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  1. From what I hear they wont be racing until very late next year or early 2024, apparently they got caught up in Phil Goff's resource consent process which has put them 2 months behind
  2. I think Ellerslie [ sorry - Auckland Thoroughbred Racing ] will be pleasntly surprised at the crowds that they will get at Pukekohe this seaso. How cool , Melbourne Cup Day and Boxing Day raced out in the country !!
  3. Hubby came home late on Saturday night to tell he had heard of a death threat at the Karaka races , any truth ??
  4. Who did you have in mind ???
  5. I went to the movies in Auckland yesterday and there was nobody there, I went to the mall and there was nobody there , I went to the pub and there was nobody there , the reason, Aucklanders are at their holiday locations at the moment . In fact the only ones left are the 20,000 from Otara and they were at Long Bay Beach !!!!
  6. I understand a number of the connections of the Zabeel Classic winner Tiptronic went to Soul Bar after the races. I do hope they are ok and haven't picked up the bug that the fucktard DJ has spread around Auckland !!
  7. DCE spotted at Headquarters on Friday , how did he get across the border ???
  8. We have just checked out Bexley Grove on Google Maps and we promise not to give you any more grief , you obviously have enough problems of your own
  9. Not only are your nuckles dragging on the ground, so is your fucking brain , let me know your address in Wellington so I can personally drive down on the 15th and give you the virus. You should be dead within 3 months so I will stay on and happily dance at your funeral !!
  10. With the borders not due to open until the 15th December , that spells doom for the very popular Twilight meeting at Ellerslie on the 9th. Also, Boxing Day and New Year's Day races at Ellerslie will be run behind closed doors ...... how sad!!!!
  11. I don't know the chap but the sponsorship manager at the Auckland Racing club must be on a hiding to nothing when they keep downgrading the Group races , and in particular the Auckland Cup, it is my understanding that the club get $200k from Barfoot for this race?
  12. Good on you PFP , anyone drumming up support for charities and racing should be put on a pedestal !!