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  1. Ohokaman, about 30% of americans are certifiably insane, these two are classic examples of that insanity
  2. No, he has been classified as a disqualified person by the Judicial control Authority, it makes no difference that he wasn't a licence holder at the time of his disqualification
  3. Technically by the rules he can have nothing to do with any horses registered with HRNZ and he cannot enter a racecourse
  4. Trump 40%, Biden 46% as per the latest poll of polls dated 9 July 2020.
  5. You shouldn't have tempted fate Idolmite. The last thing we want is for Trump to win in November, especially if it means that our resident psychopath feels he has an entitlement to continue posting his garbage. There's only 6% between Biden and Trump now, 2 weeks ago it was 12%
  6. Why would I bother answering such a stupid question, there's 555,000 dead and 12.3m infected from covid 19 for God's sake
  7. Now Mike, you know damn well that most Club Committee menbers are selected by the incumbents and very rarely are required to face a ballot by members of the club
  8. Hey, 100 0, you accuse Ohokaman of not answering questions, how about answering mine. Or is it as I thought, the mindless ravings of a lunatic
  9. How could the board agree to this, what are this guys skills? What has he brought to Harness Racing? I understood it was an interim appointment, why are they not actively seeking a replacement? How are the Committees of Harness Racing Clubs not calling for a Special general Meeting so that the Board of HRNZ are made to explain their decisions? Does anybody actually give a Damn?
  10. Okay 100 0, who are the real people on the coal face. Give me some names and interviews and give me your definition of on the coal face?
  11. They obviously have no interest in the future of racing, only their little pile of dirt.
  12. Dingle, there is a closing time for nominations, you should abide by it. Too many trainers sit back anticipating the nomination time will be extended, so they can study the entries and decide which race would best suit their horse(s)