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  1. I've been just watching his rides all day so not talking out of my pocket. Can someone comment or have a look at his ride on Rainman in the race just run. He never once went for it the whole lengths of the straight and cantered over the line. Looked bad to me IMHO
  2. How many times a month is this happening. Bets havent been resulted for over 2 hours. FFS. What a muppet show.
  3. Totally agree dont know why they need standing starts at all. Dont theyhave a preferential mobile draw they could use .?
  4. I was watching the stand starts at Cambridge and some horses where virtually sprinting when tape released. Isn't a standing start meant to mean all horses ate standing when tapes are released. It's becoming like a Nascar rolling grid start. What are the actual rules on Standard starts for this uninformed person.
  5. Couldn't they just have rows on a mobile line or have drivers 10 meters behind horses in front of them in the mobile score up. Or is that simplifying it too much?. Havent standing starts always been a lottery no matter who starts them. ?
  6. I see old mate Tony is still going around and out of curiosity I checked his record for last 1 and a bit season and he has had 2 winners from 97 starts. Is he just doing it for fun or does he ride a heap of trials as well.?. Good on him I suppose but would you have him on your horse?
  7. Our local TAB cringe when they have to pay out a couple of hundred
  8. Finally the day has arrived. I feel sorry for the other 2 victims as well with no further sentence added on. Shouldn't this farked up legal system allow for what ever rape term is . Day 4 years for each so not eligible for parole for 25 years?. This legal system has no change . So does this mean this scum will eventually be let out at some stage. So In summary FUCK YOU Jesse Kempson and pay the 400k back from any entitlements he will or hasn't received. I hope they have put all holds on his Oz super and kiwisaver etc.
  9. Bloody good on you Leo. Can anyone tell me how are guy from all reports had no money or neither did his family afford a QC. Surely legal aid dont hand out QC's at the tax payers expense. Or is someone funding it all?. What the going rate for a QC 5k plus a day ?. Whole legal system is crap.
  10. What a clown you are. Did they throw all the trainers names in the hat and magically pull out M Kerr's name ?. How unlucky he must be. On behalf of everyone we applogise for this misguided information. I doubt not a single thing will come out about him and he has thrown his liscence in and gone surfing at Raglan. I hope you accept this apology
  11. Dont worry the ex TAB man will be all over it in his new role. Lol
  12. How the hell can NZHR not know if the RIU is investigating. Surely that is BS.
  13. We may have been censored JJ.
  14. I didnt think they were a couple anymore. I remember they made a point of telling a reporter they have broken up and were always going to be best of friends.
  15. Out of interest . How do you calculate the percentage?.