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  1. But is it a positive for the sport? With racing in general on the decline in NZ what benefit did that effort provide? The hardcores will punt on anything variety not required, but there isn't enough of them to sustain racing. Just imagine the same happening in thoroughbreds? What makes racing appealing to the everyday punter is variety. The danger here is drop out. As trainer numbers decline the risk of racing cessation increases. One thing learned in my life time is this, when you're gone, few remember your name.
  2. I agree with your appraisal, but I don't believe the present situation is driven by GR. They have been dictated to by the TAB who have lost control, GR has no idea how to turn the situation around. GR has been used and abused for some time, used to keep the turnover ticking over yet shown absolutely no respect in the process. GR race six times a week, sadly necessary due to the high numbers of dogs allowed to be bred. The model is flawed, the monopolies I agree, rape and pillage. The situation can be fixed but alas there is no will. Globally racing is on the decline, NZ is no exception. Customers have walked for a multitude of reasons, the most notable the TAB's arrogance and lack of competitiveness. For most, GR does not provide the opportunity to earn a living wage, how long can they hold on for? Will stakes be reduced next season? If participants walk away, racing is doomed, reduced numbers make it very easy to shut it down.
  3. My sincerest condolences Brian, to you and mum. Mike and I had many conversations in recent times. He was indeed a good bastard, a passionate man who was loyal to those who mattered to him. He always called a spade a spade and I totally appreciated his candour. It does not make it any easier knowing this was coming, I will miss him and our chats very much. To you GOM, be at peace, my friend. Thank you for sharing your time. Hei maumaharatanga ki te tino hoa. Em.
  4. Musical chairs but with consequences. Barsi from GR to HR. Holden from GR to HR. Hughes from RB to GR. Dore from TAB to GR. George, RIU, ARC, TR, more chairs than the queen's banquet hall. Those are just a few off the top of my head. Racing seems to like recycling the same air.
  5. He has a short attention span. Very short.
  6. Emotive


    Glad I missed it. Let's all breed 200 dogs a year? Wouldn't that be a hoot? I'm surprised you made it to the end of the interview, Lowdown. I'm also very surprised Roso still has a job.
  7. Grandad47 (Ray) Based on what I know and what I have read, I don't believe racing has much of a future when our only solution to this crisis is to reduce costs clubs and tracks. To continue on the same path in this environment, an environment saturated with hundreds of attractive alternatives competing for the same dollar, that is suicidal behaviour. The racing industry has always been the domain of those who see no further than their backyard, clinging to their boundary pegs for dear life. When they should have been looking to amalgamate and consolidate, they built higher fences instead. More tracks will close by the end of next season. More should have been closed now. Avondale sits on an absolute goldmine. If sold up the money could be used to build a state of the art training facility elsewhere. A facility attached to an existing non-racing track. It would give trainers the opportunity to relocate into one of the designated centralised areas. There is so much that the proceeds could do for racing in general, but because the club now has the hump, all we hear is slash and burn. Just one of many examples of industry shortsightedness. Woodville I believe sold of their track for a dollar so after years of punters, trainers, and jockeys supporting their club, they threw any possible benefit to those people away. To survive the next 10 years we have to work and think smarter; -provide a product that appeals to more people, -provide a product that is more socially acceptable, -level the playing field with reliable income, -provide more employment opportunities, -partner up with other mainstream providers, -introduce wagering competition, -but most of all, we need to change the mindset of all who participate. If we are not willing to change, racing is doomed. It's like watching the Titanic circle the iceberg.
  8. Emotive


    You are not alone there. I don't bet on CD greyhounds, and wouldn't bet on them with the free money the TAB keeps giving me. From a promotion angle, it is a major fail.
  9. Breeding centres would focus on best practice rather than a quick buck. They would be looking far beyond just a parent. Anecdotally there appear to be patterns emerging in retired greys. Anyhow those in power are determined to hold on to an outdated model. Eagerly awaiting tomorrows dates calendar. I wonder, is the TAB running odds on which tracks are to close? 10 TB tracks gone, possibly harness and greys will share another 10. If Winston is true to his plan of centralisation, Auckland, Otago, Manawatu, and Southland will be gone, although the latter two may get a lifeline.
  10. So you are saying we are already breeding dogs with genetic issues and producing dogs with welfare issues? As far as I am aware very few breeders if any actually delve into the genetic abnormalities of any potential pairing. Rather, the focus is on speed and strength. I don't believe that information is actually available. It was suggested that the GRNZ keep a register of retired dogs and health issues that manifested after retirement. That information would have helped identify lines and crosses that should be avoided. It didn't happen. I am not advocating for a national stud, semen would be sourced from NZ, Australia, USA, and Britain, sires would need to be free of genetic issues. Only NZ bitches would be used. Please explain your comment about a second Canterbury track?
  11. I wouldn't know. Christchurch greyhounds have their own funds, and would possibly be eligible for a government subsidy/grant as part of a joint venture. TB's new all-weather track and infrastructure build would have to be quakeproof, that's a given. Winston has backed that project. Addington has already been closed once due to quake damage. The cumulative effects of successive shakes cannot be dismissed. If the other two tracks are closed and I believe they will be, there has to be a reliable, viable alternative. I do not believe Addington can sustain 4 meetings a week long term. It was never designed for that purpose.
  12. Simple really Stables. It is an extremely high earthquake risk which when it comes will shut down harness and greyhounds in Christchurch. Invercargill and Dunedin's days are numbered, those licences will be transferred to Christchurch, possibly as early as July 31st. Life as we knew it is gone, restructuring is inevitable. Winston wants track numbers reduced, clubs to consolidate and centralise. He has made no secret of the fact that he has had enough of the bullshit. We were all given a year to sort ourselves out, we didn't. Possibly greyhounds could join the new synthetic track build. Wouldn't be a silly idea.
  13. That was on point, why indeed? One thing is certain if he is found guilty they will all look green around the gills! Reading an article from RITA, a few of them may already be searching for a new job. RITA is about to shed some 230 surplus to requirements.