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  1. Looks like its closed down for good now.
  2. Paul Davies brings back memories of him calling on Radio Pacific. Always started with "Tapes fly and they are away and pacing " not a great calling but entertaining at the least.
  3. Just on nz channels through sky.
  4. Watching Pakenham last night and they missed some races. Had commentary from another race blasting over callers etc. Is this the new norm for coverage from oz as well. Have they cut back on their coverage service?
  5. I think I remember Rough Habit carrying huge weight one day at New Plymouth I think. Maybe 70kgs. But my memories not that good anymore so I may be exaggarating.
  6. I wonder what is biggest weight difference from top weight to rest of field is. 10 kegs is the biggest I have seen for a while. Weight didn't stop the train this time.
  7. Cheers. Had no idea they were that big.
  8. Just wondering where I can find what percentage TAB takes out of each pool or any of you good people know. Just cant find it anyway.
  9. Nettoyer was his first pick only in numerical order. We all should have known his 2nd pick numerically was his cert lol.
  10. Yes congrats. You picked them in numerical order so no proof 8 of which were picked as first pick. At least BGP showed everyone who they were backing with facts. As P4P said your on fire. Start up a tipping line for Randwick exclusively and watch the masses flock.
  11. So one out of your ten 1st picks won and you are claiming 8 winners? That's gold.
  12. 8 winners the day after the event. Well.done champ. Show us the proof.
  13. Race 1 - 3,4,8 Race 2 - 2,7,9 Race 3 - 1,2,6 Race 4 - 4,7,9 Race 5 - 3,4,1 Race 6 - 3,4,9 Race 7 - 1,4,7 Race 8 - 4,1,10 Race 9 - 5,7,2 Race 10 9,12,7 Cheers
  14. The TAB was lucky it was on a weekend . If it was during the week the money would have gone through to punters bank accounts as it took them 5 hours to freeze accounts.