The Cubemeister heads off to the Ashburton Trials on Wednesday

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Well whatya know...

It's 32 degrees here in sunny Cannerbury and the tracks are rock hard

But Mrs Cubes has bought a filly and she has natural speed (according to the trainer person ) and is ready to trial

Cubity has scaled back in recent times his stable....plans to rule the world thru global domination of horseness have also in recent times bin scaled back...reality has set in

Yet Spring is only 9 months away and Autumn is just around the corner

So with a bit of easing in the turf the smaller Cube Central thoroughbredness team will charge onto gloriousness surely

Despite personally being rejected from the RITA board and by Winston the Cubinator's faith in NZ Racing remains strong

We love the animal , the game , the sport , and the puntingness that is Thoroughbred Racing and really ( and rarely) don't give a flying toss that the morons in Welly in control don't want Cubes help

So onwards and upwards

The school motto was " never a footstep backwards "

South Island Racing is on the rise foresure

Cut the Cable

Cubes and Out




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I will join the chorus Cubes - you deserve another good one !

I must confess my interest has diminished in recent times - the biggest collect I've had in a while was winning the CJC Members draw last thursday (and even then someone on course had to call me to get me down there !)

Maybe a wander into Riccarton on Friday for a quiet beer and look....



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