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  1. kilcoyne

    John Dunn

    Alta Shelby driven by J D in last two starts, John White drive by Matt in last 5 starts. Why should Matt have to get off John White in preference to J D. Matt works for R J and should continue his association with the horse he regularly drives.
  2. kilcoyne

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    Yes I do know what a state servant is and a Government Department. Worked for Justice Department and NZ Police for over 30 years. Been involved in Racing industry for longer than that.
  3. kilcoyne

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    "Peters is going after the Ministry of Social Development chief executive Brendan Boyle, State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes, the Attorney-General on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and former ministers in the previous National government Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley." Can you read this P4P. He is suing individuals not Government Departments. I learnt to read while you were still having your nappies changed for you
  4. kilcoyne

    The Minister is flexing his muscles

    "Suing his own Government"? Read it again he's suing the former government ministers not the current ones
  5. kilcoyne

    Addington Friday

    Last race at the same time as the rugby finishes????
  6. kilcoyne

    Allstars 10 wins in a row

    Guess I'll have to share the money then
  7. kilcoyne

    Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    No I can do better. I've just noticed that over the past few years this site seems to be less about horse racing and more about insulting members or skiting about how brilliant some of the newer members are at being able to win on their investments
  8. kilcoyne

    Oamaru Race 6 , Why the holdup????

    Just learning from you
  9. kilcoyne

    Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Dunns vs All Stars? When is this going to happen? I see there is a mountain bike race being staged between David Butcher and Craig Thornley but havent seen any adverts for the Dunns v All Stars race. Would be fun to watch it tho
  10. kilcoyne

    Rodeo incident at Martinborough

    Isnt this the same crowd who wanted to ban killing animals at the freezing works cos you could always by your meat supplies from a supermarket!!!!
  11. kilcoyne

    Please be nice

    To be guilty of defamation you have to say something that you KNOW to be untrue. Saying something that you firmly believe to be true, based on the facts you have at your disposal, is not defamation
  12. kilcoyne

    Otaki Gone

    Dont need Hastings. They could only manage to get 3 and 4 horses for a couple of races on New Years day
  13. kilcoyne

    H Andrew

    According to NZ Racing is suspended from 6 December 2017 to 17 January 2018 but still manages to ride 3 winners and a 3rd at hastings on New Years day ??????
  14. kilcoyne


    They love these 40's. Mine is still a non winner with a 40 rating. cant see how a 3 win horse can have the same rating though
  15. kilcoyne

    Kawi Cheats Well!

    Throw back to the good old days when the top weight and favourite was always loaded last