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  1. Emotive


    There are some fabulous people in this game, many of whom I am lucky enough to know. Unfortunately, there is also a small percentage of not so fabulous people whose toxic behaviour is not attractive. Kick em' to the curb Steve. As for transporting dogs, you have to have crates available for that to happen. No crates, no transport. Obviously, the person concerned is a rocket scientist.
  2. Emotive


    You totally missed my point. My post wasn't about what trainers earn, it is about sustainability and public license.
  3. Emotive


    I don't agree that it would favour any kennel large or small. If a limit was set it would apply to all kennels across the board. Limits on breeding numbers and numbers raced could not be increased with a financial penalty as a deterrent. The current choice to go big is just that, personal choice. But that choice puts in jeopardy the longevity of the sport and the future of all its participants. We need to hold on to our membership and grow by encouraging new blood into the sport. Realistically who wants to enter an industry that is stacked against them from the onset? If the participant numbers continue to drop we risk closure within 10 years.
  4. Emotive


    The fewer participants the easy it is to shut down the sport.
  5. Emotive


    It doesn't matter how much he is making or not. The bottom line is you breed it, raced or not, you make sure they make it though to retirement. The public won't tolerate anything else. Plenty of trainers make sure their dogs are rehomed, raced, unraced, injured or not, yet the powers that be continue to allow a few to breed more dogs per annum than the actual numbers rehomed each year. That I will never agree with.
  6. Emotive

    Mad harry

    Dogs crap in the kennel block on a weekly basis without being scratched. If the dog was considered to be suffering from diarrhea it should have been vetted immediately in consultation with the trainer or person in charge. That is why a vet is there. If protocol was not followed that would be of concern. If the dog's temp was then taken later and returned a normal reading then the cause of the elevated temperature would have been due to kennel anxiety, a common cause of kennel crap. To my knowledge, a dog cannot be scratched on medical grounds without first being examined by a qualified vet.
  7. Emotive

    Kiwi Made

    What is the definition of a NZ bred race dog? To me a true NZ bred is a dog born and raised to NZ parents in NZ. Some examples: Blitzing Mayhem - Vicki's Quest produced Tyson's Quest to win a C5 at Wanganui at its last start. Unfortunately, all the commentator wanted to crack on about after that win, was how the also-rans managed to lose. Shame on you. On Monday there were three truly NZ bred winners: Above All - Spot on Maggie produced All Black Star who progressed to C4. Kilchurn - Regal Dancer produced the promising racer Billy's Churn. 8 starts, 4 wins, 2 2nds, 1 3rd. Peking Tom - Dolly Scramble produced Lucha to head back to C3. These are just some examples of breeders breeding Kiwi's yet their efforts rarely get a mention. Is it not time to start talking these breeders up and rewarding them for actually legitimately flying the Kiwi Made Flag?
  8. Emotive

    What the

    The comment was tongue in cheek, I have no wish to ban imported semen. The clue was my reference to the hypocritical argument put up against Aussie imports.
  9. Emotive

    What the

    I see the argument of NZ vs Au as hypocritical for a number of reasons. You mentioned one CD breeder specifically and I would like to make comment on that because it is a prime example of the hypocrisy of this argument. If you look at the number of litters bred/sires used in recent seasons you will notice the absence of NZ sires fathering progeny from that kennel. This breeder does not support local sires, I presume because he doesn't believe they are good enough. The money outlayed for straws all goes back to Aussie as does the money for any straw purchased from Australia. I see no difference in importing semen to importing dogs. So if you want to go down the let's ban imports route, why don't we ban semen imports as well, let us support the local sires and keep breeding totally in house? This is a kennel that is held up here in the CD as a shining example of NZ breeding yet they also race imports. Given the numbers bred, why would imports even be considered? I also find it ironic that the last kennel star was not the product of that kennel but instead the deliberate pairing of a small time breeder. If you are going to allow large-scale breeding then you need to ensure that the numbers produced can be re-homed at retirement. Don't try and pass blame on to someone who chooses to not to breed.
  10. Emotive

