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How do you describe having a ticket that doesn't pay out traksy? A 'losing' ticket ...right ? ...now if the game in question is in a multi (as stated)and then says ' never lost on the game' why would you think otherwise? ...you ok buddy? Hate was probably to strong a word,that was a particularly loooong day,dislike certainly the more appropriate term:). ...... Broncos nothing to boast about ??? Hahahahahahaha :) your a funny fellow traksy,they beat your boys both times they played them this year the last by over 30 points!!! I wouldn't actually mind if the dog slime got lucky in the final for that fact alone. You take things far to seriously :) bring on the final !!

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The 2nd line brought a smile to my face and I thought it couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. :D


. I support the broncos,rubbish the dogs and stir you up....I must of deserved to lose :) what else makes you smile..road kill?

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Junior Warriors team for Sunday against the Broncos.


Two well-performed outside backs are poised to return for the Junior Warriors when they contest the NYC grand final.




Junior Warriors: Brad Abbey, Ngataua Hukatai, Nathaniel Roache, Solomone Kata, Metia Lisati, Tuimoala Lolohea, Mason Lino (co-capt), Sam Lisone (co-capt), Kurt Robinson, Kouma Samson, Michael Ki, Adam Tuimavave-Gerrard, Jazz Tevaga. Interchange (two to be omitted): James Bell, Toafofoa Sipley, Ken Maumalo, Iulio Afoa, Mafoa'aeata Hingano, Ofahiki Ogden.

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Glory, Glory to South Sydney !!


Now to the Aussies on here, just remember Russell Crowe is a Kiwi!!;




Well done to the Rabbitohs!!


Anyone know if Eric Watson has contacted Russell Crowe to congratulate him??

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That tear gas did the trick Scoob................nice :D :D :D


Four nations coming up....not many expectations on the Kiwis here I reckon so the Roo's could be a tad complacent(as they should be I suppose)and drop a game.....although I doubt it.

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What a game last night.....how good were our boys!!!! I did think the Roo's may have been a tad complacent coming into this game.

No doubt they will get better but so will we. That early dropped ball by Beale brought out my  only whinge all night, "why isn't Manu fecking playing". From that moment on we dominated the game....forget all the dropped pill/turnovers by them....good defense caused this.

We don't get many win's(against Oz) but this was one of if not the best that I can remember :D :D

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Warriors 3.5 out of 10 for season 2014


When you consider the Junior Warriors have made the Semi's every year since the inception of the Toyota/Holden Cup , and won it on is it 3 or 4 occasions you would think it would be a given the First Grade side could make the 8.


After watching the Australian side minus Tamou, Scott, Fifita, Watmough, Gallen and the likes getting dictated to by the Kiwi forward pack, its become more apparent that it's not so much the flashy backs that win these games  but the modern day athletic type forwards that lay the platform that leads the team to success.


This for mine is where the Warriors are really lacking, is there a Sam Burgess George Burgess Issac Luke in the Warriors pack NO, 2013 winners the Rooters JWH, Sam Moa SBW, Friend Boyd Cordner, the Warriors pack lacks a couple of enforcers.


Jessie Bromwich would arguably be the best prop in the game, Jason Taumulolo (sp) this kid is going to be a real weapon, has had a blinder of a 2nd half of the season, and looked much fitter than he had in the past, Kevin Proctor  Martin Ka POW Adam Blair  and Eastwood gave the kiwis plenty of go forward the Warriors have nothing like this and the other night this is what the Aussies missed, it was no surprise to see the Dogs in the GF this year plenty of go forward Graham, Klemmer, Pritchard, Eastwood. Williams ...which leads me to the Warriors


Sam Tomkins- Brit living abroad, Vodafone Warriors player, Wigan Warriors fan, couldn't wait to head back to the mother country once the season was over may just about see out his 3 year contract, a player who starred in a 2nd tier comp in the UK but found the step up to WFA a little difficult, a little light on condition, but plenty of ticker, can produce some deft touches, when not running around in circles, expect an improved performance in 2015.

At 700k a season is no value.


Manu Vatuvei- Was correctly assessed by the pickle packer fraternity a few seasons back, has cost the Warriors victory on quite a few occasions is often beaten on his outside and extremely slow to turn, has been identified by many coaches who aim their attack down his side, is a confidence player, and when shot he is completely gone, however shouldn't be lost to the squad, returns the ball with vigour and should be an impact player coming of the bench, with a transition to the forwards.


Dane Nielson- good defender, but unfortunately is not up to first grade standard and should be let go


Konrad Hurrell- Needs to work on his defence and his fitness, is an extremely important part of the Warriors puzzle, is a real weapon, is in the top 3 centres in the game (potentially)


David Fusitua= needs to believe in his potential, has the talent needs to involve himself


Chad Townsend- Will start the season at #6 make or break for the Chad  girlfriend has moved over to lend support, lacks speed but have seen this kid play Junior Kangaroos, still lacking confidence is a similar player to Adam Reynolds needs to believe in himself, has 6-8 weeks, warriors will need to be entrenched well and truly in the 8, otherwise will be under pressure firstly from Tuimoala Lolohea who will develop into a superstar for the Warriors and then secondly from Tomkins who well may shift to standoff to accompany Johnson in the halves allowing  a potential superstar in Brad Abbey to make his Warriors debut, this kid has the potential to be something very special.


