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  1. Stables

    MAC Racing Report- Harness

    Thats a worthy opening statement but what were the actual recommendations
  2. Stables

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Now now PFP one day you will be one of those leaky old bastards
  3. Stables

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    I understood that a lease was terminated upon delivery of the horse back to it's owner. I wash my hands of any further discussion on this matter
  4. Stables

    2019 NZBS Sales

    Perhaps Newmarket you should look at some of the comments FTM has made to me.
  5. Stables

    Are the sales strong because

    It was an improvement but a lot of trainers will now be heading home desparately trying to think of people they can contact to form syndicates so they can pay for the horses they've bought
  6. Stables

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    If he has leased the horse and he has not paid you any percentages that he owes you from the horses racing then it would be a matter for the racecourse detective. I suggest you get in touch with the Racing Integrity Unit
  7. Stables

    2019 NZBS Sales

    Is that what you call ignoring me
  8. Stables

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    The civil courts will take months if not years to achieve anything and will cost you a fortune in legal fees and the disputes tribunal will only handle the matter if the debt is in dispute and if a judgement is made in your favour it will not be enforced if he refuses to pay. The best bet is to take a lien over any property or horses he may have at your place or to sue him for bankruptcy
  9. Stables

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    I think you will find that there has been a bit more than that Kotare Hunter
  10. Stables

    2019 NZBS Sales

    When was the last time you actually put your hand in your pocket and bought one FTM
  11. Stables

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    You've got a very small mind FTM
  12. Stables

    Justin Evans

    South of Cambridge became a problem when the Wellington Trotting club closed down
  13. Stables


    Yes he does not deserve to be facing those ridiculous charges.
  14. Stables

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    You should know by now Richie that harness Racing thrives on gossip
  15. Stables

    Justin Evans

    To my recollection Tony Lee was invited to do the racecalls at the first set of Harness Jewels because of the quality of his race calling