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  1. Lionking

    Cole - Court case

    What a absolute circus
  2. Lionking

    Cole - Court case

    3 and half years be going and could still get off
  3. Lionking


    Hifi Allegro won 77 in N Z
  4. Lionking

    So how do you feel Mr Rendle?

    so has craig rendle step down?
  5. Lionking

    The Amazing Chase Concept

    What happened to Bigtime Proud???
  6. Lionking

    Above All Straw

    As anybody got a phone contact for Alison Lee. would be very much appreciated.
  7. Lionking

    Above All Straw

    Thanks for that message lad,i will try & contact her.
  8. would anybody know where i can get a straw of Above All.
  9. Lionking

    For sale

    Too Much Sugar. $1500 firm. 18 starts 3 w,1 2nd,2 3rds. Phone mike.02102979699.
  10. Lionking

    Allegro Gun & Skuzi

    any news on this saga
  11. Lionking


    why do u ask that,i thought you would be in favour of that
  12. Lionking


    Isn,t obvious to you,every winner should be swabed
  13. Lionking


    prominent trainer gets 3 winners last night at Wanganui, and none are swabbed,whats going on.
  14. How come palmy and Wanganui are starting later and not Christchurch & Invercargill or Otago ?
  15. Lionking

    Slipping the collar

    There seems to be a number of dogs doing this lately,and no action by stipes. C'on whats happening get your stuff together \