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  1. Sobeit

    do some bloody prep work

    I think that was quite deliberate on Tony's part. An attempt at light-hearted humour.
  2. Sobeit

    @#$#&en crap TAB website can....

    When the simple stuff that Joe Average (racing) punter uses on a daily basis was overlooked at the time of the much-vaunted, but very late launch, it was obvious that this was a very expensive dog rather than an investment in the future. Nine months down the track and still some things are unavailable For instance, I can't access a list of scratchings for upcoming NZ meetings that we are pre-selling on (like on Friday for Saturday). The only available scratching lists are for today's meetings only. Having to click on each race on the NZ site to find scratchings is ridiculous considering I can go to and see the very list I want. Perhaps Aussie wants my punting $$$ more than the NZ TAB does??
  3. Sobeit

    Can you Imagine

    Seemingly racing in Keeneland is held in much higher regard than our industry here is. More and more it seems to me that the image of racing in NZ is on the decline & I'm not sure that there is enough impetus, or even willingness to halt the slide. At one end of the bell curve, it is perceived as being 'elitist while at the other the perception is that it is full of rogues and vagabonds. The area in the middle is populated by those who either see it as a sunset industry or feel it is an industry that they themselves wouldn't want to work in (hard work, long hours, low pay, limited future prospects) so consequently, don't want their kids to go there either. Twenty years ago if I told people I met aged 20-60 that I lived, breathed and made a living from racing a reasonable percentage of those people would react quite positively and seem interested. Today, most new people I meet (outside of those inside the industry) don't react positively. They usually know nothing about any facet of the industry, wouldn't dream of having a bet (sports or racing) even when told it is easy to do online & they certainly don't see a day at the races as being a great day out. It is almost as if the industry is so out-of-the reach of the ordinary person, tainted by a poor image, and/or so meaningless that it is off the radar of most. Its not in-vogue or 'sexy' and career-wise it isn't encouraged through ignorance of what might be possible. Despite the efforts of many industry players (fragmented efforts for the most part), we are still in a slide that isn't going to be revived by merely injecting more money into stakes. It fills me with sadness that I am devoid of ideas for change & can't see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Perhaps, there is a revival just around the corner, I certainly hope so, but have no idea where it might be coming from.
  4. Sobeit

    Winton Gallops

    The synthetics will save the day. Yeah right, yet another Tui moment
  5. Sobeit

    Viewing Trackside from outside of NZ

    I view Trackside via SKY - the next race, regardless of code/country seems to close up to 30 seconds before the jump is viewed on SKY. On that basis, I figure there is quite a delay.
  6. Sobeit

    Bernard's blog

    Scroll down through the Latest Articles tab and you'll find it
  7. Sobeit

    Bernard's blog
  9. Sobeit


    The punters in this house have had some issues with the site today. Maybe it isn't handling the increased traffic too well?
  10. Sobeit

    NZ TAB talk about stating the obvious...

    Yes, Lights Out. "Something Did Go Wrong' , both this message and the blue circle of death were problematic earlier in the day for the punting members of this household. Yes, too, that the issues started in Jan 2019 :-( In the end I cleared the cache and that seemed to fix the problem. Either that or it was a timely coincidence)
  11. Sobeit

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    I find Racenet to be a very useful site and reasonably user-friendly
  12. Sobeit

    Different rules for different islands?

    I'm aware of a couple of unfashionable CD clubs who tried to get fields split. The answer was a flat 'no'. As I see it, who you are has quite a lot to do with programming and the flexibility, thereof.
  13. Sobeit

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Go on, people. Have a bet on the Oz greyhounds instead ;-) I know - yeah right! Being unable to bet on your event of choice is one thing, failure by the TAB to communicate what the issue is and how long it might take to remedy is yet another. More poor form!
  14. Sobeit

    TAB website down for maintenance

    A frequent issue. I find