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  1. It is you that is making false claims contrary to evidence accepted by the court.
  2. Fitzgerald, instead of posting rubbish on this site and stating things that have been accepted as true in a court of law, ring me and get the true story, your friend has been found guilty, we now await his sentence
  3. Well done, no doubt she got some plesure in beating her big sister. Both Tomlinson girls are extremely competent drivers
  4. I see Trumps comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, if he's not careful he'll end up like him
  5. Apparently according to the CEO of Harness Racing they will be releasing the funding level for the 20/21 season next week. He stated that the stakes would be on par with this seasons level. I find it hard to understand how an announcement on funding levels for stakes can be made when we still haven't negotiated our share of the total distribution from RITA. Both the Thoroughbred and Greyhound codes are arguing strongly for a percentage increase in their funding levels and the both have good arguments for why they should get more. Obviously if they get a greater percentage then we get a lower p
  6. True but come i august 2020 RITA and Dean mcKenzie should be gone?
  7. Back to the old days of team driving by the Purdons, 1 in front, 1 in the trail and 1 parked, thereby completely controlling the pace of the race. They won 2 races last week using exactly those tactics
  8. I realize that JJ but I understood that RITA would be dis-established once NZ Racing was established. The Racing Industry Bill has been enacted so why would RITA continue?
  9. I understood that the Racing Industry Bill had been enacted
  10. What happened to the new Board which is made up from an appointee from each of the codes and one other?
  11. Continue as what? His organisation doesn't exist any more and it was always the plan that his position expired at the end of RITA
  12. You know the old song about stipendiary stewards- "3 blind mice"
  13. Stables


    When was the last time you got 30,000 on course for a galloping meeting?
  14. Stables


    Tell that to the 30,000 that will turn up on Cup Day