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  1. Before lock down they were only programming 7 or 8 races buy if the nominations were heavy they split the races which meant 9 or 10 so perhaps their thinking again
  2. Went to Te Teko on a very hot 30 December day. Was over 35 degrees. Went to pre drinks and since it was so hot could not get a non alcoholic drink. It was a mess that day only food on course before race 4 were hot chips. Half the vendors did not turn up. Finding a cold drink was near on impossible. Told my trainer never to nominate my horse there again on that day
  3. Well to tell the truth I am a thoroughbred person but have good friends that are trotting people and yes as far as I understand they get paid to start. Dont quote me on that though
  4. All I know is that I am involved in Te Aroha racecourse and actually sort out the bars. We have a pre drinks area and owners get a free drink. The trots were at Te Aroha and they were asked if they wanted to do pre drinks there response was that they dint normally do it but they would try the more drinks. Perhaps I made a mistake to presume that that was the case at all trotting meetings. My bad I shouldnt presume should I.
  5. I totally agree and normally the Industry does do it well. Even the winners get a free drink afterwards but if it was Trotting there is no free drinks for pre drinks not sure about afterwards and they still get a lot of people involved in horses. As I said I do agree and if there is no owners there is no racing.
  6. They not ratings 60 though. On the web site they are rating 65.
  7. I dint agree. A horse that has had 5 starts for 2 wins is either rated 67 or 68 and they will struggle to get into fields. They are unfairly disadvsntaged
  8. So they have brought back madians and Ratimg 65 races but then all the rest go to open races. If you are on the ballot or miss out you are not assured a start at the next meeting. So how is this going to affect the horses rates 66 to 70. Will they have to go several weeks without a start. We had 2 68 rated horse nominated for Te Rapa last Saturday 1 made the field and the other one was on ballot and never got in. This could happen over again for several weeks as after Elleslie they are not guarenteed a start. The one that started got 3rd and was in a race with a lot of higher rated horses right up to rating 88. She never gained a point. Therefor are our under 70 rated horses ever go to gry a fair go and a chance of getting in fields without having to sit on the ballot all the time. If you will 2 races you go up to 67 or 68 then you hit a brick walk to try and get into a field. They need to give every horse a fair go which at this stage they are not
  9. Te Aroha on the 2nd and 23rd August. Also have some in August too I think
  10. Avondale had a reprieve I see they got raced days
  11. Oops my bad I meant when they won there 2and race they jump up to 67 or 68. Which is the bottom of the next rating band
  12. AS I see it NZTR over the years have contributed to the Clubs with funds or repairs maintenance for track and buildings and so has the community therefor why cant they come to some arrangement where they split the money. If you look at it one couldnt have operated without the other. I know a lot of people would disagree but perhaps its a way to move forward
  13. Well that did that at Te Rapa created 3 races for the 1400 2 Mdns and the rest. The problem with that is that your winning Mdns only go up to a rating 67 or 68 so then they are struggling to get a start against the higher rated horses and the jumpers who can hold onto their flat rating for ages
  14. I did notice when fields came out today that they did change a couple of the races from 14 to 16 starters. It's not much as that maybe an extra 6 horses that get a start but more importantly I think it is an acknowledgement that perhaps they havent been looking closely enough as to what is happening and how many horses are missing out. Will be watching with interest to see if they step up and add another meeting in the next week.
  15. I brought this up when Bernard was live last time on face book. I stated that because the 2 Te Rapa trials meeting were so heavy with nominations and that these horse would now look to race would they look at adding an extra meeting in the North. His answer was that they would be keeping a good eye on things. Well it never happened did it