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  1. Well the League gods are a pack of wankers! Magic Johnson gone for the season = season 2015 over. What a shame, would have been a fun playoffs. No-one can beat the Cowboys now.
  2. Oh shit what a performance. Some of the best tries you'll ever see. Loved the Magic man stepping the old cap-rorter and leaving him clutching at thin air! SJ has been on fire, destroying teams every week. No surprise though, he is the Golden Boot after all. Warriors v Cowboys GF coming up on October 4. Lock it in Eddie.
  3. Early days Traka, at least they didn't get blown out like the Drongos and Manly. And it just means better odds for the title. I'll be back in October to say I told you so.
  4. The Drongos look a terrible outfit. Mythford at 6 was invisible - another dud buy unless they play him at fullback I'd suggest.
  5. Strap on your seatbelts gentleman - the GGOA is back! In the 20th year of the mighty Warriors we will finally witness the champions from NZ bring the trophy back home! Magic Johnson is ready to step, pass, gas and kick this group to glory! Matulino is ready to bash cowardly forwards into submission. The Hurrellcane s ready to steamroll defenders on his way to the tryline. So all you fans of the Brisbane Drongos, the Gold Coke Titans, the Cowgirls, the Headless Chooks, the Rabbit Stew, the dirty, cheating cap-rorting Storm, the Penrith Pussies, Manly Sea-Rapists, the Peptide Sharks
  6. The bookies have the Broncos as warm favourites so it seems the Warriors have little show
  7. I don't think anyone is counting their chickens at all. It's just rather interesting that the Warriors were trashed so heavily by both scribes and various posters earlier in the season. The fact that they're looking good at this time of year is encouraging. One expert on here even suggested they were odds on for the spoon! Although they've been one of the top 3 form teams over the past 9 games, the one game that worries me is how they fell away against the Bunnies. They'd dominated them for 60 minutes before totally falling apart. They fell asleep against the Panthers too before coming h
  8. Well the Warriors are sitting ahead of the Broncos on the table, so yes they should beat them. Actually it could go either way. Any away game is tough. As long as the Warriors keep winning at fortress Mt Smart they'll finish in the 8. Pretty amazing considering some of the "experts" on here said they were no chance.
  9. Yes Jack, but you need to make sure you place a few bets in said TAB account - the TAB do regular auditing!
  10. The Eels were described as a good side by a few on here when they beat the Broncos earlier in the season. Yet when the Warriors smash them they're a crap side?
  11. The Chiefs are a franchise, not a representative side. Most of their side comes from outside the Waikato. Are you confusing representative rugby like the ITM cup with the franchise system of the Super 15? And why pick a club rugby player when there are much better options for them on the free market? It's professional sport FFS!
  12. You're right Gruff - the Sharks are mud - 4 wins and 11 losses and sitting on the bottom of the table. Are you actually suggesting they're good team? The Chooks are a misfiring unit. Not a patch on the 2013 version and won't be winning any title this year.
  13. Both codes have their own bad-eggs but rugby union has it's very own convicted murderer in ex French captain Marc Cecillon.
  14. The kid has had his hair long and tied in a bun for 2 years with no issues from the school hierarchy. A new Principal comes on board and decides to reinterpret the rules to suit himself and exert his authority. The kid is rightly miffed. The Principal refuses an offer of mediation with the kid and father. The kid is suspended without using any other forms of punishment first. The dickhead Principal is in the wrong here. Sounds like someone on an ego trip, trying to come across as a hard taskmaster and refusing to see any other point of view. I'd hire the kid in a heartbeat. Critical th
  15. Loved that sign in the crowd - "Our Johnson will make your Mansour". Genius.
  16. Nothing embarrassing about that? Pull your head out of the sand. At home at Suncorp, 22 points up, playing a wooden spoon team and they collapse like a house of cards. The Sharks are the worst attacking team in the NRL this century and they still managed to carve through the Broncos with ease. Don't go back to ref blaming either. There was a definite panic amongst the side. A lack of ability to close games out reeks of no on-field leadership and a lack of mental toughness. Can't blame injuries either. Every team has them at this time of year.
  17. Maybe not this year Cubes. A top 8 spot looks likely but there are a few better teams at this point. They are building nicely under McFadden and he's added some real starch and character to the team, especially on defence. Next year looks very promising and a return to the GF is on the cards. But how about those Broncos last night? There must be a lack of leadership, a lack of mental toughness and skill to lose after leading 22-0 against the worst team in the comp. Embarrassing but bloody hilarious to watch it unfold too. Barba looks to be the biggest dud buy for many years.
  18. Turncoat Tamou seems to have gone backwards since pledging allegiance to NSW and Australia. One of the top few props in the game last year. Wouldn't be in the top 10 this year.
  19. I struggle to understand when Kiwis support either side in Origin. I watch it but don't give a shyte who wins. No Kiwis = no care factor.
  20. Didn't realise you looked forward to me commenting so much Gruff! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Looks like the time zone got them again as it did against Manly in Perth too. Looked better than the Bunnies for 50-60 minutes but the late game and amount of tackling they had to do in their 20 got them in the end. Still looking ok, 4 wins from 6 with losses to the Dogs and the Bunnies is not a bad record. 7 of their last 11 are at Mt Smart so their destiny is in their hands.
  21. Those Epsom voters sure know how to pick 'em. They elect Rodney Hide who takes his girlfriend on a taxpayer funded holiday to Hawaii, Canada and the UK. They then elect a John 'career criminal' Banks, whose convict blood was well known. Who next? Christian cult leader Colin Craig? Or yet another white-collar criminal? Are the Epsom voters incredibly thick or do they knowingly elect dodgy muppets?