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  1. Can someone explain to me why the Counties Cup is limited to a 14 horse field. One of the biggest tracks in NZ, rail in the true position and they deny 6 horses a start .... for what reason.
  2. The best field for a sprint race this year in Australia and the TAB form person writes this sh*t TREKKING - down in class CLASSIQUE LEGEND - class drop helps BEHEMOTH - drop in grade BIVOUAC - easier here GYTRASH - back in easier grade Who will find this easier ???
  3. Lost interest in betting at Addington even before the Purdon team returned. 1980 metre Mobile Racing is so boring and predictable. Go throu the stats and leader, trailer, 3 back dominate. 2600m races give more horses a chance. As for Auckland small fields give you no reason to bet.
  4. Randwick tomorrow Race 2 Trifecta 14 - 1 - 2
  5. If you feel it is best close it down I only quoted what is reported from the Court He said ..... “She grabbed hold of his arm and fell when he moved” Maybe best you close it down
  6. I’m surprised that he hasn’t “owned up” to the incident. Seems that to get the best result in Court you admit your wrongs, blame your early life or an addiction and get some outside help. He appears to not want to accept he did something wrong.
  7. Question Leo Will any Trainer or Driver be convicted of any crime from investigations linked to INCA
  8. Was he released or held in custody ? Hope he is in custody.
  9. I would have thought that the RIU would have questioned the drive of the winner. Complete change of tactics from previous week. More stake money this week may have been reason.
  10. I heard and I hope it is not true but the victim received text from people in the Industry asking her to drop the charges If true a disgrace !!
  11. Out of interest how does someone get a trainers licence ? I presume you must pass some test/qualifications or is it because you come from a family of horse people.
  12. Seems strange that Cran would stand aside. Time will tell why. Racing media does not seem that interested in the decision.
  13. It’s about to happen New TAB going into Hornby Working Men’s Club will be for members only. want to bet..... join the club to enter
  14. Can anyone here give ONE initiative that Dean McKenzie has done or said that has generated an INCREASE in turnover for racing......