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  1. Suspect they were waiting to see what the storm did with there origin players.
  2. TE RAPA R1:3 Keats R2: 3 Festivity R3: 9 Kiwianna R4: 1 motre moi R5: 3 gold watch R6: 9 Levante R7: 1 Ameralinha R8: 9 Melody Belle R9: 3 Les Crayeres
  3. I don't understand it either, I would have though the more people watching the better. Granted some may bet offshore and use the TAB to watch the races but they can do that now anyway by leaving $1 in there TAB account. I would also remove the credit card top up fee they charge ( or at least only charge it on deposit's under say $20).
  4. Yet I could put $1 into my account and not have a bet and watch all the content I want till 2023.
  5. Is it to do with there licence? I know at the stadium in Wellington the bars often close not to far into the second half and I gather it’s something to do with there licence. I could be wrong about that.
  6. In ordinary circumstances do you not find the pools for dogs and trots along with the hot favourites make the dividends quite small for taking a percentage place 6 on them?
  7. I think the idea is to attract a different style of punter and draw in a few new people but you are right it does need promotion to fully do that I enjoy taking them but sometimes the pools are quite small.
  8. It would also be interesting to know if outlets are open as of Thursday.
  9. I don’t think they wil be history either way come November. With the Nats currently not looking like they are a viable alternative (in terms of recent poll numbers, even if the poll does have a bias) plenty will drift to NZFirst as a labour green prospect scares them. Just my two cents.
  10. R1–3-6-10-15 R2–3-4-7-10 R3–5-9-10-11 R4–4,6,7,8 R5–5-10-12-14 R6–2-11-12-13  R7–4-6-10-14 R8–1-2-3-6 R9–4-6-11-13 Thanks to all involved
  11. Rosehill 4) 1,6 5) 10,5 6) 1,6 7) 8,10 8) 3,6 Flemington 4) 1,6  5) 2,9 6) 4,7 7) 1,2  8) 3,11 Thank you very much
  12. R1 1,6,10 R2 6,8,12 R3 2,6,8 R4 1,3,6 R5 1,3,6 R6 5,9,11 R7 1,2,11 R8 1,2,5  R9 9,10,11 Thanks.
  13. In fairness to them they did point out to people to consider that we were going into very difficult times before they joined up.
  14. Race 1 - 1,2,3 Race 2 - 2,7,9 Race 3 - 2,11,12 Race 4 - 2,5,7 Race 5 - 1,4,9 Race 6 - 1,2,4 Race 7 - 1,2,4 Race 8 - 1,4,12 Race 9 - 8,9,17 Race 10- 3,9,12 Many thanks for the Comp.