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  1. Do ever do anything but moan ? Concentrate more on your training , 2 winners and a strike rate of 14 is very average !!
  2. I think Fairgray served on the ARC board for a period ?
  3. So if you own a bar/pub you can still operate even though you might have been barred from racing ???
  4. I just wondered if someone can help, if a person is disqualified from racing for a period of time , what does that actually mean? Are they able to go to the races , can they go inside a TAB etc.?? Where are they able to go ?
  5. Ellerslie irrigate whenever they want to , they have their own spring/pond ?
  6. My apologies , I didn't realize that you were one of the officials ?
  7. Apparently Ellerslie have their own pond/spring so watering there is never a problem ?
  8. They should have watered the track yesterday and it would never have got to a Good 2 , absolute disgrace !! Close the arsehole down and line the left leaning officials up against a wall and shoot them with a ball of their own shit ! The place is a dump.........
  9. A Good 2 today ........... FFS
  10. How does she keep her license , out of 9 races at Ellerslie on Saturday she featured in 5 stipendiary reports for careless riding ! She caps it off in the last race by careering into Shawn MacKay's horse , end result - broken collar bone for SM !! Go back to riding horses on a merry go round Fawcett
  11. Are there two more surlier pricks in racing than the starter and his assistant in the northern region , in fact the assistant looks as if he is on day release from Parry ? Bring back Gripper and Scooter !!!!
  12. Part owned by Auckland Racing Club board member - Tim Barry
  13. Its the "dorklanders"you fuckwit who will end up getting the country out of the crap through the taxes that they are paying , it is infantile crap that you deliver which will see us struggle. Fuck off back to your $50K state house in the slums !!!