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  1. I like many are shocked by this. Our heartfelt condolences Cubes.
  2. Have you ever put pen to paper and written to the CJC about your issues with food, etc, If so (and I doubt you have) what was the reply. I am not disagreeing with you here but have you. Food is generally good in the members, overlooking the birdcage area, which is open to the public more often than it is not
  3. I agree with many of your comments, having spent considerable time at Newmarket with Enzo's Lad where he did a lot of work on their AWT I am a huge fan. On the last day at Ascot I was in the company of many of the very best trainers in England during a luncheon and I spoke with Gosden and Haggis at length and they were very positive about the use and future of AWT's I attend every race day at Riccarton and have done so for more than 60 years I don't agree with your final comment.
  4. The wind has nothing to do with the management at Riccarton, the public grandstand has been banned following earthquakes and is awaiting an insurance payout. There is nothing wrong with facilities otherwise. On most days the main members stand is open for general public and this is proving very popular with those able to attend, the other bars facilities are comparable to other tracks if not better and the corporate boxes are booked out most days, so they are popular. When do you last go to Riccarton Park.
  5. Right Riccarton will have its AWT sooner than later. It will greatly enhance local training and trials, no need for Rangiora or Motukarara they will be gone. Ashburton will be the secondary track in Canterbury, unfortunately Timaru (Phar Lap) has a very questionable future. I don't necessarily agree with this. More race days will be allocated to Riccarton as other venues are shut down. As a local based trainer I have always been very open in my support of an AWT at Riccarton, I have also been open in my criticism of Riccarton when softish tracks are produced. An AWT will provide a more consistent surface for both racing and training. It will not suit all horses and the grass track, course proper, will always be there for our summer racing. I have no doubt Riccarton is the best firm track in NZ and when produced in this state we have very good racing, when presented like it was during the middle day of last Cup Meeting it is not. From a local trainers perspective and on behalf of the owners we train for I can see considerable savings in transport costs with more race days at Riccarton and regular trial days. Riccarton has room to develop more stabling facilities and an increase in training numbers will assist with covering costs of maintenance etc. I'm no course manager but it must be easier to harrow, grade or whatever an AWT track than patching and growing grass tracks as they do now when we get rain and the plough is not able to be used, our grass training tracks do get plenty of use.
  6. Look in the mirror and read the last five words of the first line of NOMATES statement, then do it again and again till you understand what is said! Some people don't understand or don't want to comprehend. The AWT at Riccarton HAS NOTHING to do with RITA the $20million for 2 tracks is from the Government PDF and is only to assist paying $10million for each track at Riccarton and Awapuni which will go ahead. If not used for AWT not available for any other use, do you understand that!!!!
  7. uneasy

    Oh dear

    A non negative is not a positive best to wait and see.
  8. I said “our” not “the” 99.9% know where I’m based, but not you!! Personally I think Trentham is consistently the best surface to race on but even a dumb bugger could see I was only referring to South Island tracks, but not you!!!!
  9. Maximum top weight is 63 kg which will be rarely used as they are weighting from 55kg ( minimum) up
  10. Is that the reason why Te Akau, Pike, Marsh, Autridge, Latta and many others Have horses racing regularly south of Nelson. 99.9% of people would realise I was referring to South Island tracks, but not you
  11. Not rude I do appreciate the gentleman comment Just sick of people trying to personalise/hijack a thread designed to find out what people think our best and most popular tracks are for holding race meetings at, after all things will be Changing
  12. We’re Doomed, Ludwig and Arjay are you all idiots where did I mention Waikouaiti?!! Just trying to get some thinking for how many race day tracks we need for South Island racing if you want to be ignorant go comment elsewhere -tossers
  13. If you consider the following Horses trained in close proximity Population in close proximity Stakes races run at venue Racing surface and starting points Attraction for owners trainers and punters, jockeys will go anywhere look how many ride at Rangiora trials but will not support as racing venue. I am sure there is other criteria to consider I'll start Riccarton, Ashburton, Timaru, Wingatui, Riverton, Gore. IMO
  14. I presume that's the trimmed up, belt tightened economical version.
  15. Please can you advise if anything to report
  16. Not all trainers agreed to the doing away of free racing, that’s one of the reasons I Withdrew from NZTA at the time. I didn’t agree with the then Presidents attitude on several matters.
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    Not just Sean
  18. Is it fact that Glenda Hughes also works for the Wellington Regional Council, if so do these people just create employment for each other?
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    Firstly, I accept your apology, who are you. I am interested in a challenge You will not see one of ours in at Invercargill. that's for sure, maybe Wingatui I would think much the same, I think having flat stakes at $15,000 is a very good starting point. Would like to see some increase for Open class racing. Obviously the RIU have saved plenty. They have managed to trim $1million off their costs/budget prior to 31st July
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    How is my " BLIND OPTIMISM " going now about an early July start. Watch this space we may even kick off mid June yet Your apology? won't happen!!!
  21. Pity he didn't get this several years ago!!
  22. Bernard Saundry is the CEO of NZ Racing (40 employees) they are not the problem I don’t believe they should be accused of overspending RITA (595) and RIU (92) are a different beast Do you understand the difference between all three? As many don’t
  23. If the RIU were doing there job properly the first thing they should be investigating should be there own parent body RITA and who is spending such ridiculous amounts of money.
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    Ok I’m right at the front line of this game, from a South Island point of view I thought we were well served with RIU staff, Overall Mark Davidson, David Wadley, Nigel McIntyre ( both codes) and a couple of assistants do a good job and are kept busy. I believed the reason Oatham went up and down the country was because there was a shortage of staff but on these figures I am so out of touch with reality. The RIU should be the subject of an immediate investigation. I am not saying anything negative about the above persons but rather about how many must be doing FA behind the front line the figures are ridiculous and I’m sure are as big a shock to the above as they are to you and me
  25. Read again Huey, Dooey or Luey Te Rapa how far away are Cambridge, Te Awamutu, etc TR close to large horse population and they don't race at Cambridge.. Ellerslie?? Taupo runs trials and race meetings at this time of the year and is very central to all NI training centres, get a map of NZ out and have a good look!!!! The draft racing dates and stakes come out Mon/Tues will be interesting.