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  1. $40m betting platform, plus $17m more every year - and now we can’t even afford the lollies By Barry Lichter • 17 May 2020 Scientific Games Digital who is mentioned in the aforementioned article website Scientific Games Who authorised this contract and signed it off? Is there a copy of that contract readily available for those who are paying those who arranged it? What overseas travel and expenses were incurred in the process of this contract? Board of Directors have legal obligations and must be held to account
  2. Stables, correspondence between parties is private regardless of who it's between, we all have legal obligations to be respectful of that. There's no chance of ever disclosing any details of that. We all share our love of horses and dogs and The Duke of Edinburgh Silver Collar series, along with that of Queen Elizabeth races are fixtures across the world that bond countries together for a reason. Look at the bigger picture. They appreciate knowing what goes on in little ole New Zealand. Have meet some of them along our travels and a friends dog has had 4 head rubs from Royal family members in recent times, one if which was on the red carpet ... Now go and pick up a pen and paper and write some letters...
  3. Stables, private communications with the likes of the Queen and her husband The Duke of Edinburgh, who contributes towards Greyhound racing Silver Collar series... , and representatives in the Mother country is confidential, no chance of our communications becoming public as there's legal obligations and not about to breach those. Meanwhile we all share a common bond of the Sport of Kings & Queens, and dogs, do you??
  4. It had to happen, the primary school kids are now telling people to get checked if they have had common symptoms of a cold saying it's not a cold. Err, why the heck don't they get it into their heads their hypothesis testing tick the boxes and lack of background knowledge of people's private health, including of those in Italy & Spain, is why they haven't and won't win this battle they have on their hands. It's not a "bat or bird related virus". Nor was the 1918 -1919 a type of bird / avian flu , the facts are tucked away in New Zealand's National library records if they bothered to look. People have been mixing with all manner of animals for donkeys years just like they have eaten hens, pheasants, ducks, turkeys etc and ain't picked up a Coronavirus or died from eating them.
  5. Have any of you written to the Governor General Patsy REDDY, or the British High Commission, or Queen Elizabeth our current Head of Commonwealth states expressing your concerns about what's happening to our racing industry bc of the current wider society issues that we have unfortunately through no fault of our own found ourselves in? Those people have legal obligations to us all and powers to help bring people into line to restore the balance and peaceful enjoyment we are entitled to have in our lives. Look back in history what happened to Gov Gough WHITLAM, also Labour government, in Australia in 1975. Perhaps that's where Australia have exercised things a bit better than NZ has. Questions to be answered include if the situation we are in is, should we have any levels at all, bearing in mind how "necessary" or "disproportionate" the current lockdown / lockins are in respect of not only The Public Health Act which clearly says " a" person, not " a whole country of persons" amongst other things AND our wider Human Rights enshrined in international laws. It's time to throw the unelected lot of control freaks out of "controlling" our lives when not one of them are Members of New Zealand Parliament and the current Government are not adhering to their elected roles. We all have basic essential needs and rights. We would far prefer to listen to Radio Trackside / Trackside TV than have another dose of Covid19 primary school crap experiments nonsense social media hypothesis of people's private health matter & situations on our airwaves and televisions.
  6. The Simon Dolan Judicial Review who is represented by Francis Hoar takes place on June 11/12, depending what time zone one is in. Has anyone contacted him? Has anyone written to our Governor General or British High Commission, or Queen Elizabeth who is still our Head of State, about our own handling of Covid19? & the current appalling state New Zealand is in? Look up Gov Gough WHITLAM & what happened in Australia to an equally as incompetent government in 1975. There are ways and means of getting this carry on flipped on it's head so people can have their lives back to normal. The world is a much smaller place now with the internet...use it to one's advantage.
  7. We will always treasure watching live those great horses and riders who have run around the famous Ellerslie hill from both on course and off course.
  8. With no horse racing in New Zealand today for the first time since we can't recall, perhaps we can all reflect on what great memories we have all had in the past for this day's racing. Let's make it a day to stop and reflect and honour all those who have traditionally made this day a day to remember. Which horses, trainers, jockeys, breeders, owners will you always remember and recognise for their contributions to your racing experience? Bear in mind what's written is a record for those past, present and in the future to read and learn from in years to come.
  9. Congratulations to David Ellis for getting a Queen's Honor for his contribution to the Horse Racing industry. Now folks, see if you can find others within the racing community on the international arena who have also been honoured and network together to get racing back on track to a popular sport and so people can get their livelihoods back.
  10. Horse racing in the UK resumes in June with the return also of the Horse Racing publication, Racing Post back on 1st June, coinciding with Queen's Birthday weekend. Come on folks, why is New Zealand lagging so far behind without accountability in our industry and with those idiots running our Commonwealth country?
