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    Read it for yourself. Posted by Earl on another site. If you believe that bacteria in a dog's gut is capable of synthesising dermorphin, then the greyhound industry is done for. The heading clearly says Dermorphin production by bacteria. Nothing to do with nobbling. Dermorphin Production by Bacteria Distinct pathways for modification of the bacterial cell wall by non-canonical D-amino acids Non canonical amino acids are amino acids that are not one of the 20 amino acids normally found in structural proteins in animals. L,D-transpeptidases incorporate non-canonical D-amino acids into tetrapeptides of V. cholerae PG. The difference between efficiencies for the forward (D-Ala → D-Met) and reverse (D-Met → D-Ala) reactions suggests that accumulation of D-Met muropeptides would be favoured in vivo, even if both D-Met and D-Ala were simultaneously present at similar concentrations. Therefore, in stationary phase, when D-Met is present, LdtA is likely to promote accumulation of muro4M peptides, rather than a continual exchange of the C-terminal amino acid within tetrapeptides. Muro4 peptides are tetrapeptides used in the formation of bacterial cell walls. In natural environments, bacterial communities typically contain multiple species (Straight and Kolter, 2009), which could produce a variety of D-amino acids (Lam et al, 2009) The D-amino acid in Dermorphin is D-Arginine which according to the above article could possibly be produced by naturally occurring bacterial communities, eg, in the intestine. Different processes control formation of D-Met muropeptides in bacteria To begin to explore whether the pathways for incorporation of NCDAAs are conserved, we assessed whether D-Met was targeted to equivalent muropeptides within diverse species, and whether mutations and antibiotics have uniform effects upon D-Met incorporation. Unexpectedly, these assays revealed that only V. cholerae and C. crescentus incorporate NCDAAs into both tetrapeptides and pentapeptides, although C. crescentus, unlike V. cholerae, contains predominantly muro5M (Figure 4D; Supplementary Figure S1). PG from all other organisms tested contained just one of the two classes of peptides. Following growth in media supplemented with D-Met, muro4M peptides were detected in PG from E. coli and P. aeruginosa, while muro5M peptides were detected in PG from B. subtilis, E. faecalis and S. aureus (Figure 4D; E.coli is a naturally occuring bacteria in mammalian intestines. NCDAAs, such as D-Met, are incorporated at two distinct sites within V. cholerae PG subunits. The majority of D-Met (80%) is present as the C-terminal amino acid within monomeric or dimeric tetramers (muro4M), while the remainder comprises the C-terminal amino acid within pentapeptides (muro5M). Formation of muro4M peptides is dependent upon Ldts, inner membrane-anchored periplasmic proteins that catalyse L,D crosslinking of muropeptides and linkage of lipoprotein Lpp to PG (Magnet et al, 2007b, In vitro characterization of a purified Ldt from V. cholerae (LdtA) revealed that it can exchange the C-terminal amino acid of a variety of tetrapeptide substrates. However, LdtA is more efficient at catalysing exchange in dimeric than in monomeric substrates, and it more readily catalyses replacement of D-Ala by D-Met than the reverse reaction. The latter finding indicates that LdtA should promote muro4M accumulation in stationary phase, when NCDAAs are produced. LdtA can accept many D-amino acids as substrates, a flexibility that may enable reaction to the range of D-amino acids produced during stationary phase by diverse organisms in the natural environment. Tetrapeptide formation incorporating D-amino acids can occur naturally with a variety of tetrapeptides able to be formed. Peptidoglycan is a polysaccharide made of two glucose derivatives, N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) and N-acetylmuramic acid (NAM), alternated in long chains. The chains are cross-linked to one another by a tetrapeptide that extends off the NAM sugar unit, allowing a lattice-like structure to form. The four amino acids that compose the tetrapeptide are: L-alanine, D-glutamine, L-lysine or meso-diaminopimelic acid (DPA), and D-alanine. Typically only the L-isomeric form of amino acids are utilized by cells but the use of the mirror image D-amino acids provides protection from proteases that might compromise the integrity of the cell wall by attacking the peptidoglycan. The tetrapeptides can be directly cross-linked to one another, with the D-alanine on one tetrapeptide binding to the L-lysine/ DPA on another tetrapeptide. Tetrapeptides are naturally produced in large quantities for bacterial cell wall production with D-amino acids typically incorporated . Octapeptides synthesized from D amino acids were absorbed from the intestine and excreted in urine of normal rats drinking 5% glucose/1% creatinine containing the 125I-labeled peptides at 0.1-25 mg/dl Octapeptides being considerably larger and more complex than tetrapeptides, it is reasonable to assume that tetrapeptides would also be absorbed from the mammalian intestine. The main structural features of the cell wall peptidoglycan of E.coli B have been established by Weidel and co-workers. According to these authors the principal repeating unit in this peptidoglycan is represented by the disaccharide tetrapeptide GNAc-MurNAc-L-Ala-D-Glu-meso-DAP-D-Ala. Tetrapeptides being an integral part of bacterial cell walls would naturally be released into the intestine upon death and breakdown of the bacteria. Absorption of some of these breakdown products is entirely logical. Preprodermaseptin b and preproadenoregulin have considerable sequence identities to the precursors encoding the opioid heptapeptides dermorphin, dermenkephalin, and deltorphins The hyperdivergence of modern antimicrobial peptides and the number of peptides per species result from repeated duplications of an approximately 150-million-year-old ancestral gene and accelerated mutations of the mature peptide domain, probably involving a mutagenic, error-prone, DNA polymerase similar to Escherichia coli Pol V. Although many of the peptides produced by frogs are antibacterial, they are produced by a similar gene in E.coli which has the ability to produce a variety of tetrapeptides. No work appears to have been on whether E.coli or other intestinal bacteria can produce the tetrapeptide sequence for dermorphin but it seems entirely logical that this is possible. Dermorphin is not found in humans or other mammals and similar D-amino acid peptides have only been found in bacteria, amphibians and molluscs.[5] Dermorphin appears to be made in these through an unusual posttranslational modification carried out by an amino acid isomerase.[6] This unusual process is needed because the D-alanine in this peptide is not among the 20 amino acids coded for in the genetic code and thus the peptide cannot be synthesized in the usual way from the encodings in the genome of an organism. An isomerase is a specific enzyme capable of transforming an L-Amino acid into a D-Amino acid. I didn't make this up. You all have a nice day.
  2. Emotive


