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  1. George Pelli innocent. And pigs fly. He had total knowl Cardinal Pell case was a joke. He had full knowledge of what went on in his seedy cult if the church. Very lucky to get off. Catholic Church has a lot of power and money.
  2. Dockers

    Luk Chin

    I bow to you Mr Chin. Still training and driving a winner in town. Handle bars down and challenged and fought back for a nose victory. What a marvel of a man. Hope you had a vodka to celebrate. No idea if you do drink or not but would be rude not to considering all your horses have Russian names.
  3. I agree he has been harshly singled out. I remember at the time it was reported there had been quite a few breaches by different people. How was Leo singled out. Maybe for his controversial stance sometimes that decided to make him a scapegoat for everyone. Shit Leo . Law sucks.
  4. Great post TM and Value I must say a wonderful topic. I love hearing stories for the good ole days. I remember only as far back as collecting from the back of the tote and the massive crowds. Were tickets hand written and if so up to what year?. Thanks again.
  5. If a house was 20k wouldnt it be equivalent to a 100k race ?. I'm blown away by the stake money in relative terms.
  6. So you win and then you get paid a premium on top of your winnings wish I was alive in those days.
  7. So given this Chevy what was stopping every man woman and dog owing a horse ?. I mean a 2k first prize would have been a deposit on a house for a lower class Forbury win. Were horse flesh and training fees astronomical or something ? How much do you estimate training fees would have been a month? Say it was $100 and first prize was 2k and now I'm guessing 2k and first prize would be 5k. 20 times your training fees for one win as opposed to 2.5 times now. Wow. What a state of disrepair the industry is in now. Must have been some very happy owners back in the 70s.
  8. Cheers for sharing. Had no idea stakes were so good in those days. Would have been a bit easier to make some money from racing one back then. I wonder what the price of an average standardbred would have been. I think I read at article today that the average wage in 1975 was $125 and a house 20k.
  9. They dont race for that much more so 50 years later. What could 2k buy you in 1971?
  10. Dockers

    Luk Chin

    How old would the great man be now ?. Still going strong. And working and training. What a marvel. Love his handlebar downs drivingstyle.
  11. Totally agree. Nz has what. ? 2 or 3 million dollar races. Surely common sense chucks it on to the other channel or replay it later or dont bloody show the race at all. Woildnt happen anywhere else in the world.
  12. True that. Just seemed low prize money for a Group One status.
  13. Is aussie racing struggling when a Group One race is only worth 50k. I know the miracle.mile was for a lot of coin. But the trotters seem to race for the scraps.
  14. Dockers

    Luk Chin

    That's no good I remember Dr Chin training and driving at the park when I was in my teens 35 odd years ago. Hope all is ok.