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  1. 30th October
  2. Did you attend all the court dates Mr B? You're the one who has continually made false claims to stick the boot in to Mr Anderson and even made information available before people significantly more involved then you had been told. The matter is being handled by the court of the land of NZ, and as you note and as does the article, Mr Anderson has been found guilty. Both sides are being supported by friends and family during this time. You and others here, continue to make false claims and fuel false rumors. While I can't stop you making claims that are true, I can certainl
  3. False. False. Shut the thread down if people are just going to spread false accusations and rumors.
  4. Thanks mate Episode Three - Now Available
  5. Hi All, With the loss of The Box Seat, Matt Markham and i have taken the step to create a Harness Racing Show. Called Behind The Tapes it can be views on the Off n Racing Facebook page, or the Off n Racing Youtube account: Hope you enjoy Link for Episode Two is here: Video Times Below (Start) General News and Review (6.16) Over The Ditch with Brittany Graham (16.23) Junior Drivers Premiership (22.00) Canterbury Standing Starts (24.49) This Week's Selections Link for Episode One is her
  6. Thanks, Greg, Certainly, I was looking forward to it all and expanding on our past 2 x Harness Racing events (Cambridge and Addington Jewels) which we've taken roughly 70 members to each, you only have to watch Pats Delight's victory at the Cambridge Jewels to see and hear the excitement. David Branch from Cambridge has always supported BGP and that's why we'll be seeing what we can do with him in the future. Thanks Andrew
  7. Hi Greg, Before COVID 19 hit, BGP were working with Cambridge Raceway on attending their Harness Jewels again, as well as working closely on an event on Show Day. Unfortunately now the Jewels are canceled and Show Day is up in the air with what we will be able to do. Fingers crossed, Thanks Andrew
  8. John - Thefixer was always going to qualify for the cup on his previous run. - His ability would have seen him in the top 15 of the qualification list. 200m times are provided via StrideMASTER. Take a look below. The Fixer 1000/800/600/400/200m - 15.27/15.43/14.86/13.20/12.57 Captain Dolmio 1000/800/600/400/200m - 15.50/15.51/14.75/13.24/12.66 Dream About Me 1000/800/600/400/200m - 15.44/15.43/14.71/13.18/12.57 The mare run splits the same or faster then the fixer from the 800m till the 200m and was unable to drag him back. Thanks
  9. Hi John If you take a look at the StrideMASTER sectionals it very much explains why the leader and parked horse were impossible to run down. Captain Dolmio's times for his last 800m/400m/200m splits were - 56.16/25.90/12.66. Thefixer produced 800m/400m/200m splits of - 55.98/25.69/12.49 Dream About Me - 55.89/25.75/12.57 Alta Orlando - 55.97/25.72/12.70 Forgotten Highway - 55.91/25.67/12.50 Off the front the 2nd to last quarter (800m to 400m) was run in about 30.25 - aka a walk and sprint affair which are always tough to get into - and the mare would have had
  10. Hopefully you followed Trottech last night!
  11. Happy to put my hand up here and accept the mix up. For some reason i had a stand in my brain at the time, Missed it on my edit as well. and by the time i had picked up my mistake we were too late. I've made changes to my way to editing so this mistake shouldn't happen again. Apologies. Thanks Andrew Fitzgerald
  12. I believe it was the track/barn that was sold - not their logo/brand Tim & Andrea still own the house and a range of paddocks at the front of the property - they still operate under their brand "Premier Stables"