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  1. tonkatime


    Your comparing apples with oranges in that scenario. Someone running for public office stating something on the public record during and election campaign or just after is completely different to a private citizen.
  2. tonkatime

    Let me tell you about my TAB experience

    The machines also quite regularly seem to freeze on the sports options. I’m guessing it’s sometging to do with linking in with the new system.
  3. tonkatime

    Let me tell you about my TAB experience

    Not supporting the idea of not being able to open in an account in a branch but I wouldnt have thought many people are not opening them in branches these days, the vast majority would be online. In fact having to go into a branch and verify your id was probably a major deterrent to getting accounts active.
  4. tonkatime

    Brian Martin

    Completely agree with the above comments. On a Friday night in the pub his calls certainly added something to the event. Not knocking the other callers but he’s a class above.
  5. tonkatime

    Capital Gains Tax

    It’s quite subjective valuing a business, I think as part of the report they were exploring the idea but the compliance costs compared to the revenue raised would probably make it barely worth while.
  6. 1.  Ellerslie R6 : 3.20pm : 3-4  2. Ellerslie R7 : 3.55pm : 3-2 BB 3. Flemington R4 : 4.20pm : 4 -1 Q 4. Flemington R5 : 4.55pm : 4-3 BB 5. Randwick R5 : 5.15pm : 9-1 6. Randwick R6 : 5.50pm : 5-1-4 7. Flemington R7 : 6.10pm : 5-13 8. Randwick R7 : 6.30pm : 2-7 9. Flemington R8 : 6.50pm : 4-11 10. Randwick R8 : 7.10pm : 10-4 Thanks very much.
  7. tonkatime


    What were the odds for the sixers on both sites?
  8. tonkatime

    Boys get Paid

    Haha you say let’s not twist then do exactly that. You are right some will be racing people already but there are plenty who are not.
  9. tonkatime

    Boys get Paid

    I think a lot of you people have rocks in your head. You have an industry struggling to maintain relevance and attract younger participants then when you are given exposure to 13000 of the next generation all you can do is moan about the deal they are trying to negotiate I would also note that they want the deal to pump money back into the industry and keep attracting new participation which is much needed Buying power normally gets you a better deal and I don’t see this as being any different
  10. tonkatime

    Boys get Paid

    To join there punters club? Yes there was a $5 fee but that was run through the Auckland racing club I believe. I’m not sure who charged the fee but the admin for the syndicate would have been phenomenal for a syndicate of that size.
  11. tonkatime

    Boys get Paid

    I haven’t read the article but I am guessing they want it to put back into the group and used for things related to the industry e.g Raceday functions and events etc rather than to make a profit.
  12. tonkatime


    The point being it’s probably distributed on a Wednesday and then delivered to the outlets on a Thursday so if it’s not picked up on a Wednesday it’s going to be pretty hard to deliver it on Thursday. I actually gave you a solution which would be to subscribe online. You stated in this day and age that the delay is “simply not good enough” so perhaps you could enlighten us to your solution to the situation?
  13. tonkatime


    Couriers generally don’t work public holidays so what would your suggestion be to get it there in a more timely manner? Perhaps the online version may solve the issue for you.
  14. Sadly no I’m not. There 150 plus options on most NBA games and even 30ish on college games.
  15. In terms of sports betting, I went to bet on a basket ball game I was going to watch. There was 177 options to try and sift through to find what I wanted so I gave up. Granted they did need more options but I think they have gone to far the other way. Last night I also went to place a live bet, same problem as in the past odds suspended or can’t get my bet on due to the odds changing between the same two figures over and over again. I got sick of waiting 8 seconds over and over again only to be told the odds had changed so I gave up.