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  1. It's his "expert" claim thats clearly wrong
  2. Its called criminal behaviour Filing time sheets claiming to be doing work for 6 months (89 times) when they werent doing anything and claiming payment. Its called using a document for percunary (sic) advantage along with a few other things she did. Max sentence 10 years s 255 Crimes Act 1961. 7 years for s 249 Crimes Act 1961 (usig computer for dishonest purpose, 15 times 241 Crimes act 1961, obtaining by deception (3 yrs each) 15 times Theft of Documents and trade secrets s 228 and 230 (total 8 years) Theft by person in special relationship s 220 7 years. s 216
  3. {2020 MPC 6/2021}NZERA426 3074412. EMPC 345/2020, EMPC 6/2021
  4. You need to read the contract. everyone pays eventually
  5. What a joke you are!!!! You have no frickin idea of what you are talking about. Told by Who???????. Some idiot who thought they knew all about horse racing? Just another mug punter who wouldnt know thwe arse end of a horse from stifle
  6. Sorry for not responding earlier was busy with my prosecution of my "ONE" Case ( 15 hours work for $28k fees. Fortunately for her(the defendant) she didnt get the maximum 27 year s behind bars) in the court. Now its time to go fishing setting the burley to catch you disckheads again
  7. Can I give you all a bit of advice?? Before you start dishing out to all the so called bad participants within the racing industry, please ensure that you actually have "ALL" the facts. There has been a lot of claims being made on this website by people who really dont know what the real story is and it just show what a real bunch of wankers they really are. We have a claim against Don Bates. Not as rosey as he makes out. Like " I talked to one of the owners" Name them????? name them please but cant be bothered to back up their claims. Claims that Mr Kerr has been charged b
  8. You're right TM (from one old bugger to another)
  9. Thats because he hasnt been charged yet
  10. Might help if theu mow the grass a bit as well. Was over the ankles of the people that walked the track afterwards. Could have taken a good 3 inches off it with the rain that was expected during the day
  11. Actually 6 Years at Massey University and another 3 at Manash Univesristy in Melbourne.
  12. Im not a defence lawyer mate. Im the one who has been hired to investigate breaches of their IEA's
  13. Was that just the one or both of them????
  14. Finally someone with a bit of sense. Similarly a member of the RIU cannot pass on confidential information to the Press relating to any of their investigations as has happened here as that would be a breach of their Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) relating to Serious Misconduct for which the IEA sanction is immediate dismissal (no notice / no golden handshake). Could be a vacancy coming up soon