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  1. If thats what you get for telling the truth what do you get for lying??
  2. Interesting that he waq involved in the Susan Burdett murder inquiry that resulted in a conviction for Teino Pora?????
  3. Hey Leo, you forgot to quantify it by forgeting the "F" word as well. Thats colloquial language and not considered obscene anymore
  4. Police career a failure cant do anything else
  5. I was informed earlier this week that there is a petition circulating around the industry in Canterbury to have some people ( names not mentioned at the moment but you will know who) removed from their positions for serious breaches of the Rules of Racing ( Bringing the industry into disrepute etc) due to their actions re INCA. Anyone know where we can sign up??????
  6. No Grimstone needs to go with the others who have stuffed up the RIU
  7. Thanks Leo, Guess I'll have to seriously look at my fee scale.Start with 30min fee for just saying Hello every time I answer the phone LOL
  8. Work it out. average fee would be $350 +GST per hour then there would be some document preparation in the vicinity of $3500.00 each. We work on a fee of $4500 per 6 hour day.
  9. Didnt cost the Police a cent. Cost the tax payers for all the time wasted.
  11. TDO. There is is old saying "Front up or Shut up" As a recent arrival on this forum why dont you supply the supposed info that proves your assertions are correct and the people in the know that contradict your claims are in the wrong. I've been willing to put my record infront of all readers When are you going to do the same. Or arent you old enough to have one. School holidays are over Or are you just some weak arsed pissant cum keyboard warrior who hasnt got a Fu.kin clue. Like Poundy says Piss off back to the hole you crawled out of
  12. kilcoyne

    Today's Press

    Does your Mummy know what you are up to?? Just for the record. My involvement and history is as follows. 1974 : 57th Recruit Wing NZ Police College age 18 28 years service retiring in 2002 at the age of 46 2000 set up Employment law practice when the current Act came into force still currently active. Contributor to Race cafe since 2008 (long before you could read apparently since you have absolutely no idea what you are posting about. Try actually reading what I have posted and then try and translate what is being said.) I know that you and your other mate have a serious problem with authority with your references to "pigs" ( FYI I've been called worse) but my feelings are "once a cop always a cop" If you cant handle that then that's your problem and you seriously need to get some help for that. As for the reference to me being a mate of Leo's the only connection I have to him was I once legged him on to a horse I was leading into the birdcage at the Eater races at Riverton when he was a young apprentice ( not that he would remember me from way back then Late 1960's) Since you are just a newbie contributor to Race Cafe I suggest that you make sure you dont go making aspersions about others who know a lot more about the subject they are commenting on. As an aside. The RIU clearly jumped the gun as I said. Dont you think that they should have waited another 10 minutes for the treatments (tubing) to start and then raided instead of rushing in beforehand and then trying to prove some wrongdoing?????
  13. kilcoyne

    Today's Press

    Can you go back to school and learn to read. I never mentioned "Plod" as you refer to them. If you have got nothing better to do that show your ignorance might I suggest that you stick your spatula somewhere else. Wake up and smell the roses sonny
  14. kilcoyne

    Today's Press

    Jumped the gun should have waited for the treatment to start. Must have been a cold morning skulking around in the bushes
  15. Well anyone who HAS driven like myself would know that an inexperienced trotter drawn 1 has just got the worst draw of the lot