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  1. God, lets wait and see if there is any racing first. As things stand only a lunatic would want to breed a racehorse
  2. Stables

    dean mckenzie

    Did very little for Addington other than receiving a fat salary
  3. Stables

    Is this happening in Petone

    They had better, no income for the TAB no work for its staff
  4. Stables

    dean mckenzie

    I tyhink he/she is referring to the current version of the racing act currently before parliament. The bill stated thal all racing IP would be owned by the TAB. This raised many objections and was likely to be changed when the reviewed version of the Racing act was presented to Parliament. Unfortunately with what's happening with the covid 19 epedemic the whole procedure has been put on hold
  5. Stables

    Any Owner Compo ?

    The rules did not change overnight, the list of essential suppliers never included butchers
  6. Stables

    Where to Next .

    All this from the man that said the covid 19 epedemic would be all over by Easter
  7. Stables

    Some Good News

    Is this a forum for racing enthusiasts or for haters of racing. Reading many of the posts I am left wondering
  8. Stables


    MPI came out with a rediculous declaration saying that horses cannot be trained, only light excercise and no fast work. If you are training on your own property without outside staff, why should you be pevented from getting your horse ready to race as soon as the lockdown is over. Pressure for this has come from the big stables that decided to close down and now want to stop the little guys from getting the jump on them when the lockdown is finished
  9. Stables

    Why not Racing ?

    P4P is a fully paid up member of the National party, with hopes for getting on the party list going by his constant need for puplic displays of over the top behaviour and his stretching of the truth
  10. Stables

    Alex Park even caters for the Ghosts

    There no their yes
  11. Stables

    TAB to go tits up

    RITA led by Dean McKenzie need to start acting like there is a crisis. They were appointed to start cleaning up the show. We need staff reductions at the TAB, we need staff reductions at the Racing Authority, we need staff reductions at Racing New Zealand, we need staff reductions at HRNZ and we need to combine the management and administration of Racing Clubs and thereby reducing staff numbers and administration costs. We also need several clubs to be closed down. Only areas with a considerable number of horses in training should be able to conduct race meetings. The cost of racing a horse would then reduce substantially
  12. Stables

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    You are a ray of sunshine aren't you?
  13. Stables

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    Stuff the owners, they don't count, they only pay for everything
  14. Stables

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Gruff you scoff, but all you post are useless lists of the various vacines available for diseases that have been around for generations. What do they proove? What is the releance to Covid19
  15. Stables

    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    This is the reported situation from researchers in this area. The virus DNA has been isolated and some trials of a vacine have begun but due to legal and production requirements the information is that any vacine will be about 18 months away before it is widely available. In addition it has not been established that people who have had the virus will be immunised against reinfection