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  1. It must have been funny to watch the 10 ARC board members not wanted in the new ATR set-up trudge out of their last meeting , only Vasey and Olderslade remain . What an asset though having Mark Chitty involved in running the new club, perhaps he can start with improving the morale around the place as I hear it is at a low ebb at the moment
  2. What about the TAB issue their account holders with a pin number or access card ??
  3. Have you ever heard of Kevin Hickman , very involved in the industry !!!!
  4. Mark Mitchell confirmed that he would not be a contender on the Mike Hosking show last week
  5. I understand that over 90% of the Counties members voted in favor of the merger on Tuesday night, let's hope for racings sake, that the same result comes out of the ARC meeting this afternoon.
  6. Perhaps they are not selling all , perhaps leasing ???
  7. Depends on how big is the asset and if you ae getting an attractive ROI ?
  8. 1st August 2023 , see you on course
  9. It appears at first hand you applaud the work that these two clubs are doing for the betterment of the sport , well done you !!
  10. I have just worked out who you are and will now expose you ............. JAN SKINNER ............ the left leaning mate of Helen Clark , another one who's head is buried in the Avondale sand
  11. Exciting times for season 2023/2024 , the ARC will race at Puke in 22/23 until the new track/ stakes come into play on 1st August 2023