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  1. In ordinary circumstances do you not find the pools for dogs and trots along with the hot favourites make the dividends quite small for taking a percentage place 6 on them?
  2. I think the idea is to attract a different style of punter and draw in a few new people but you are right it does need promotion to fully do that I enjoy taking them but sometimes the pools are quite small.
  3. It would also be interesting to know if outlets are open as of Thursday.
  4. I don’t think they wil be history either way come November. With the Nats currently not looking like they are a viable alternative (in terms of recent poll numbers, even if the poll does have a bias) plenty will drift to NZFirst as a labour green prospect scares them. Just my two cents.
  5. R1–3-6-10-15 R2–3-4-7-10 R3–5-9-10-11 R4–4,6,7,8 R5–5-10-12-14 R6–2-11-12-13  R7–4-6-10-14 R8–1-2-3-6 R9–4-6-11-13 Thanks to all involved
  6. Rosehill 4) 1,6 5) 10,5 6) 1,6 7) 8,10 8) 3,6 Flemington 4) 1,6  5) 2,9 6) 4,7 7) 1,2  8) 3,11 Thank you very much
  7. R1 1,6,10 R2 6,8,12 R3 2,6,8 R4 1,3,6 R5 1,3,6 R6 5,9,11 R7 1,2,11 R8 1,2,5  R9 9,10,11 Thanks.
  8. In fairness to them they did point out to people to consider that we were going into very difficult times before they joined up.
  9. Race 1 - 1,2,3 Race 2 - 2,7,9 Race 3 - 2,11,12 Race 4 - 2,5,7 Race 5 - 1,4,9 Race 6 - 1,2,4 Race 7 - 1,2,4 Race 8 - 1,4,12 Race 9 - 8,9,17 Race 10- 3,9,12 Many thanks for the Comp.
  10. I agree with you provided there’s a viable path to government for the Nats, eg them and act are showing over 61 seats in the polls. Otherwise what you might find is people voting start for nz first to be a moderating force with labour and the greens.
  11. I agree, it’s generally a waste of time as the cash outs are so low it’s not funny.
  12. I went to a tab and a couple of bars yesterday, the interest from what I saw is certainly a lot less than prior years.
  13. Agree with you to an extent but I think the full day is half the problem, and the fact in general there is nothing going on in between races which can make it boring as bat shit.
  14. Think the point of the post was for the tab to improve there offerings to be competitive in the market.
  15. I won a bonus bet on Friday but it still isn’t available to use today. Do these only get credited to accounts between Monday and Friday?