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  1. Sobeit

    Harness Racing Names

    The most recent TB Lazarus is a 9yro gelding by Keeninsky who last raced in 2014 so there won't be another Lazarus in the NZ studbook for a few years to come. Current TB naming rules are: Rules for naming your horse There are some rules to bear in mind when naming your horse: Names must be no longer than 18 characters, including the spaces Don't apply for names whose spelling or pronunciation is similar to names already registered A name cannot be reused until 15 years has passed since the foaling of a similar named horse Names for broodmares cannot be used until 12 years has passed since that name last appeared in the Stud Book Names of winners of Group One races are protected Names of stallions cannot be used until 15 years has passed since they last appeared in a studbook.
  2. Congratulations to Tracey Bliss and Never Stop Dreaming. Two dead heat wins in a row. An unusual feat. Can anyone remember this happening in years gone by? I can't.
  3. Sobeit

    Waikouaiti gone

    The grass looked quite long to me. Whether or not this contributed to the problem, I'm not sure.
  4. Sobeit

    Somewhat Ironic

    We had a great day out at Stratford yesterday, very relaxing atmosphere and a decent crowd on course.The track was in good condition and the overcast weather made it very pleasant temperature-wise. Good family-oriented picnic racing. Well done to the SRC
  5. Sobeit

    Stop it, Tony!

    I believe you are correct, Mardy I think he used to be known by another name (which I won't state out of respect for his privacy). If so, he was a T Lee protege many years ago, calls/has called heaps of trials and is a radio DJ IMO, he is a very accomplished race caller. Happy to listen to him anytime.