    I haven't posted on the racing forums for quite some time. To my knowledge, no one has ever accused Andy and Bev of wrongdoing so I have no idea why anyone would go down that path? Joe, you have made a valid point, being a member of an organisation for a long time does not exempt that person or persons from culpability. Off the top of my head, I can name at least 5 cases that were proven involving long-time participants including the Halls, no nobbling involved. I have read everything available to read on this particular case, including a written statement made by Earl that he believes the dermorphin was generated by gut bacteria in the dogs' stomachs. If that were even plausible then the industry is a dead duck. This is the exact quote: "I dont think my dogs have been injected with dermorphin, but they have it in there gut bacteria." Why even raise the issue of cameras, it's a red herring! GOM if you were going to nobble a dog you would use a substance that is readily available and easy to administer would you not. Caffeine for example. You cannot buy dermorphin in New Zealand. You would have to import it, or be a chemist. At a cost of around US$200 for 5mg plus shipping and handling the idea again is implausible. It has to be injected which would require the dog to be removed from the kennel or crate then replaced, this happened on 4 separate occasions. The risk of detection would be prohibitive. For christ sake give it a bloody rest and move on Bev. We are sick to death of hearing about it!
  3. The rules also state: 42. UNAUTHORISED PERSON NOT TO ENTER KENNEL OR HANDLE GREYHOUNDS 42.2 A Person shall not handle a Greyhound competing at any Meeting unless he/she is a Handler. (That should apply to being parked outside the track, should it not).
  4. Watching from in front of the funeral home across the road from the track.
  5. Emotive

    Question Regarding Coprice

    Coprice has rolled out their new working dog product, chicken and beef. My first question is, has anyone stopped using coprice because of the green tea additive? And the second is, if so what have you chosen to use instead?
  6. Emotive

    Brendan Cole

    The time taken from investigation to charges varies between 18 months to three years here. Partly because the SPCA is under-resourced, and partly to ensure a case is robust as funds are limited. They cannot afford to go off half-cocked for no result. If you look at all the prosecutions brought in the past ten years, the longer an investigation takes the more likely charges are preferred. If they did not believe they could successfully bring a case, they would have dropped the investigation within the first 6 months. The link is to a case which began on the 13th of June 2017 and concluded with a successful prosecution in January 2019. To a layman, it would appear to be an open and shut case. A case against a local farmer ended three years after the investigation began. https://www.spca.nz/news-and-events/news-article/spca-prosecution-man-jailed-after-neglecting-his-two-dogs
  7. Emotive

    Brendan Cole

    This was posted on another forum for anyone who wishes to go along in support: First appearance. 10 am on Tuesday 7th of May. Palmerston North District Court. Court 3. Open to the public.
  8. Emotive

    Brendan Cole

    The rule that has been applied in the past relates to "Public Interest" and the extent of harm caused. Now precedents exist in both countries where illegal photographic and video footage have been allowed into evidence. I believe the decision is a case by case situation. We have video surveillance cameras everywhere these days, and some still argue the street versions are an invasion of privacy, but they remain in the publics best interest. Hard to say what the ruling will be in this case.
  9. Emotive

    Brendan Cole

    He is a licensed kennel hand due to being declared bankrupt by the courts. An exception was made by our board to let him continue in the lesser role. A trainers license was issued to Lisa Ahern now Cole and all the dogs were transferred into her name. I believe he is now discharged, whether he has since applied to have his trainer's license reinstated is unknown.
  10. Emotive

