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  1. tonkatime

    TAB Free Bets

    I won a bonus bet on Friday but it still isn’t available to use today. Do these only get credited to accounts between Monday and Friday?
  2. tonkatime

    TAB Free Bets

    I get your point but you could put a minimum odds requirement and turnover requirement e.g 3 times like some of the offshore operators have. I get why they are doing it they way they are now but I don’t really bother doing any of the top up bonus offers I get any more.
  3. Comp R1 : Riccarton Park R5 1:45pm 12 13 Comp R2 : Flemington R2 2:10pm 3 5 Comp R3 : Pukekohe Park R6 2:39pm 9 10 Comp R4 : Riccarton Park R7 2:57pm 4 5 Comp R5 : Rosehill R4 3:40pm 4 1 Comp R6 : Flemington R5 3:55pm 8 9  Comp R7 : Flemington R6 4:35pm 10 7 BB Comp R8 : Doomben R7 5:07pm 3 11BB Comp R9 : Rosehill R75:35pm 9 5 Comp R10 : Flemington R8 5:55pm 4 7 Comp R11 : Rosehill R86:15pm 1 4 Comp R12 : Flemington R9 6:35pm 5 11 Comp R13 : Belmont R6 7:03pm 5 9
  4. tonkatime


    They Aussie bookies do quite a lot of good specials like that NRL often has if your team leads by 12 it’s settled as a winner.
  5. Comp R1 : Otaki R5 2.59pm 1 Comp R2 : Rotorua R7 3.15pm 11 Comp R3 : Caulfield R4 3.40pm 3 Comp R4 : Caulfield R5 4.20pm 4 Comp R5 : Rosehill R6 4.40pm 5 Comp R6 : Rosehill R7 5.20pm 2 Comp R7 : Caulfield R7 5.40pm 5 Comp R8 : Rosehill R8 6.00pm 4 BB Comp R9 : Caulfield R8 6.20pm 6  Comp R10 : Caulfield R9 6.55pm 7 BB Thank you
  6. tonkatime

    Authentic & credible

    Personally I find the rugby panel shows where it’s all ex players quite boring and lifeless. The NRL probably has a better balance of both ex players current players and journalists/presenters. I think you want a mix of people to capture a range of thoughts and views.
  7. tonkatime

    Betting or Collecting $1,000... Info from TAB.

    Is the gold card photo Id?
  8. tonkatime

    TAB and virtual races

    You can see the attraction for the tab but I would have thought there’s enough crap all ready for people to bet on.
  9. tonkatime

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    Can you really get stuck into the management when he wants to be closer to home and family? Reminds me of the James Maloney situation when he left the Warriors, management coped the flack but at the end of the day there wasn’t a lot they could have done to keep him.
  10. tonkatime

    latest gem from TAB

    Hard to see the Labour Party or Green Party supporting either of those proposals isn’t?
  11. tonkatime

    Outsourcing TAB - Huge Mistake !

    It’s not all outsourced though is it? I thought all the main sports and nz stuff were still done here and it was the more random stuff they were out sourcing e.g Russian 3rd division football.
  12. tonkatime

    Glenda Hughes departing e-mail...

    I know a bloke who’s been a small time owner his whole life and never voted for Winston but says he is next election because of what he’s doing so there maybe well be a bit of influence. Given Winston polls around the 5% threshold it a few votes could have a very big influence on the next election.
  13. tonkatime

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    I don’t thinks it’s long enough, there’s plenty of people who only go to the races once or twice a year and don’t tend to visit tabs. Surely a year or even two years is a more reasonable time frame e.g bet on Wellington Cup day you have until the next Wellington Cup day to claim the ticket. Granted in most case we will be talking about smallish amounts but it’s still frustrating.