Shaun Johnson- So much rests on his shoulders for a maiden premiership, is held in high regards in Australia, showed his class for the kiwis the other night, but was the pressure taken of somewhat with Foran as his halves partner, needs a 5/8 at the Warriors to show his best, has often drifted in or out of games, is extremely humble a class act and deserves the riches


Simon Mannering- As solid as they come Mr Consistency


Feliti Mateo- a wasted talent, his work ethic has cost himself a Blues jumper, will not be at the Warriors for season 2015


Jason Bukuya- Showed so much promise at Cronulla maybe that was behind a superior forward pack not to sure if he is settled in NZ had an extremely poor 2014 by his standards, his time at the Warriors could also be up, probably also has 6-8 weeks


Thomas Leluluai looked good at dummy half for the kiwis going back a few years but those years are now well and truly distant, offers little why he was resigned until 2017 was a mistake, has an English wife and should make his way back to Wigan.


Ben Matulino- Had a very poor year, should be on the shoulder of Bromwich, but like James Tamou his 2014 form was sub standard, is under pressure to recapture the form that made him one of the standout forwards of a few years back, has the potential, needs to work hard, the Warriors need him to stand up and be a leader in 2015


Jacob Lillyman- was the warriors best forward in 2014, played behind an underperforming pack


Sam Ripira- his time at the Warriors is up, has been injury plagued, he like so many others should be playing for his Warriors future over the first 6-8 weeks, likeable bloke but that doesn't cut it


Nathan Friend- plenty of courage, plenty of ticker, and plenty of tackles, unfortunately has plenty of years on his side at 350k a season, is a liability its time to part ways, Havili needs to start the season


Ngani Laumape- will take Neilsens spot but will come under pressure from Warriors under 20 triple trio try scorer solomone Kata who has been drafted into the top squad


Glen Fisiiahi will eventually be forced out of the Warriors in the mean time will be great cover for a few positions wing/fullback


Ikahihifo/Matagi- both need to stamp their authority in 2015 right from the get go, they need to progress like Bromwich Taumulolo - no longer can we accept the excuse we usually lose our first few games, the Warriors are renowned slow starters. that's just not acceptable to have that attitude, had they not started slowly in 2014 they make the 8, the Bulldogs came from 7th and the Junior Warriors came from 8th, missing the 8 is not an option, keeping the faith is a worn out slogan


S and S Lousi the Brothers need to also start strongly, they will come under pressure from under 20s warriors captain S Lisone who is touted as another in the mould of James Graham


Ben Henry- another under pressure as Ryan Hoffman arrives at the club, Hoffman brings a winning if not somewhat cheating culture to the club, but at 700k a season is this money well spent, Hoffman into his 30s now is in the twilight of his career.


One thing that is certain is the 2015 season should be like no other, so strap yourself in this rollercoaster is about ready for take off

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if either matai or beale end up in nz then look out around  GF time , particularly the former.

lump on the warriors for 2015  as long as they persist with the chad.

i'm deadly serious :o when i say this kid can help steer you to a maiden title.


discount anything gastro :wacko:  says , perservere with him and reap the benefits.


come artie come artie, caaaaaarl hoooooper.

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I'm with pogo here.


McFadden gets the chance to have a full preseason with the squad and will really get the opportunity to mould the squad how he sees fit. Last year he didn't get that luxury coming in mid-season and hinted that the Warriors were not fit enough. He's also sacked his asst coaches and trainer and brings in the well-respected Tony Iro.


McFadden will prove to be the best Warriors coach in history. Young, talented coaches are now the blueprint for success. Think Trent Robinson and Michael Maguire. Dinosaurs like Bennett and co are backward-thinking.


Ryan Hoffmann is a huge buy for the Warriors. Some argue that he is too old but he was named joint player of the SOO series. He's still got a lot to offer. He'll be most important in helping Simon with the leadership side of things that is lacking in the squad.


Agree that signing Beale or Matai is a must. A quality hard-nosed centre to complement the hugely talented but unfit Hurrellcane.


Mateo is rumoured to have signed with Manly. No loss here for the Warriors and hopefully this frees up some money to sign a centre or rugged prop. 


2015 is the year of Magic Johnson. He will finally step up and direct the team with consistency and purpose.


Tomkins is expensive yes, but those big dollars will pay dividends in the back end of his contract. We saw glimpses of excellence but also some uncharacteristic errors from him. Don't forget most Poms take one season to adapt to the NRL.


The pack is rough and rugged. When they play well, not many sides can match it with them. The problem is, they go missing too often. I'd like to see another prop added to the team but there aren't many quality options around.


The template for success is there but can McFadden unlock it fully in 2015. I'm confident he can, but this is the Warriors we're talking about. Hopefully they're written off for 2015 - they have good seasons when the expectations are low.

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Strap on your seatbelts gentleman - the GGOA is back!


In the 20th year of the mighty Warriors we will finally witness the champions from NZ bring the trophy back home!


Magic Johnson is ready to step, pass, gas and kick this group to glory! Matulino is ready to bash cowardly forwards into submission. The Hurrellcane s ready to steamroll defenders on his way to the tryline.


So all you fans of the Brisbane Drongos, the Gold Coke Titans, the Cowgirls, the Headless Chooks, the Rabbit Stew, the dirty, cheating cap-rorting Storm, the Penrith Pussies, Manly Sea-Rapists, the Peptide Sharks or any of the other no-chance in hell teams, give up now!


Get out you tissues opposition fans, because you'll be crying as the Warriors destroy your piss-weak mobs!





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Don't think so Killa, they still have the bashem bro and to hell with the result mentality.

Going on todays effort it is obvious nothing has changed, it will be the same ol same ol this year as it has been in previous years.

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