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  1. 35 minutes ago, Insider said:

    I thought that you had more sense than to even consider buying a daily rag and expect Racing!

    The first thing that RITA should do is; immediately cancel the contract with all of the main Daily's except maybe the ODT.

    Having said that, Dean McKenzie wont do it, as he's the guy who 20 or so years ago did the deal with them all.

    Come in Dean if I am wrong.

    Now I am not saying it's a mistake what he did, however I am saying that the Daily's have run roughshod over the agreement ever since.

    Anyone disagree with me?



    No you are completely right. Have thought this for a while, there is little point having the fields in the paper when they are consistently incorrect i.e. wrong day,wrong meeting, meetings of little irrelevance etc. A complete waste of money. Punters have become used to not getting good info from the dailies so they would barely notice the difference. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Nasrullah said:


    Once lockdown in Australia is over and normality resumes they should quickly return to great prize money right on our doorstep and the demand for the right horses.

    Those type of mares aren't really being left empty though are they, its the making up of the numbers that is the concern i.e. smaller breeder , without them numbers will be very low.

  3. 1 minute ago, shaneMcAlister said:

    Ellerslie does not kick back into racing till September anyhow.  They are talking the July to August period.

    OK, I thought this might have been some logical thinking going forward to reduce costs for participants given prizemoney and participation are clearly going to dwindle.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Ohokaman said:

    Thank God for Australian racing...there is bugger all else for punters to bet on.

    And reading between the lines, the outlook for some of our racing venues is looking bleak. More ways to skin a cat eh.....? :rolleyes:

    But we expect the reality is we'll be racing at fewer venues to achieve the desired outcomes.

    This will require difficult and at times, unpopular decisions, but the alternative is stark. 

    So they will now be racing where the horse population is?

    So no Ellerslie or Trentham anymore?

  5. 1 hour ago, Michael Roustoby said:

    According to Mick Guerin on radio in Melbourne today the reason is this:

    All the training tracks are closed so it will take at least 5-6 weeks for racing to start because all the horses are trained on tracks and none on private training facilities like Lindsay Park where they can keep them in work.


    Learn something new everyday. I always thought heaps of NZ horses were trained on private properties,way more than in Australia.

    Am i wrong or was my English teacher right when he told me Journalism is an ancient greek word that means "if you don't know just make it up as you go"


    You aren't wrong. 

  6. 22 hours ago, Stables said:

    At last some indication of forward thinking. The reductions in salaries and payments to the board are also welcome. I hope this is also happening at the TAB and Rita levels as well

    Wouldn't a 20-25% reduction be whats saved by working from home?

  7. On 3/30/2020 at 11:37 AM, Dopey said:

    Agree with the comment that “would you buy (or race) what you are breeding”. Breed what you cant afford to buy (or would pay overs for) otherwise why are you doing it (from a commercial aspect) as you would be better off buying a horse when you want one. Spec days are largely over!

    I don't get this "breed what you can't afford to buy" in most cases you'd probably be better off not paying the stud fee and waiting to pick up a similar horse for 20% of stud fee with 18 months worth of costs already paid. I'm looking at a 5k stud fee this year, no way I'll pay that in this environment but what I can breed I can probably buy for $1k on GH in 18 months not much different  if I go to a $10k stallion either. 

  8. 56 minutes ago, Tropical said:

    Gavelhouse Is going to have a lot on their books now.  With the cancellation of the weanling sale and South Island sale.  What will the studs do with all of them or will it just be a big cull?  It looks like they are going to cut stakes as well so a rethink of who is worth sending back to the trainer is something I am going to have to consider!  Also I doubt my mares are going to any stallions this year.  Its getting really quite difficult.



    it's going to take some innovation by a stud or NZTBA(not going to happen)  to get mare numbers at a decent level. The most important thing going forward is going to be participation levels, both racing and breeding to find a way to resurrect the industry. Unfortunately I think the smaller breeder is going to be fair kicked in the guts as the next step will surely be the Messara Report on Steroids. 

  9. 1 hour ago, shaneMcAlister said:

    I have been saying this too.  Fonterra HQ should be in the Waikato and NZTR and Rita do not have to be in the cities.  There is a third floor in Pukekohe we could renovate for them.  Free parking and cheaper housing.  They could even see a horse train.....

