favours, would this be right? We are so far behind in infrastructure, and I doubt we can ever catch up, it is alright saying courses have to close, but how it it that Ellerslie closes down over the winter period and it is meant to be our flagship course? A patch up job is on the way, will this see us racing there 12 months of the year, I doubt it. You don’t see the 4 metropolitan tracks close down through winter in Melbourne, the trainers would be in an uproar. We are very much a splintered group here in NZ, every section has their own agenda and this is not helping us to unite and fight the battle against our diminishing product. 20 years ago you would have never have seen 4 nominations for a maiden 1200 at Ellerslie on a Saturday. Dwindling foal crops, horsed sold from the sales, privately or being sent off shore by NZ owners is another concern. Sad, but true and until this is addressed and John Allan gets a wriggle on, this is going to be the norm. Fancy not being able to present a balance sheet at the recent Roadshow/ Sideshow........ One young fellow from the audience provided more information than the heirachy, and was asked afterwards by one official, where did you get your information from, as we don’t make that information public knowledge anymore. Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing down in Wellington? Seems a bit like it! Robert, I will stick to my code, but gee it is getting harder to support the powers to be that are supposedly running it!
  7. Matamata abandoned

    Hard to lay blame until you get all the facts. We could shoot over to HK to get all the answers from all the knowledgeable NZTR staff that have gone there.
  8. How does this work?

    Yes, it is that time of the year again, Hong Kong international races and we send a team up there, what for, your guess is as good as mine. Another ride on the gravy train, sad but true!
  9. Finding Racing Colours

    Have you spoken to Dave Clow?
  10. Race fixing

    A lot of them used to go to the Racing Writers function at Alexandra Park, a great cross section of Galloping and Trotting legends. They were great nights, then off to the Press Club in downtown Auckland afterwards. Your seating was allocated and sitting next to Roy Purdon was one of my highlights. We had racing press in those days!
  11. Race fixing

    Yes Maurice Pruden trained him, great trotter. Cinnamond Junior had a bit of help in those days, I remember him running into the outside fence one night at Cambridge after the race to stop him!
  12. Race fixing

    Reg Clapp then Terry Yule, yes great days!
  13. Race fixing

    Claudelands was great in its day to, backed a few winners there. Loved a black trotting mare called TePuna and E.D Wallis used to pop up with Niloc, great nights out.
  14. Worst Ever

    Nowhere near the normal Northern horse representation as the logistics of the travel put paid to that. Flights both ways would change things, but then again, it was good to see the Southern trainers reap the rewards. Maybe time to bring the two 3yo races a North.
  15. Te Aroha - joke!

    I know for a fact that every course manager doesn’t prepare a track to have his meeting called off. With the way OSH is structured these days, owners and trainers have no show, as soon as the jockeys whisper the word unsafe, its tools down and into the showers. i did enjoy the retracted statement from one last week at Tauranga regarding a supposed slippery surface. TeAroha had no chance, the big boys have two group ones this week and they won’t risk themselves at an Industry meeting for no one. I for one feel the jockeys have a bit to much power in these decisions, but who can argue with them or OSH? The tail appears to be wagging the dog somewhat!