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  1. great win the other day clarkia your boy is back!!!!! pity you couldn't see it all or see jens happy little face beaming!!!
  2. agree it helps the odd flukey win go back down to the grade it should be in!!! would be better if you could have 2/3 wins in a grade slow the system up. theres plenty of usless c1 dogs out there that need retiring!!!!! and c0 come to think of it when a crap dog can get in a RACE WITH 77788 iN Its form and a c4 or c5 with better form with but cant get a start and has to wait for 3 and in rule.
  3. its been a problem in c4 for weeks at palmy and wanga middle distance. poor c4 used to make up c5 fields and this was before the down grade ruling
  4. so are they going to get charges????? we all make sure we have decent meat for our races cant use that as a reason!!!! been offered plenty of cheap dodgy meat for cheap but you cant risk it!!!
  5. hope they have a better jca than we do and chuck the books at them all!!! sickos the lot of them!!!! they are so stupid too it wont make your dogs run faster it just makes them unmanageable and aggressive!!! it would get put under the carpet over here as usual!! please get rid of them for all us honest good trainers that don't use this type of training!!
  6. naki is a once a year thing these dogs ran twice in a row and earlier in the week and the week after !!!! then the track will get blamed for the injuries!!! greedy trainers thrashing dogs as they have plenty more!!!
  7. I agree its for c5 dogs that have worked there way up the grade and deserve it not the odd dog that may get to c5. try next year when you may be c5. as for the down grading rule I also agree don't run your dogs if you are on the verge of down grading, the whole nz system is not going to fall apart for 1 week come on!!!! maybe if you could win a couple in a grade it will slow the system down and also for the dogs that get a lucky win and then have to wait 3/4 wks to come down to the dogs true grade. also didn't everyone also moan when they had those all grades race espically when a c1 knocke
  8. if you listen to him you would think there were ahern/freeman/Roberts that only train in the cd . as for this new a "days round up of winners" how demeaning is it to other trainers not to be mentioned at all and classed as the other trainers !!!!. if other trainers do win he calls the times slow or if his mates dogs don't win he will look for excusses for it!!!!! bring back Darryl he has improved loads it was great to hear him last night, unbiased ,interesting and actually called all the dogs throught the race and gave credit where it was due to everyone!!
  9. is this the trent agent one?????
  10. this is for good people???? for all us people that are expected to catch and handle for people week in week out with little thanks whilst certain trainers make a fortune ?????? or sit out bans????
  11. huh !!!!!!! so this is for arses this one
  12. oh lord I hope not sue!!!!! but you are pushing your luck can us honest trainer not complain to nzgra will any one listen??? is it worth it ?? is it all over rover
  13. she thinks she has done nothing wrong what planet is she on
  14. god you would never know nowadays!!