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  1. 4 hours ago, rdytdy said:

    I find your comments re Trentham a bit strange Huey.

    There is a large hospitality room in the birdcage where all owners are invited in to have a drink (and food) following the race. Makes for good atmosphere when presenting to winning connections also.

    Did you read what I wrote Ted? That might help you de perplex yourself. 

  2. Happens at a lot of tracks in my experience, once again the problem is because you have people running an industry that don't really understand how it operates. A lot of people in this racing game do horses themselves and after they have raced win,lose or draw they have to take care of the needs of the animal and don't get the opportunity to go and have a refreshment straight away and are then met with this kind of nonsense.

    They really only seem to be setup for the syndicates who only race the horse. I have found most country clubs to be very good and one of the worst in my opinion at this type of behaviour is Trentham which is usually a very average experience for such a wonderful track.

  3. 1 hour ago, We're Doomed said:

    Yes, a bit of a shock. It will be interesting to see what Northern support they get. I did hear a few at Awapuni saying their normal target would have been the Winter Cup. However there is no Canterbury meeting for two weeks before that meeting and for two weeks after it, so any North Island visitors will probably be heading there for just the one race. The stake will be interesting as well.

    So there solutions for the Industry are reinstating what we already had...hmmmm

  4. 1 hour ago, JJ Flash said:

    Or the codes like to put it all on RITA rather than addressing issues themselves.

    1 August should see  some real change n.this respect as that's when the multi code NZ Racing takes control of their own destiny. Working out distributions to the codes being the primary one after NZTAB decides annual  distribution 



    Agree especially NZTR under Saundry. 

  5. 10 hours ago, We're Doomed said:

    Those are opinions by some mystery tipster. I think people are referring to "factual" comments such as " settled back, hampered 300, flashed through late." that were traditionally included in the form line. I do find them quite useful myself as it is always crucial to know if horses race handy or settle back at certain tracks.

    Exactly I pay no attention to those garbage comments. 

  6. 9 hours ago, We're Doomed said:

    Yes it was, almost exclusively in those days. I find it rather strange that there is no indication these days regarding how much turnover is needed to fund the average meeting. I am always  amazed at the reluctance to run a ten race card of $10,000 races with full fields. If something like that isn't self funding then the industry probably should just close down.

    I agree,  but when you have people in positions of influence paying silly money at yearling sales they have to justify these actions in some way and the main focus point is stakes. Unfortunately none of them really care about the general health of the industry, they do however care about their own.

    The pie has never really been. the problem as I see it, it's always been the slicing up of the pie that's the issue,of course now the industry wants the small guys knife, fork & napkin to sell to get a temporary bigger pie. The industry will find a sustainable place if participants are willing to accept reality and leaders stop selling them a BS narrative,  that however won't happen and it will continue down the gurgler. 

  7. 10 hours ago, We're Doomed said:

    I am not aware that NZTR has ever contributed anything towards maintenance or buildings. They don't have any money to dish out. The old Racing Board, under its various names, used to fund facilities, although doesn't seem to have done so in recent times.

    They may have contributed at the Top 8 , everyone knows that, but I'd be surprised if they've contributed anything but incompetence & latent bias at these smaller clubs. 

  8. 1 hour ago, nomates said:

    Wouldn't be lengthy , NZTR can't afford to fight 1 costly legal fight far less the number of clubs that i reckon would tell them to stick it . Maybe racing could a 1 year hiatus so they can afford the battles , i think all participants would be up for that .

    You make a good point, wouldn't be surprised if the industry goes through millions trying to seize assets , when all it needed was a bit of leadership and vision and something could have been resolved with assets better utilised, but I suppose this is the only option when no one has any faith or respect in the leadership.

  9. 3 hours ago, Patiti said:

    Why is the legislation limited to land assets.

    Surely they could take cash and investments owned by the clubs for the common good.

    Absolutely they should, if they are willing to front up with back pay for workers, R&M,Rates etc etc etc and fund current OPEX why not.