    Brendan Cole

    This is going to be a very interesting case given the new animal welfare regulations which came into force on the first of October 2018. One of the most significant changes was the reclassification of dogs to "sentient beings." I have reviewed a number of successful prosecutions and there has been a shift by courts toward the acceptance of emotional harm not just physical harm. That can be applied to bait and dog. I have also investigated the crown prosecution team who will be formidable advocates for the SPCA. The warrant holder has extensive experience in criminal law and prosecuted the "Lundy" case. I am told the first court appearance is set down for the 7th of May, but I will check the detail myself. This will be the first prosecution of its type in NZ. If a second case ever came to court, it will be curtains.
  11. Emotive

    Brian Martin

    Could not agree with you more. I spoke directly with Brian who stated he would be happy to come back if a place became available, but he wasn't interested in pushing anyone out. He also was very supportive of Rosso. We'll just have to wait for now. Hopefully, an opportunity arises in the near future. A great commentator who is very much missed.
  12. Emotive

    Open Letter To Craig Rendle

    BM, I was angered by the "jealousy" comment because it was flippant and shallow. It demonstrated a total lack of understanding of the current climate. People are scared and angry at the lack of respect bestowed upon them, manipulated industry direction, and their imminent demise. They have dreams too as well as a right to a place within the industry that they genuinely love. I'm not surprised that any of them would fight back. That is about as far away from the jealousy excuse as you can possibly get. You have given him the benefit of the doubt and that's fine, but every day he races dogs with "Lisa Cole, trainer," and that is the biggest lie of all.
  13. Emotive

    Open Letter To Craig Rendle

    Dear Craig. In My Opinion: Collateral Damage. Like most in this sport, I watched last nights news report with interest because the negative publicity that the sport has been subjected to for nigh on two years has a direct effect on us all. When you first came to prominence in this industry I like many others thought that your appointment would bring positive change. A change in attitude, and a new pathway that would benefit all. Most were disappointed. What we got was a vision that facilitated the building of an empire, anyone who criticised that vision was labeled "jealous" or a "trouble maker." We also got a new CEO and with him came the "Gagging Rule" which I believe was introduced intimidate anyone who criticised the new regime, namely you. Your vision was never inclusive, it was always about domination with collateral damage. We have been experiencing the fallout of that vision in recent years which has brought us to this point. Your interview last night was cowardly, hiding behind your front door, again blaming "jealousy" for the position you now find yourself in. Jealous, let's look at that word in context. Are those who form the collateral damage group jealous of your success? the answer to that is no. There are many successful trainers in this country who have earned the respect of our industry. Trainers who have been far more successful than you and your partnership. One such trainer currently sits atop the strike rate list and has done for many years. There are numerous other examples but most do not rely on a saturation model. Is it the money? Everyone dreams of winning lotto. Every trainer's dream is to train that one special dog, but that's not what it's about either. So do they want to be tied down to two or three hundred dogs so they too can have wealth and notoriety? most definitely not. That's about ego. Jealousy is just an excuse for a situation that has been manufactured by your vision. What scares the collateral damage group is their fear of being forced out of the industry by a business model devised to do exactly that. These are people who in some cases built this industry, people who have dedicated their whole lives to the sport, people who have sacrificed much to continue on, people whose absolute passion and love of the greyhound keep them turning up each race day. They have no ego, no wish to be the "Bigtime I Am", no, they just want to retain the right to earn a living in the sport they love. Be honest Craig, you could care less and quite frankly the industry could do without your ego. It's all about respect Craig. There have been a number of positive changes since your resignation and I applaud the GRNZ for their efforts. There will always be changes which members may not support, in those cases, I would hope that the GRNZ takes member concerns on board and engages in constructive conversation. It looks like the SPCA case is going to proceed, in the meantime, we all suffer. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2019/04/greens-want-greyhound-racing-banned-after-live-baiting-scandal.html
  14. Emotive

    a good read

    Here's a better read: 86. 11OFFENCES RELATING TO LURING AND BAITING 86.1 Only artificial materials are permitted for use as a lure or any other training device for the purposes of training a Greyhound or otherwise being used in connection with Greyhound Racing. Artificial material includes the use of tanned skin products. 86.2 No person may: (a) use or allow to be used in connection with Greyhound Racing or training for Greyhound Racing a bird or animal whether dead or alive, and whether as a lure or to excite a Greyhound or otherwise; or (b) bring or allow to be brought on to grounds where a Greyhound is situated, a bird or animal whether dead or alive which might reasonably be capable of being used as a lure or to excite a Greyhound or otherwise; or (c) allow a Greyhound, for the purpose of training a Greyhound, to pursue or attack a bird or animal, whether dead or alive. 86.3 Any person who has knowledge or suspects an Offence has occurred, is occurring, or is reasonably likely to occur, shall report the matter to the Association immediately. 86.4 Any Person found guilty of an Offence under this Rule shall be liable to: (a) a minimum fine of $10,000.00 for any one (1) Offence; and/or (b) Suspension; and/or (c) Disqualification; and/or (d) Warning Off. 86.5 Any Club found guilty of an Offence under this Rule shall be liable to, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Board or the Stewards: (a) a minimum fine of $10,000.00 for any one (1) Offence; and/or (b) Suspension of its affiliation to the Association; and/or (c) cancellation of its affiliation to the Association.