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  1. Are you implying that the government is borrowing money from the Chinese and Saudis?
  2. The Herald article is actually about Channel 7 Australia and how their version of The Chase refers to Wallace as just "The Destroyer" TVNZ screens the iTV show's UK version, which still uses the name "Dark Destroyer" as requested by Shaun Wallace.
  3. A terrified woman hid in a ditch until police arrived after harness racing star Matt Anderson punched and choked her, leaving her fearing for her life.
  4. Premier Daniel Andrews gives Victorian Racing the GREEN light to continue!
  5. Watch from the 18 second mark. Also has a very telling slow-mo.
  6. Under the team names it does state in "smaller" font: a clock and Q4 01:16
  7. In the UK, they have been calling all broadcast greyhound races from the studio for decades. Works fine as the tracks are small. As a cost saving measure that doesn't affect the quality of the greyhound betting product offered, the TAB should make this a permanent move.
  8. 21 June - 7:30pm: Should be an interesting watch:
  9. Good on ya Peter for looking out for the NZ industry. He obviosuly understands responsibilities with overseas broadcasting. You do realise that Sky Racing has no tolerance for dogs running late or overtime during a busy daytime schedule with gallops running. So NZ dog's vision will either get bumped or not broadcast at all. There really is no excuse for the dog code running over time at the boxes barring a plane overhead at Manukau. Cambridge has a terrible record of running late or idly standing at the boxes.
  10. People so easily forget that David Hall trained the great Diva to her first Melbourne Cup win. She was transferred to Freedman when Hall took up a contract in Hong Kong. So even if Opie was Freedman's stable rider, he wouldn't have had the opprtunity in 2003 and had no show of getting Boss off in 2004 & 2005.
  11. How much longer will the game survive if this is the state of affairs? It's rather embarrassing for the code: that at Victorian harness headquarters; they are running a G1 for less then the greyhounds who have a minimum $100k purse for their G1's.
  12. Absolutely no bias against All Stars - they're my gravy train when I wager on NZ harness. I was asking a question. Since I've been home, I have noticed the inconsistencies of the Canterbury starter. I want to know when I back against a stand start horse with bad manners, the horse isn't going to be allowed to walk up and have an advantage at the start. It's either a stand start or a walk up start - simples! There shouldn't be any inconsistencies, especially with the higher graded races. If the starter is too lazy or incompetent to make it a fair start, he/she should be shown the doo
  13. Can the connections of the horse that ran 2nd lodge a protest into winner at the start? Reading the rules re "Standing Start" HFIM broke the rules and clearly gained an unfair advantage at the start.
  14. Question re Standing start: HFIM is held by a starter's assistant on his lonesome out the back on the "UR" then allowed to walk up. Is being on the "UR" why he is the only horse allowed to be on the move and take 6 small steps and continue into a pace as the tapes are released while the others have to stand on the spot?