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  1. kilcoyne

    Jockeys managers ???

    Tell me then
  2. kilcoyne

    McGrath charges ....

    The beginning of the end
  3. kilcoyne


    I m still waiting for a decision on a court case involving one of my clients. Been going on now for 3 years
  4. kilcoyne

    Have we or how big

    Amateur courses are okay but down here (Chch) you have to get the drives to progress. Got stuck myself on novice drives at the workouts before they stopped running them before I completed the requirement of ten drives to progress to full status and moving on the advanced and was told the only way to progress was to take out trial licence to get to graduation status. If we have to do it that way why give up graduation to do amateur driving
  5. kilcoyne

    2019 NZBS Sales

    Air con only works properly when you have the doors and windows closed
  6. kilcoyne

    Help me please

    P4P from my 40 odd years in the legal field an expert witness is someone who has at least 20 years working in their chosen field of expertise. Less than that and they become known as an ex spirt or what is euphamistically called "a drip under pressure".
  7. kilcoyne

    Dexter Dunn.

    Thanks for your insight P4P. Tell me where did you study law and do you have a current practicing certificate?
  8. kilcoyne

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    WE a;ways are serious Iraklis not matter what we have to investigate
  9. kilcoyne

    Smokin By

    Xmas request/ Can those gamblers!!! who wish to complain about drivers/riders please go to another site and complain about losing their money. Getting sick of people complaining about rorts perceived or not when they lose. Otherwise get off their asses and away from their computers and get out and jump in a cart in all sorts of whether be it fine or wet in the early hours like 3am like I do and really experience what NZ racing is really about.
  10. kilcoyne

    JCA Committee to hear Exclusion Enquiry

    No they would be suspended while the case was before the courts. But these drivers dont work for HRNZ nor the RIU so its a different situation
  11. kilcoyne

    canterbury Harness Awards

    No award for amateur driver
  12. kilcoyne

    Police Raids

    I know you try your hardest Scooby but you will always have people "in the know" who just can't resist slagging off with what they "think" and what "info" they have. Just wondering whether the mention of all the names of those involved actually breaches the court suppression orders
  13. kilcoyne

    John Dunn

    Alta Shelby driven by J D in last two starts, John White drive by Matt in last 5 starts. Why should Matt have to get off John White in preference to J D. Matt works for R J and should continue his association with the horse he regularly drives.
  14. kilcoyne

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    Yes I do know what a state servant is and a Government Department. Worked for Justice Department and NZ Police for over 30 years. Been involved in Racing industry for longer than that.
  15. kilcoyne

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    "Peters is going after the Ministry of Social Development chief executive Brendan Boyle, State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes, the Attorney-General on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and former ministers in the previous National government Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley." Can you read this P4P. He is suing individuals not Government Departments. I learnt to read while you were still having your nappies changed for you