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  1. Without thinking

    Winx, Black Caviar, Weekend Hussler
  2. racing today

    Won like a huge odds on fav, very impressive
  3. Closing down NZ tracks

    I know it is, 95% of my punting is done through it. I'm suggesting the TAB getting behind exchange style betting/trading, and putting it out there for the masses to see.
  4. Closing down NZ tracks

    Would love to see competition on the bookmaking front, would also love to see on course bookies allowed as well, adds extra atmosphere to the course. Realistically though, they wont do anything like that, their light bulb idea will probably be more likely to ban NZ punters backing offshore thinking it will force us all to come back to the TAB. Why not embrace the likes of exchange betting where not only can you bet, but you can also trade. Try and attract new money to the races, show people that in this day and age you can trade much like Forex. day trading etc on each race/event, school up a new set of 'investors' to try help reinvigorate this great game.

    What do they normally do? Tip a few for each race? Genuinely have no idea how they play it, purely wanted to see if Ivan is simply bagging them after a rough week or two, or perhaps hes found the best source of lays ever?

    Can someone post these up if they get a chance for the weekend? Interested in following them to see how the go.
  7. You’re kidding Matt Cross....

  8. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    Didn't they use to also show it live on network TV here? Could have sworn you used to be able to watch it on TV3, hour long show with 30mins either side showing the buildup and aftermath.
  9. Trackside Ozzie Coverage

    check out racing.com for there live coverage if you want an alternative on the big Melbourne days. Quite a good channel, get all the buildup and aftermath without jumping to some bush directly after.
  10. tab website crash today

    Spoke to soon, seems watch and bet has shat the bed
  11. Mooney Valley

    Having just spent the day there, I couldn't disagree more. Great venue. Lots of places to drink, eat, bet. Genuinely impresssed especially considering it was a sell out. Easily the the best big race day experience I have had.
  12. Another belt in the head

    Was in the main headlines in Stuff for at least a few hours after the race, even main photo at one stage.
  13. Michael Walker,all class

    I've just popped the champagne after that ride, made my wallet very fat! Gotta love spring racing!
  14. Win it or bin it for me HB - Gingernuts Flemington - Winx to not win Flemington - Magicool to not place
  15. R6 - In her time R7 - Tom melbourne R8 - Big Duke No lives lost