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  1. Binoculars.

    Swarovski or Steiner.
  2. Te Aroha - joke!

    Maybe those days have gone and you won't ever see sheep on tracks again, but the tracks weren't the problem back then that they are now. Still think the problem comes from the training at the top. Having the correct people in the right positions is key to racing going forward.
  3. Te Aroha - joke!

    In the old days sheep were used which consolidated the surface and obviously they can't find anything to replicate this with their modern techniques. Lots of tracks have their grass too long but it probably stems from the training these track managers are getting from the top which can't be working !!
  4. Cape Blanco

    Nothing wrong with Teofilo, a son of Galileo, a leading sire in both hemispheres !
  5. race replays

    Go to RacingNSW website and youll find it.
  6. Counties Fields

    At this time of the year, why do they need an 800m race? Surely you'd be better to have a longer race with bigger fields !
  7. Kiwi Can

    Sorry Ted, but is that photo supposed to be of Kiwi Can ? cos your photo of Kiwi Can differs considerably to my scrapbook pics (and the racing colours too), plus from memory he was a straight bay, but you could confirm off Roger Lang.
  8. NZTR Website

    Everybody I'd say, been trying all morning
  9. $10k min from 1 March

    The thing is Huey (Is your uncle Scrooge McDuck?) why start your horse now, when if you wait a whole 2 weeks, you have the chance of winning almost 50% extra? Go figure.
  10. $10k min from 1 March

    It is good that they have increased to a 10k minimum for starters, but they need to make a commitment for an annual increase not just make this increase last till the next uprising. The other thing that I don't understand is why wait until March 1, why not implement it immediately? I know our stable won't be starting any more horses this month in 7k races.
  11. Purcell on Weigh In on Monday

    Look at cost free ways to promote this wonderful sport. The Broadcasting (Games of National Significance) Amendment Bill: http://fw.to/axuWH6j A proposed law could ensure all sports matches of national significance are free-to-air, but regrettably THOROUGHBRED RACING does not appear to be deemed as a sport of 'national significance'. Why not? Mr Purcell and others at NZTR & NZRB should be moving heaven and earth to be included. Every Group race should be broadcasted free on main stream TV to promote our best racing into the homes of every New Zealander. A picture says a thousand words therefore Trackside coverage should not include scenes of empty stands. This portrays poor attendance, lack of excitement and a sport not worth watching, especially on cold, wet days when people are inside. There may well be not many people there but focus on those that are – not those that aren’t. Plus it doesn’t cost a cent.