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  1. Stables

    The Williamson's Clean up

    I agree, what trainers other than Phil train in that area. I don't mean to disparage Phil, he's a great trainer but it's a farce really
  2. Stables


    Don't they have a large team of horses and good drivers round at Dunns
  3. Stables


    Knowing Greg Hope I am sure he will
  4. Stables


    Great picking. Not one winner
  5. Stables


    How many horses would be able to run 3.12.9 for 2600 metres first up with only one trial
  6. Stables

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I see it's the Mickey Mouse show again
  7. Stables

    Times are tough

    Hi westview, you mention that 2 years ago Methven had a deficit of $90,000, how did they manage to face a loss of that size?
  8. Stables


    My question would be, what is happening about that huge albatross around the industries neck, the NZ Racing Authority, are cuts going to be made or will we continue pouring money into what is a bureaucratic abyss
  9. Stables

    Times are tough

    Yet, why do so many trainers nominate?
  10. Same old tired lot. The only difference is the kindred bodies now have no representation
  11. Stables

    Racing minister .

    Yes but they did promise that they would enable famiy to enter the mine. A promise made by John Key, which was subsequently renequed
  12. Stables

    Racing minister .

    The man's 73 years old for gods sake. Get off his back. As for Trumps allegation that the Pike River recovery plan was a lefty feel good bubble, I would remind him that the recovery plan was instigated by the previous National government. I assume Trump is emulating his name sake by spouting false news
  13. Stables

    Ten out of 33

    Regardless of what you think a horse is worth Blue it's up to the owners to refuse to sell their horse for less than they think it's worth
  14. Stables

    Cobalt press release

    I agree with what you say Leo, but unfortunately we're not all saints
  15. Stables

    May and O'Reilly at Gore

    If it was a poor drive Ricky would be the first person to say so