  10. 10 hours ago, Trump said:

    Quote < "I think a lot of economic development agencies struggle because they’re not clear about where they’re going to add value, because 'economic development' is a pretty broad concept.

    "You can play in lots of different spaces, so you’ve got to be quite specific about where you want to play, and you’ve got to be quite deliberate about what the impacts are that you want to have." > end quote.                          There’s no doubt that JA left his mark on NZ Racing. I’m sure his “Add Value” comment will resonate loudly with NZ Racing. Surely the new Regime will be trying to lure JA back? 

    LOL this corporate bollocks is just pathetic, "add value" "different spaces" "be specific" "quite deliberate" "broad concept" all just generalised BS talk that applies to anything you are describing in business and people continually fall for it , why because they also don't know what they are doing or what they are talking about.

    Those kinds of statements should send shock waves through any employer.

  11. I would be surprised if there are any clubs in NZ that won't fight for their courses despite the law changes.

    The so called process put in place is nothing more than a charade for the politicians to save face to get the legislation through. 

    I wouldn't trust the likes of NZTR/RITA whatever they are calling themselves with a Venezuelan Bolivar, let alone believe they have a clue what to do with that sort of money.

    The problem with this industry is it consistently wants quick fixes instead of confronting the real issues and building a sustainable future for itself.

  12. 6 hours ago, barryb said:

    I see that they are now streaming Trackside 1&2, with the ability to select the quality as well ,that should solve a few on here’s issues.

    One of my biggest bugbears with the TAB feed has been sorted in that you can drag the screen to any size you want.

    using this site for viewing means you can freely look anywhere on the tab site and not shut the coverage by mistake.

    That is good to see, but what I don't get out of all of this is why they are having to do that? Aren't RITA responsible for visible media of T1 & T2?

    My point is everywhere you go in this industry there appears to be duplication and if funds are being spent on duplicated something with another outfit , what isn't be spent both financially and in resources on areas they should be focused on improving?

  13. 5 hours ago, stodge said:

    Up here, we're having similar difficulties. 

    The return has been for the benefit of the big owners, big trainers, big courses and the bloodstock industry. Almost every race in the Pattern has been "saved" even if they are run at different tracks at different times. That presumably is to keep the breeders happy.

    The tv coverage has been stuffed full of Group racing and this weekend we have the Derby, Oaks and the Eclipse as well as a number of Group 2 and Group 3 races.

    The problem is there have been so many opportunities for the better horses, the population can't take it. Last Saturday at Newmarket, an eight race card of Listed, Class 2 and Class 3 handicaps drew just 51 runners.

    As for the moderate horses and we know there are many more slow horses than fast ones, the Class 5 and Class 6 handicaps are always full with horses balloted out but tell Newmarket or Sandown or Goodwood to put on a card of Class 6 handicaps and they'll have a hissy fit - my response is who cares, it's not as though any spectators are going to complain.

    The point is the smaller owners, trainers and jockeys have had a thoroughly bad deal out of the resumption of racing. Quality has led quantity and while some may say that's no bad thing and in normal times I recognise that, I think everyone deserves a chance and it wouldn't harm a Grade 1 course to put on a meeting for the lesser lights just once.

    The point you make is the very reason I find there is such absurd enthusiasm for the new Racing Bill by people in the industry that should know better.

    No where is it good for the common man  that races something he bred from a $5-10k stallion or who battles away with a few horses, its all being set up to benefit those at the top once again!

  14. 2 hours ago, Patiti said:

    The way things are going you will only be able to bet if you are an account holder.

    Perhaps they can partner with a bank and get a transactional card to use on the SST's & eftpos

    Nothing surer. 

  15. 6 minutes ago, Pherozity1 said:

    Not according to the handicapper, we were the worst of the  4 rating 51 and  plus the other higher rated runners will all be tough. Also not sure that barrier one is any advantage this time of the year and our jockey injured yesterday.  But hey always optimistic (or crazy)  or would exit the game. 

    Have a go , you only live once! 

    Best of luck.