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  1. DOG TRAINING WELFARE It is worthwhile trainers and owners taking time to look at this video to the end Cheers Ray Adcock
  2. Machine Gunn C4 Dog $ 3500.00 Phone or text 027 243 9988
  3. Due to space being required for young dogs three race dogs ae for sale DENUTO FROATY PARADISE FROZEN PARADISE PH: 03 325 4422 Ray A
  4. Linda Brian and Family So sorry for the passing of Mike. A man with such a constant work ethic for fairness at all levels of this sport. In my early days of training I went to Hutt Park and met Mike and Linda. I was so impressed with the fitness and magnificent condition of their bitch "Spades". I declared to myself that day, that I would always endeavour to present my dogs in a similar condition. I have never forgotten that day. I will always remember Mike as a stalwart for those with lesser opportunity than others. Ray Adcock
  5. I appreciate your comments :"Emotive" You bring up some valid points. Cheers
  6. I welcome debate on the suggestions in the attached document. Personal signature required please (no nom de plumes, thank you) NZGRA changes 200420.pdf
  7. Aqua Caliente The horse is very much alive on the farm, Waiuku way. They tell me quite sprightly for 26 years of age Cheers Ray Adcock
  8. Carl Spackler $ 2000.00 Ray Adcock 03 325 4422
  9. Sire My bro Fabio x Rosa Tee Born 4/03/19 Insepction invited PRICE $3000.00 No deals Whole litter paddock reared. Trained to lead only We have one pup too many selling before any are " broken in " Phone Ray Adcock 03 325 44 22
  10. I have no problem with the naming of my young dogs. I send a list of 20 to 40 names to Greyhounds Australasia and they return by E Mail within 3 days a list of those I can use. The surplus I keep for the near future. They have always appeared to appreciate this. On my Naming Registration Application I have to only put one name. Simple !! Cheers Ray Adcock