    They could go to Awapuni ,Te Rapa or Hastings for that matter. It hasn't helped any having them in the main city centres. 

    Not only that but there should be some serious consideration taken to consolidating services at club level also, what do all these people in these clubs do in between  race days? 

  10. 1 hour ago, Nerula said:

    No nomination fees below Group[ Level. Scrub trials and have local Jump outs. Immediate review and action of RIU and other investigatory outfits costs. 

    Cease all studies of possible future outcomes and focus on the now.. Get this nag back on its feet asap.


    Why haven't we heard suggestions like that from the owners federation in the past?  Why does it require a crisis to get some sensible thought going?  Many have been advocating this for years, the rest of your suggestions have been active in the industry for sometime. 

    Trainers Fed, Owners Fed, NZTBA all the same as NZTR. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Nukkledragga said:

    If we suggest a fix or fixes what happens re the messara report? Is this a sign they wont proceed with rationalisation/ track closures etc or anything else ?  This bunch of losers dont deserve our help so dump them all and start afresh!!!

    I think it might make it worse the rationalisation that is,  that will really show they have no idea at all. 

  12. 17 minutes ago, nomates said:

    If they couldn't manage NZ racing before Covid  what chance are they during and after Covid . I thought we couldn't get worse governance than the last bloke but this guy Saundry is feckin clueless .  Has shown no real leadership and has not promoted 1 idea to benefit NZ racing , sitting waiting for the Messara report to be the saviour . There should be daily updates on the NZTR site to update the participants and let them know what things they are looking to do to mitigate the present situation and give some information on how they are looking to manage racing going forward once racing resumes but NADA , 4 days since the last update . When we need really strong leadership we've got feckin BAMBI . Best decision i ever made deciding to retire from racing horses in NZ this time last year , and i'm still struggling not having a horse in my paddocks , but watching this clueless lot  keep directing the ship at the rocks just reinforces it . My hat comes off and my heart goes out to those people still invested in racing .

    Maybe it's a time for real racing people to step up as a group and direct the ship or demand some answers, not just the usual suspects either who can't see past their own front gate or realise the involvement and participation of all matters in this industry. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Tauhei Notts said:

    One page of A4 typing.

    1.   These are our plans if Level Four is lifted on 20th April.

    2.    These are our plans if Level Four continues after 20th April.

    Put the industry participants in the picture.

    They'll need Aus racing to be completely called off to do that. 

  14. 40 minutes ago, tasman man 11 said:

    This was probably a while back when Racing Board [TAB] were really into 'smoke and mirrors'.

    Among the major KPI's for management was to create NEW accounts and increase the number of monthly active accounts.The free bets often increased toward the end of month !

    All that was 'sizzle'...good news and allowed them to show graphs with upward trends.

    But sadly the sausage.....revenues and cash flow, was heading South along with equity.

    The RITA [NZRB] accounts are on line.

    A lot of the issues e.g. too many racetracks ,many not up to scratch have been around since the 1980's and before but read 2016 report where it says the current business model was not sustainable etc and needed urgent change.

    Well no one has acted ...its gone from bad to worse.

    Time for a clean sheet ,start again and remodel the Industry on what should be a smaller scale.

    Time to remodel the industry based on those that can survive of their own accord and take it from there. I fear (in fact it's almost guaranteed the way nzracing is run) this will be yet another excuse to kick the small guys fair in the gonads but this time with haste and certainty given the dire situation the industry is in.

    When in reality it should be an opportunity to see which clubs ,stables, etc have the ability to rebuild without industry subsidy,let the freeloaders fall to the way side they'll find something else to do.

  15. 28 minutes ago, Nerula said:


    The good times have stopped, there is no trickle down. Lets hope Owners, the bill payers can hang in for the welfare of horse and the carer. 


    When we're the good times ? It's always been a massive struggle in NZ kept alive by the commitment and love of the game of many.

  16. 34 minutes ago, shaneMcAlister said:

    "Some trainers have thrown their horses out and others would like to continue to exercise their horse, we have made that possible".  This is where people will take advantage of a situation the whole country is in.  NZTR have said racing clubs do not have to open if they do not believe it is necessary for horse welfare.  

    Bernard is definitely very approachable, and this landscape changes may give him a real opportunity to make a mark.

    "Approachable " so are the Jehovah Witnesses , whats your point?