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  1. AFL will be last as they have millions in their coffers. Biggest rating sport in Australia by a mile and they have been smart with their money over the years. NRL is screwed and will need a OZ government bailout and assume the Warriors will need the same. Super rugby only a couple of years from finishing. I'm like Leo. You mention 4 sports then somehow bring bars in the viaduct into your discussion. Not sure what your angle is there.
  2. Dockers

    Miracle Mile

    Agree field is worst in my memory.
  3. Usually deposit as much as I want from my credit union account and for some reason couldnt in last week. Rang them today and they said maximum deposit for online gambling is $50 because of fraud and money laundry activites. The worlds gone mad . I wonder if banks will follow.
  4. Dockers

    WA TAB protest payouts.

    Any chance the NZ TAB will ever follow suit ?. Great initiative.
  5. Looked 100-1 down the back
  6. Dockers

    TAB website down for maintenance

    After waiting 34 minutes on phone Baz I was advised some people can place racing bets(lucky them) no one can place sports bet and technical issue since 730am. The are working vigorously to rectify these issues lol. But all is saved touchstone is working. Once again nothing on website says anything about any issues. They just continue to take the piss.
  7. Dockers

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Tried ringing phone bet at they have a recorded message dont open till 11am. Wtf. Honestly you wonder how they have any loyal customers.
  8. Dockers

    TAB website down for maintenance

    And here we go again. Cant put a sports bet on thing morning when I click on any option it just twirls. Also whole system crashed for some of Riyal Ascot the other night. How bad is this shit.
  9. Dockers

    TAB website down for maintenance

    And no one there to take a phone call. Had a collect on sport 2 hours ago and money not in account. I agree how hard is it to put a explanation up.
  10. Dockers

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Havent been able to put a sports bet on for two hours. Farkin hopeless
  11. Dockers

    Damn TAB app.

    Anyone had any issues with the app duplicating your bets?
  12. Dockers

    Troy Harris

    Hope he is ok before I mention this. Anyone take a close look at his fall with more knowledge than me of what it's like to be a jockey. I'm 100 kegs so struggling to get a mount. The horse dosent look like it dips or moves sideways or anything. Did he simply lose balance?. I'm not having a crack at all but just couldnt see what the horse did to contribute to him falling off.
  13. Dockers

    RIU investigates TAB

    I agree Iraklis . It's what bookies do all around the world. They take original stake out if you win.
  14. Dockers

    Streaming trackside radio

    Cant stream on this supposedly high tech app and cant even listen to it on Love Racing . Are they taking the piss?
  15. Dockers

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Not a great example Tiger Woods. They caught up because his back is fucked and they are 20 years younger.