    What the

    I race cast-offs because the risks involved in breeding and importing are too great for me. I have no issues with imports or those who choose to breed locally except to say the combined numbers need to be sustainable. The argument around rehoming of imports in my view is invalid when you look at local breeding numbers without the rose-tinted glasses on. Large-scale breeders here need to take responsibility for what they breed. There actually is no hope of rehoming 10 -12 litters at their retirement, and present rehoming figures support that statement. Cast-offs are cast-offs regardless of country of origin. If you are going to argue the toss then get the stats and look at them with a critical eye.
  11. Emotive

    Everyone satisfied

    Definitely not happy here GOM. The issues for me are these, to affect change you need to be surrounded by like-minded people, people who are not easily coerced into following the party line. People willing to challenge the status quo. You also need strong membership support and club leadership. In the absence of any of those elements, you will effectively be pushing shit uphill. I totally agree with Lad27, consecutive boards have been reactive, but we are not the only code guilty of this offence. The situation won't change anytime soon. I also agree with Hound-Fan that the criteria are geared toward a certain type of person, boat rockers not welcome.
  12. Emotive

    Thoughts for AGM

    Based on the above. 1. Disagree. Rules, if changed, have to apply to all grades. Missing out on a run applies to all runners in all grades from time to time. 2. Agree. There is no valid reason to kennel 8 races or even 6 races at once. Two hours should be the maximum kennel time allowable. The option to kennel early should remain. 3. Agree. Shelter from wind, rain, and heat should be provided. 4. Disagree. The dress code does violate existing law, but tucking in shirts does not meet the human rights criteria. If challenged in a court of law you would lose as precedents already exist. However, I do not have a personal preference and would not object to men wearing shirts out as long as the shirts aren't the tailed variety. 5. Agree. Unnecessarily complicates the nomination process. 6. Standardise downgrade points for all clubs. Downgraders regularly missing out in all grades on points.
  13. Emotive

    Police Raids

    Interesting points FTM. Membership status? Membership T&C's? In simplistic terms, various acts pre-exist, however, industry participants accept the conditions of membership when they sign on the bottom line. Renewal of membership reinforces acknowledgment and acceptance. There may be situations where a challenge is warranted but in this instant, the challenge places industry integrity into chaos. Division among participants contributes to the chaos. It is in everyone's best interest including the accused to have this matter concluded quickly. To draw this situation out only causes personal and financial harm to those facing charges. There are remedies available to any person wrongly accused and acquitted.
  14. Emotive

    Police Raids

    Regardless of guilt or innocence unfortunately individual behaviour affects us all. I feel for all that play by the rules and never cause any issues. I commend your governing body for acting swiftly in this instance.
  15. Emotive

    Messara report

    Pet or working dog question. While some will be questioning asking this question due to lack of qualification, it is relevant on more than one level. 1. Council dog registrations fees: These vary across the country and need to be standardised. Some councils charge per dog, others a flat kennel fee. The charges for any registered grey older than 3 months should be the same, raced, unraced, or retired. Example, dogs awaiting adoption after being deregistered are being charged higher fees by some councils. Dogs never named also incurring higher fees. Greyhounds do not cause issues for councils and that should be reflected in any fees charged. 2. When dogs, in general, were reclassified as sentient beings, we drew a raft of criticism from our detractors. The public with no knowledge of the sport jumped on the "all dogs" should be pets bandwagon. While greys can be pet capable and rehomed, they are for the first part of their lives working dogs. Some continue to work after race retirement. They need to be classified correctly and promoted as such. 3. There needs to be more public education around the life of a working grey. A grey doesn't care whether it sleeps in a warm dry kennel or on a couch. It just wants to sleep in a safe environment. The idea that a kennel environment is somehow detrimental is a fallacy and should be challenged at every opportunity. Our detractors will say that greys make fabulous pets, and they can, but the part we play in creating these wonderful pets is never promoted by our sport. That needs to change. 4. MPI animal welfare legislation. While we needed to overhaul our own rules and regulations, and have done so, some will argue that the new MPI regulations have not taken our specific needs into account. I'm not going to go further into this subject.