  11. Meanwhile in the UK Racing is all set to have a smooth return in the UK with the Racing Post publication and other media coverage for the 1st of June. Wake up those who are making the silly short sighted decisions here in New Zealand. There's been no reason whatsoever to have stopped or suspended Radio Trackside & Trackside TV. Now how much was that Grass Valley contract worth that was supposed to ensure continuity of Racing? Another pink elephant
  12. Racing Post UK resumes publication 1st June to coincide with the return of Horse Racing in the UK, and Queen's Birthday weekend. Come on RITA/ TAB and others get your act into gear. It's inexcusable Racing in New Zealand has ever been put through such disruption as a business and Sport that is for the betterment of society.
  13. For those who may not know a common link btwn Avondale Bowling Club & Avondale committee, look up the background history and see which names pop up associated with a member of the Avondale committee who with his wife of the same name have a long history of dishonesty & are known unfavorably for incidents that Police know about, particularly circa 2003 when appalling and unacceptable personal attacks took place on Racing industry participants and public figures. It would be good to see those people accountable as they have caused significant damage to the integrity of racing.
  14. Hahah, just had a delicious hot cup of milk, best drink in the world all New Zealand people should drink before bed to keep our countries economy operating.
  15. Mediaworks went downhill with Clark Gayford & his cronies due to his ties to Ardern. Owners of Mediaworks should have dealt to that as have legal obligations to provide balanced journalism, Kindy & Facebook stories are not investigative journalism.
  16. The blame for that lies with that animal activist dude who has it in for racing who isn't worth taking a scrap of notice of as he started that damaging "RUMOR"
  17. Old school bookmakers are also getting older... Not so many younger ones coming through the ranks. What NZ call bookmakers are not really bookmakers at all. bring back the days of decent dividends like in the 1980's.
  18. Sometimes we must help the media do some investigative journalism. Current editor of the Herald & his son both are keen sports people. Have you reached out to them with relevant information? Do bear in mind they are originally from Australia so need a helping hand to steer them ahead with names. We have been reliably informed they are over the whole Covid b/s so how about we help them get the truth out there about who is responsible for this mess? One thing that's certainly come to the fore out of Covid19 is the complete lack of common sense and awareness of Common Laws by Politicians and bureaucrats across the world and people who should know better who are CEOS/ business owners etc not exercising basic Duty of Care and applying pre existing laws before signing things off that has created this Complete Chaos. Since when have we had no Head of State/ Sovereignty? How many of you have got off your butts and written to the British High Commission? Governor General? Or Queen Elizabeth expressing your concerns? Elizabeth as we all know is an avid racing fan who must also be mortified by what's unfolded over the last few months across the world and in Commonwealth countries. Think about it guys, there's plenty of options. Use the internet to network and reach out to others across the world and how they are trying to get their heads around it all. We are all in the same boat.
  19. Mark Stafford was one of them, who are the others?
  20. Very short-sighted poor decision making, more added to the unemployed ranks. It's time the executives got out into the real world at the coal face. The reality is in Auckland everything is up and back to usual, except Government Departments. Wake Up Wellington
  21. All Board of Directors regardless of who they work for are accountable under various laws. Look up NZ Legislation as that's where the legislation for laws is, as is NZLII Databases. As an aside, this Judicial Review currently before the Courts, in relation to the Lockdowns, in the UK has reference to NZ Case Law. We would reasonably expect those at the helm to be using it as a Template for NZ and ensure accountablity across the board, simply change the names to that of those who signed off documents for the chain of events we have been through. There's no reason why Racing in the International Arena can't work together and work things out together. The wider implications are that this is a global issue not just effecting NZ, we have World Trade and other agreements with countries across Europe and UK etc who are also feeling the impacts within their Racing industries. We should be taking a stand together folks. Statement of Claim of Facts and Grounds
  22. Key had shares in a horse or two, did any in the other parties?
  23. Ludwig, it's a positive if we have Ministers who do own or have a share in a horse, some in the past have been open with their horse racing assets. well one would hope they see them as an asset. We need some joy in our horse racing industry pop up in Parliament as it helps with the promotion of our sport and business of Racing across the globe. Would be nice if we had some ministers who do something other than cycling and build and ride on cycle lanes, wouldn't it?
  24. Some light reading guys...note there's NZ, UK and European Case laws quoted in this Judicial Review application. Statement of Facts and Grounds Written Submissions of the Claimant - SiMON DOLAN case. hardship people There's across the globe implications if these issues are not cleared up with Brexit, EU and World Trade Agreements that were put in place over the years including in War eras that none of us will ever know what those people went through to seek World Peace. Some have much to much to answer for.
  25. Would like to know what, if any talks and documents are in existence as to what 'Plan" they had in place and have followed from the Director of Health Ashley Bloomfield as he and various Ministers, including that of the Health Minister and Education Minister and Prime Minister are who have signed things off Coivd19 and disruptions so are also ultimately responsible and must be held to account