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  1. modest mouse

    Philippa Morris

    Mum is Carol Morris from the CD. Has been a trainer for a long time. She came over very professional in her presentation. As you say, we need many more.
  2. modest mouse

    Pretty new TAB site BUT.....

    Also looked at the GRNZ site, and can't find an update of the scratchings. So frustrating.
  3. modest mouse

    Pretty new TAB site BUT.....

    Pretty site. Where are the scratchings
  4. modest mouse


    Why should the smaller trainers run for ribbons. And leave the money to the "professionals"? Can't see the logic in that. As I've said before, we will see our pups through, and then call it a day. We've had 18 fantastic years, with lots of highs. Greys are the most amazing breed of dogs.
  5. modest mouse


    Is already under way isn't it?
  6. modest mouse


    oh, i'm so sorry, you have to sign in as a member to be able to see it.
  7. modest mouse


    On the NZGR page are 30+ new registrations from one kennel. Oh, joy
  8. modest mouse

    Mad harry

    tell me that's not true. How ridiculous, There's so many dogs that poop in their kennels, before the races. We would not have any dog left.
  9. modest mouse

    Sophia Malthus

    Fair enough, Scotch Thistle
  10. modest mouse

    Sophia Malthus

    But why are they pointing the finger at Stephen. Sophia is remarkable, but to fine Stephen is unbelievable...
  11. modest mouse

    Delwyn Reed

    Delwyn passed away yesterday. We had a lot to do with her, when we first started out with our greyhounds. She was troubled by serious illness. We hope she will find the peace she deserves. RIP Delwyn. Henny and Leo Laagland.
  12. modest mouse

    Thoughts for AGM

    Disagree. Dogs should get paid for 7th and 8th, regardless off. Fail to see why they have to miss out.
  13. modest mouse

    Wycato this week

    You have to feel sorry for the trainers that went to the track, only to have to go home again. Surely they knew earlier that the track was not up to it.
  14. modest mouse

    J.B./Ian Hastie.RIP

    Thank you very much.
  15. modest mouse

    J.B./Ian Hastie.RIP

    Can someone please let us know where he was living, as we would like to go to the service, but can't find the address. Will be much appreciated.