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  1. kilcoyne

    The Race

    Owner tells me Jack is coming home to do the honours
  2. kilcoyne

    The Race

    Kiwi mare???? Stylish Memphis, Canterbury owned, only transferred to Jack H for her Aussie campaign from Mark Jones stable
  3. Legal definition of an expert is "someone who has worked in their field of "expertise" for a minimum of 20 years. Cant remember Mr Oatham being a jockey or track work rider for 20 years so what does his claim to fame involve and can he actually ride a horse at "more than a light trot" see expert definition also popularly referred to as "a drip under pressure"
  4. awards 39 pacers 4 trotters over the years for horse of the year. That says it all
  5. Is this the same person (Brendon Burke)who used to run the TAB beside the Glengarry Tavern in Invercargill???????
  6. Cindy no longer preferred PM after todays poll. Setting it up for the next election maybe?????
  7. In the last 48 hours 4 hotels have been noticed in North Canterbury operating in breach of the red light rules, no masks no vacination certs required more that 100 people. But who gives a rats arse. MOH dont want to know. One even claimed that their patrons all had exemptions
  8. And you've only just figured this out?????
  9. kilcoyne


    History and FACTS????? What facts. You seem to know it all so lets see some of your FACTS. As for any investigation into RIB leaks to the Press well thats none of your business unless you want to give us your real name, address and serial number and then if you have ACTUALLY something to say we can arrange for you to be visited for a formal statement. But carry on with your posts. Its alway nice to get a laugh. Kinda like eating 30 gms of chocolate a day.
  10. kilcoyne


    Couldnt help yourelf could you. Perhaps you can give us all the winners for tomorrows meeting since you think you know it all and maybe even the winning lottos numbbers for next Saturdays draw. Have you nothing bettter to do than speculate on something that probably wont happen on the chance that someone might reply and make your life worthwhile?
  11. No I admit I didnt see the drive on day 1 until I checked the replays later that night.. I have a life unlike you. But as the topic says "A Joke" Jusy waiting for so called know alls like you to add your 50cents worth. Maybe you should get a job and stay away from commenting on your losing punts
  12. I'm allowed to poke my nose in. You do it often enough. Still trying to figure out if this a site for disgruntled punters to bitch about losing their money when they make idiotic bets. $2000 to win????? Mug punter then. Better to spread the $2k over a 10 race card than lose it all on one horse
  13. Ddi what he was supposed to do.
  14. kilcoyne

    Sarah O

    Search Decisions - RIB (