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  1. Sobeit

    NZ TAB talk about stating the obvious...

    Yes, Lights Out. "Something Did Go Wrong' , both this message and the blue circle of death were problematic earlier in the day for the punting members of this household. Yes, too, that the issues started in Jan 2019 :-( In the end I cleared the cache and that seemed to fix the problem. Either that or it was a timely coincidence)
  2. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    I find Racenet to be a very useful site and reasonably user-friendly
  3. Sobeit

    Different rules for different islands?

    I'm aware of a couple of unfashionable CD clubs who tried to get fields split. The answer was a flat 'no'. As I see it, who you are has quite a lot to do with programming and the flexibility, thereof.
  4. Sobeit

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Go on, people. Have a bet on the Oz greyhounds instead ;-) I know - yeah right! Being unable to bet on your event of choice is one thing, failure by the TAB to communicate what the issue is and how long it might take to remedy is yet another. More poor form!
  5. Sobeit

    TAB website down for maintenance

    A frequent issue. I find
  6. Sobeit

    Useless TAB

    I detest the app but it does rotate for me. I am using a Huawei P9 Lite
  7. Sobeit

    TAB website down for maintenance

    From what I know and from joining a few dots together: Some time ago the 'bright sparks' decided that the new site format should give punters only what they perceived to be the critical information needed to make a decision of which horse to bet on. They wanted to streamline the information provided so chose to implement a style more akin to the KISS style which works in some situations, but IMO, not on a TAB site. Punters, even the Joe Average's, tend to have their own 'systems' & they religiously stick to them, be they based on recent form, breeding, horses for courses, barrier draws, speed maps, gear changes, a combination of factors, etc. etc.. Many also want to know the prize-money, ownership etc. too. The 'picture' needs to be a complete one. The site also needs to react quickly once the punter decides how their precious dollars are going to be invested. To many clicks and lagging are a certain way to send punters to the overseas opposition, or to make them keep their money in their wallets in protest. Making it difficult to find & use any of the above (and a few more I've probably missed), all of which were easily viewed or used on the old site, was pure folly. To put a label on it one could call it "How to alienate your current customer base 101'. If it was working in a way that encouraged a new generation of punters into the game, then I would be willing to forgive some of the things that frustrate the hell out of me, but it fails here too. Then, the industry leaders have the gall to deny there are major issues, preferring to promote ' fairy tales' instead! Wow, they are seemingly intent to just keep on insulting Kiwi punters, spending to fix the stuff that should have been available & working at the launch, and to spin the line that the obscenely huge initial spend on the site is good value is truly beyond belief. Some fixes have been made since the inception, but at what extra cost? I am no expert in the IT field but I suspect that getting the base platform right from day one is critical to the success or otherwise of a site. A few tweaks will always be needed, but the scale of changes needed here are signs of a disaster being covered up. Unfortunately, what we have is a 'dog', cosmetically applying fixes might make it a 'prettier, marginally more user-friendly dog' over time, but it will never fix the underlying deficiencies. Rome's burning fiercely!
  8. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    Back to The Bostonian, this from The Bostonian will aim to complete the sprint trebleImage: Michael McInally The Bostonian is set to carry topweight of 57kg in Saturday week's Stradbroke Handicap (1400m) when the Tony Pike-trained galloper shoots for a clean sweep of the Brisbane Group One sprints. The four-year-old was a shock winner of the Doomben 10,000 at odds of $41 before winning Saturday's Kingsford-Smith Cup at $10. Osborne Bulls, who finished a fast-finishing second to The Bostonian in the Doomben 10,000, has been allocated topweight of 58kg in the Stradbroke, however the Godolphin gelding is already in the paddock. Leading Queensland hopeful Tyzone will carry just 53kg with Tommy Berry to partner the Toby Edmonds-trained five-year-old. Other notable potential Stradbroke runners are Trekking (54kg), Victorem (51.5kg), Despatch (54.5kg) and Outback Barbie (49.5kg).
  9. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    Yep, agreed.That's why I put (dam only)...she carries the NZ via her dam and is officially an Ozzie. Still feel we can rightly claim a wee bit of her pedigree, can't we? :-).
  10. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    I would hope that awards such as these were only given out when outstanding performances merited such an award. I wouldn't like to see their merit watered down by the awards being annual, where mediocre performance may be rewarded just because the trophy has to be handed out.
  11. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    If you had it the International award this season based on a NZ bred horse, not necessarily NZ-trained one, then Beauty Generation would win it hands down, wouldn't he? Unless, you put Winx in the equation (NZ dam only)
  12. Sobeit

    Useless TAB

    Don't judge the time to race close time by the Next Races To Go sidebar either. Unless you refresh often it is notoriously inaccurate.
  13. Sobeit

    Described as “horse trainers from Cambridge”

    I believe it may have been David Hayes?
  14. Sobeit

    True Story...almost.

    No, not on Phar Lap. :-) ;-) My, now departed, former father-in- law and his racing partner were the underbidders. They bought another horse at the same sale that went on to be successful so all was not lost for them. The name of this horse escapes me, but it may have had 'Table' it