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  1. Front Running Drivers

    Before his accident curtailed his driving, Frank Cooney was right up there with best as front running driver.
  2. Kailey

    Can someone confirm that this horse won the Railway in the 90's sometime ? Mike Dillion says in Herald that Graham Richardson trained it in partnership to win in 1977 and surely he isn't that old, if he is I'd like to be what he's on.
  3. Here we go again

    I suppose you could say a horse may have so little ability you could give it a % 97 chance of finishing in the rear, the driver has to do what all he is capable of to not reduce it to % 100. If he does what he can and it it still runs like rat shit, well obviously no blame attached. This bloke KO'd the horse from the start., the only time I've seen anything veer so far off course was my old dad at Piha one day when he wandered right off the path, after seeing some topless women bathing in the other direction.
  4. Ellerslie today

    I can concede on traffic , our own trainer feels the same, the only thing I can say is they might like tracking up to Ruakaka and back so many times over latish winter even less.
  5. Ellerslie today

    They declined for a number of reasons, one was that a lot of their members lived locally and being older were less mobile and able to travel. The fear was they would be swallowed up and lose special identity member's felt they had , in other words you could call the new club whatever you like but there would be no combined club in anything but in name only. Idon't feel that they are an anchor, I'm sure a lot of trainers don't feel like that, may be wrong , but have heard through grapevine trainers like Steven Mckee certainly didn't feel like that and would have liked more meeting held there and I guess life members like his dad and Collin Jillings don't If they rank among highest rating clubs for off course turnover and even before land sales were one of the few clubs turning a profit IMHO just don't see them as an anchor to industry. If we are looking at anchors maybe should look at some clubs that are heavily subsidised
  6. Ellerslie today

    We've been over this time and again, there isn't much wrong with the facilities with member stand and owners / trainers open to everyone, not much difference to other race courses I've been to in last year and that's a fair few. The public stand is a bloody eyesore I'll agree , although no one uses it, maybe knock it down, and grounds need a damn good do up, now they have cash from land sales they should get to it, I see they have made a small start with painting the outside. Now to fix the lift to member's stand for elderly members at cost of $ 100,000 plus..... As Gruff said nothing wrong with parade ring out the back and Richard Fitness does a great job with the track. Being stuck with Wednesday races they could spend untold on facilities and get no bigger crowd than now. Why shut it down ? I stand to be corrected but seem to recall they were 3rd to highest racing club in off course turnover last season or one before ?
  7. Ellerslie today

    Avondale racing under lights was ONLY a disaster in winter, in summer the crowds and turn over exceeded pre lights . If they could have found a way to only race i warmer weather they would have been fine. The winters killed them and they did experience some of the worst nights imaginable , their luck has frequently been rat shit over the years. The other thing that did them over was loss of sponsors and corporate crowd after 87 stockmarket crash.
  8. Hayden Haitana Passes away

    Was a great section in that book the Gambling Man about them painting the horses legs on front lawn and paint running off. Everyone was in on the rort , even Father O'Dwyer, the Punting Priest. It mentions that the cops called into handle the inquiry had actually been in on the punt ! It was so open even the commentator made mention of it as the horses crossed the line.
  9. Lazarus vs Chokin

    When she won a race called Queen of something or other, for the 4th time in a row , the crowd went nuts and were beating on all the rubbish bins out front, made a hell of a noise. Unforgettable !
  10. Lazarus vs Chokin

    And who could never forget one of Delightful Lady's Auckland Cup wins when she took off about 600 out and crowd went ballistic. ? One that stands out is Lord Modules incredible NZ Cup after being slow away. Only Cup I've been there for and amazing scenes when he got up. Not so happy was normally affable Max Robinson who Ces Devine carved up and knocked whip right out of his hand. Down by fence when Max came back and he was cursing, some punter suggested he go and punch Ces in the head, which Max seemed to go along with. From memory was long enquiry before Lord Module kept the race.
  11. Oh Ho It's on!

    Sorry about double post tried to edit and got posted twice. Trying to delete altogether didn't work.
  12. Oh Ho It's on!

  13. Oh Ho It's on!

    Sir Vancelot hadn't gone that good for him in the heats, in fact I think he needed to run 4th in last heat just to make the final. Some Australians I met up with had come over to support him and were furious when Hancock got him stuck on rails and got called in 5th . Called him for everything and then call got changed to 4th and he squeaked into the final , so you could say but for a matter of a half a head, Iriklis would in all probability have won the Interdom. After that race I've never seen so many disgusted people leaving the course early and they were holding nothing back - basically that if we gave up our big races like that without even an effort, they wouldn't be bothered returning.
  14. Oh Ho It's on!

    If you read again never said he was or ever think it, was referring to Ricky May's drive, the one that Brian Hancock said primarily gifted him the race. He remarked that he had expected some fight from the Kiwis and got none. From memory Iraklis straight away gave up the lead to Sir Vancelot and Ricky May said later he knew in doing that he realised his chance of winning the race had evaporated.
  15. Oh Ho It's on!

    Maybe all the Australians were taking lessons from Ricky May when he drove your namesake in Auck Interdom won by Sir Vancelot, that was the tamest drive of all time, made the Cowardly Lion look like Johnny Rambo.