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  1. Exactlley with Taupo as well
  2. Well do you blame them. Didn't the track start at a Good 2 on the morning. Not all horses like it thst firm especially at this time of year
  3. avondale got canned so lot of horses looking for a run
  4. Not from what I have heard. Will be interesting to see
  5. Ok no penalty if you have vet cert but what say you just scratch or does everyone do deals with vets to get a cert
  6. If I remember rightly in Harness if you scratch you cant race for 2 weeks. That is how it use to be nit sure it is the same now. Someone might know
  7. They are not allowed to because of low water levels in Auckland. Elleslie is the same they cant water tracks
  8. So here we go again sorry you missed out last week but never mind you can miss out again. We will have a rating 74 but if you are above that you can still enter dont worry abour those poor horses who are lower rated and haven't been able to get in a race tbey can just wait another week and miss out again. NZTR you can pay my training bill because I last races on the 19th August and haven't been able to get in a race since.
  9. Perhaps they made an exception for the Group 1 race. You can have up to 100 but how do you decide who goes but with a Group 1 it would make it easy just to invite those owners
  10. Exactley we raced 19th August and are still waiting as we were last on ballot fir this weekend. And when those races come around the ones that are racing this weekend which at both meetings is 30 will be ready to race again and it will be same old they wont split the race they will just say wait again. We had it all the way through with having to nominate in the ooen races. Would love to know who is on the planning committee I believe some trainers are
  11. You hit the nail on the head. They dont want their progressive horses to move up. You win a 65 race then you cant get a start for a month even though they may have had 8 starts for 2 wins but if you had 40 starts for 3 wins they will cater for them. Then when they have a rating 72 race horses rated from 73 to 76 enter so you are on the ballot once again. Those are the same horses that got a start before yours when you had to enter the open races. Time they fronted up and let us know who this so called committee is
  12. And there is a difference between a 12 and 1400 too. I think these people need to show their face because I reckon most of them dont invest in our industry and they dont race horses otherwise we wouldnt have this unworkable programme. I next option for a 74 1400 is on the 2nd of October and all those horses that run this weekend will be looking for it too so once again more than likely we will miss out. We can nominate for an open 1400 but as always we are on the ballot or miss out. All I want them to do is use their comman sense look at what is happening with the fields and give us a fair opp
  13. Ever who is involved in the race programmes needs to start using their initiative. Finally get some Rating 72 1400 programmed and both are full fields with ballots. At Hastings 8 were eliminated. Whatdoes that tell them. Give us one at Woodville Friday but who is going to travel their horse for 5 hours. Where are the Waikato rating 72 1400. They persist if putting all these Maiden and Raing 65 races in and if you look at Te Rapa today there are some with 11 or under and our horses are missing out once again. Do these people invest in the industry or just collect a wage from them. Its about ti
  14. Burnard answered my question on that this morning and they are going to look at some rating 74 mis September not sure about the 65 rating but there are 65 and madians mid week and weekends which a lot get split
  15. They have acted and have put on an extra meeting at Taupo next Wednesday. Well done I say