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  1. Congratulations to Tracey Bliss and Never Stop Dreaming. Two dead heat wins in a row. An unusual feat. Can anyone remember this happening in years gone by? I can't.
  2. Waikouaiti gone

    The grass looked quite long to me. Whether or not this contributed to the problem, I'm not sure.
  3. Somewhat Ironic

    We had a great day out at Stratford yesterday, very relaxing atmosphere and a decent crowd on course.The track was in good condition and the overcast weather made it very pleasant temperature-wise. Good family-oriented picnic racing. Well done to the SRC
  4. Stop it, Tony!

    I believe you are correct, Mardy I think he used to be known by another name (which I won't state out of respect for his privacy). If so, he was a T Lee protege many years ago, calls/has called heaps of trials and is a radio DJ IMO, he is a very accomplished race caller. Happy to listen to him anytime.
  5. Just Reminiscing

    Really? From memory, I believe Jim O'Malley conceived the idea for the race which was first run in 1981 at Levin. I believe it was known as the Levin Turf Classic until 1989. Correct me if my memory is incorrect :-)