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  1. Fair call. Same rule for least that's what we expect lol. Hopefully it sorts itself out before it gets serious, this dog has amble amounts of ability!
  2. Brian is the best caller without a doubt. I prefer Darryl over Mark as well, kudos to Mark for everything he has given to the game over the many, many years but his calling is terrible! One toned and sadly, very boring. Darryl is only a smidgen better, but still, better all the same. The likes of Dennis Symes, Darryl MacAuley, Matthew Gardiner - all of them I personally think are great callers as well! Northern Racing is ok, Peter is still calling great, but South wise, Dave is probably the best down there. Trevor and Andy "so so".
  3. Awesome Bev, many great greyhounds came off and continue to off that lineage. Couple of my favourites were Bev's Veiwpoint and also big Tifino. Great memories!
  4. I wouldn't contest that at all haha
  5. Nice effort yesterday, trainer is an absolute gentleman - all the best!
  6. I agree, as a punter, I would like the information supplied. It would have had to have had a qualifying trial so the information should be made available.
  7. Mate... Each to their own, I appreciate that, but wow... I consider Brian Martin better than anyone we have going around at the moment. I respect everything that Roso and co. have contributed to the industry since Brian's departure and even before, but man oh man.. Bring him back lol, for the delight of many others as well as myself!
  8. As far as I am concerned, full credit to Dave and Jean Fahey for the exceptional job they did with this greyhound. He obviously had ability prior to being sent over but after getting his mind on the job, this boy could be anything... 29.56 after a big break, wow!
  9. I've been out of the game for a few years now, regularly visit but then get put off because of this... We tried many times to be heard back then and I bet they are still trying now. The board wont listen ZT, they never do. Anything for on course turnover. Look at whats happening atm. Cover up after cover up, whether that be The Board, JCA, RIU (neither here nor there, but my point stands). Another question is, can we trust the board? They have supplied us with so much doubt in the past.
  10. Yes, Friday nights at Hatrick are terrible for trainers/owners that want to sit. "The booking system..." Trainers and Owners should get first preference to the tables and chairs as it is them putting on the show. Whether they have booked or not. I used to watch our elderly trainers, and some owners, sit outside in the cold as the tables were already booked out. The ratshit thing with this, is that majority of those who reserved spaces, didn't turn up until later in the night. The tables could and should have been utilized. Generating public interest is great, it brings $ to the table bu
  11. howrude


    Whoever writes the comments needs to go lol.... Luckily I'm a regular viewer of daily races as I pay no attention to the comments anymore. They are misleading, supply wrong information and at times can put most punters off with their blabbering.. Calling dogs bitches (boys girls), wrong times, distances... Just a joke. It's almost like they have "predicting sentences" that pop up as soon as they type in a word.."Ah, that'll do.." As for our commentators....... Wow. The CD lacks, definitely. But that's for another topic lol
  12. All the lights are on but nobodys home...
  13. Exactly. Those overseeing all of us, laying down all of the rules and regulations that we are supposed to adhere to are, half of the time, the main reason why events like this occur. They turn a blind eye to so many things and yet open their eyes wider to other issues.. Depending on who you are, in the end, decides whether you're seen or not. Another issue for another post lol... With the recent banning on greyhound racing in some states next door, I can't agree more. If we don't get people who are really serious about the game, who do not share the same passion as the small trainer who gets u