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  1. rouseabout

    GA Naming Joke

    I have no problem with the naming of my young dogs. I send a list of 20 to 40 names to Greyhounds Australasia and they return by E Mail within 3 days a list of those I can use. The surplus I keep for the near future. They have always appeared to appreciate this. On my Naming Registration Application I have to only put one name. Simple !! Cheers Ray Adcock
  2. rouseabout

    Delwyn Reed

    Rest in Peace Delwyn.
  3. rouseabout

    Race Dog for Sale

    Sold Thank You !
  4. rouseabout

    Race Dog for Sale

    Sorry, Dog's name is Randy Fields Cheers Ray Adcock
  5. Litter brother to Harry Fields I need the space. Plenty of racing left in this fellow $ 1000.00 ono Phone Ray Adcock 03 325 4422
  6. rouseabout


    Gary my latest remark was a sarcastic one There are many, many ways of training dogs. You learn as you go. A lot of books are about but you will not beat experience. Train your dog to suit both the dog and your own situation. Surely someone up your way can give you advice. Best Wishes Ray A
  7. rouseabout


    That is a good call Craig Perhaps the Assoc will put a brochure out telling us how to best train our dogs in the future Cheers Ray A
  8. rouseabout

    Race Bitch for Sale

    This dog has been sold My apologies to those who called and won't get an answer I stuffed up and deleted your calls Cheers Ray Adcock
  9. HANNAH RHIANNON $ 500.00 Good box dog No Injuries. Easy to train. Ray Adcock 03 325 4422
  10. rouseabout

    More Group success for Ray Adcock

    Thank you Mike but as I said in my speech I was only the Caretaker Trainer. However I considered it an honour to be entrusted with such a good dog. I trust you and Linda are in good health. Cheers Ray Adcock
  11. rouseabout

    The Goat

    Why don't you ring up the trainer? Who else can answer your question.?
  12. rouseabout

    Southland !

    Surely it would be more prudent for the Club and the "powers that be" to cease racing there in the months of June July and August. Racing in better weather would be helped by the long twilights in Southland . In the warm months it can still be daylight at 10 pm. Travelling to Invercargill in winter has often been risky, especially the frozen hills in the middle of the night. I am of the opinion that winter racing at Invers is a welfare issue for the people and also for the dogs on an unpredictable surface. Ray Adcock
  13. rouseabout

    handling dogs

    As with a lot of the rules, they appear reasonable on paper sometimes, but how can they administer them ? As usual consistency cannot be applied unless it is a fulltime job for someone to oversee from the time the trainers arrive at the track till after the last race. Do Board Members not realise parking of our vehicles is not always in the proximity of the kennels. What is the difference in handling a dog before they race, to handling after a race. At Addington often our parking is over 200 metres from the kennels. How can we cope with this rule with late kennelling and 18 minutes between races. It is no use leaving it to "Stewards discretion" it has to be administered across the whole scenario. Those who seek to apply some of these race day conditions have obviously never experienced the tension and responsibility leading up to putting your dog in the boxes. Ray Adcock
  14. rouseabout

    Breaking news

    It appears to me that " Common Sense" has prevailed. Something politicians seem to ignore a lot. I hope we New Zealanders take note of the lessons learnt from this saga. Rat Adcock
  15. rouseabout

    Slipping the collar

    And people in Stone Houses shouldn't throw Glass. Cheers !!