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  1. Grant Searle lives in Palmerston North and is retired from training. I think he may have an ownership interest in an unraced horse.
  2. It is interesting to read that Incentivise is a half brother to Ardrossan who stands at Waikato Stud.
  3. Andre's coverage of a jubilant Ian Wyeth after his horse won yesterday was pure gold.
  4. Michael Guerin stated this on Weigh In. Apparently, Clayton is 'stepping back' after Wednesday, (Matamata races where it seems he has one runner) & which just happens to be the end of the financial year, too. I hope all is well with him.
  5. Both account holders in this house got this email yesterday: Hi xxxx At TAB NZ we want our customers to have the best experience, and ensuring this requires that we make sure all customers are protecting their TAB credentials. We have reason to believe that customers with an email account are currently susceptible to having their TAB account security compromised. It is for this reason that we ask that you carefully review the below information , which sets out steps you can take to protect your account. Please remember to change your password regularly and don’t s
  6. New focus at The Oaks Stud August 19, 2019 /images/blog/efbd279c8f6ec561db82d53973d04f7c__bb1b/zoom668x445z100000cw668.jpg?etag=5e0a836bba9e2c46c7c4fd8388ddc8e9 Catalyst winning at New Plymouth earlier this year. Peter Rubery (Race Images Palmerston North) There has been a change of direction by The Oaks Stud owner Dick Karreman with some of the you
  7. You wouldn't expect a new system costing $50m (or close to it) plus $17m per annum to cover every possibility, would you? That's too much to ask. We'll probably need a few more million to fix the bugs and/or omissions such as the scenario described above. #unbelievable
  8. You lost me when you chose to call our PM 'Cindy'. This article sums up how I feel nicely. For the record my view has nothing to do with any political leaning I may or may not have. OPINION: No-one dared abbreviate Margaret Thatcher’s Christian name to her face. Her staff called their formidable boss Mrs Thatcher, or sometimes Mrs T when she was not present. True friends, or those pretending an intimacy, called her Margaret. But it was Labour party rivals w
  9. My error here. Deposits made at a TAB outlet & online are pretty much instant when you use a debit/credit card. When I responded I was thinking of the re-crediting of account withdrawal funds to a cheque or savings account. The rules say a credit card can't be used at all for this purpose. < 5 night shifts must have addled my brain more than I realised >
  10. Guess you're unlucky enough to have visited one of the 4 branches that closed during lockdown. New Plymouth's Richmond Centre was one of them, not sure where the others are. With respect to your deposit using a credit/debit card it depends on the card issuing bank. It is usually available within a few hours, however the ANZ have been known to take longer than 24 hours at times.
  11. Are /were personalised promotional emails not the work of the TAB's numerous in-house marketers rather than an outside agency?
  12. No idea who the complainants were
  13. Does anyone feel confident that the actions to date will lead to a viable future for both the TAB & the wider industry? Is it odds-on that a further large cash injection will be required within the next 12-24 months to keep the industry afloat?
  14. Sobeit


    WIth AMI closing/already closed in the Richmond Centre complex as well, I can't imagine that there will be too many people looking to move businesses into what has traditionally been a hard -to-let complex since its inception. I was told by someone in the know the lease on this premises is 'pricey' (higher than usual in that area) and that the original fit out (maybe 5 years ago) was gobsmackingly expensive. This store has suffered due to a lack of suitable parking (of more than 90 minutes duration) in the vicinity & the fact that there isn't a pub in the complex (only a liquor store)