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  1. Stables

    Will Lamb F the Cup Start

    Auckland Reactor for me. His chances, however will greatly depend on Lambs performance as starter
  2. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    I don't think so
  3. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    All this fuss over $18,000.
  4. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    6exs, you're totally dillusional
  5. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    For your information Eljay I have never voted NZ First in my life
  6. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    So you've advanced from your earlier post whereby you stated that it was as yet to be proved that he is a liar
  7. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Your political views wouldn't be colouring your opinion would they P4P. You better watch out your party may be cuddling up to Winston after the next election
  8. Stables

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Too early to judge. Wait till the racing bill is passed
  9. Stables

    NZ Cup

    No to my knowledge it's always been the seconmd Tuesday in November to tie in with Canterbury show week
  10. Stables

    NZ Cup

    My whole purpose in racing horses is to get them sold oversaes. No matter how good you think your horse is, Purdons got one better
  11. Stables

    In my view

    Go back to the old sysem, 1 win, up 1 grade, with more races for 2 and 3 year olds. Go back a class if horse has 6 unplaced starts, further back than 6th inclusive but no further than 2 win class. Quite simple to follow, 2 year olds get 1 penalty for each second win unless the stake to the winner is more than $20,000.
  12. Stables

    Mid Week Seniors - booked out

    Why not at least seniors usually have money to spend, kids generally are always waiting for the next pay day
  13. Stables

    Oh dear, this doesn’t read well

    NZ First will not collapse this coalition, Peters is well aware that he needs to find a way for his party to continue without him, If he collapses the coalition his party will disapear at the next election. There are a lot of things in the Messara report that will never be ennacted. Racing will have a small increase in betting income but no material changes will be made. We will be still floating on the same ship we were 20 years ago, but somebodys pulled out the plug
  14. Stables

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    Agree whole heartedly. There must have been a decision made at producer level or higher because we never get the judges call at all now. I like to hear his call of the placings , margins and time, not some person who wouldn't know one end of a horse from another, waffling on.
  15. Stables


    It seems that none of Messara's recommendations will be enacted then. We should all start wearing black armbands for the demise of racing in New Zealand