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  1. Belinda

    Weights Query again

    And there maybe a perfectly good reason for the difference in weights but how is it decided? I am thinking of the weights for the Winter Cup. Two mares, on the same rating,, same number of wins, similar stake earnings although the higher weighted one of the two has won about 30k less and is one year younger (6 as opposed to 7).
  2. Belinda

    Help wanted

    Another 100% guess, Syntax?
  3. Belinda

    The Name's Bond

    Must be one of the tougher jumpers of recent times. What a wee cracker of a horse, he never gives up. But I rather fear weight will get the better of him sooner or later.
  4. La Zip, good on you. Nice to hear that someone actually cares about the horse and not just the big dollars
  5. Belinda

    Take a bow...Aaron Kuru

    And he never hung onto it's mouth to regain his seat, he's got his hand through the breastplate strap, that's even better horsemanship.
  6. Belinda


    And carrying 71kg. I couldn't see any value in lining him up myself
  7. Belinda

    Give a little thought to farmers

    crustyngrizzly, yep the meat is fine to be eaten from these cows and the milk is fine to drink
  8. Belinda

    Counties Abandoned

    However it is uneven/rough surfaces that break a horse down not wet ones
  9. Belinda

    Training costs AU

    Porky, most of the trainers are passionate about the game and horses. That's why they hang in there hoping for a miracle
  10. Belinda

    Underrated Broodmares

    And these lovely mares have mostly left winners by less than "desirable" (certainly in the sale ring) sires.
  11. Belinda

    NZB May Sale today

    I do think that most of those cheaper ones weren't commercially bred. Fine if you are breeding one to race yourself but no point in trying to get good money for a foal with little breeding on the dam's side.
  12. Belinda

    Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels

    Globederby12, just to have a look
  13. Belinda

    Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels

    I am going.
  14. Belinda

    christen me n

    Ah yes, But Cardigan Bay was returned to NZ to live out his retirement. Going by a post further up, no such provision has been made for Christian Me?
  15. Belinda

    pronunciation guide

    And Rikki Tikki Tavi doesn't rhyme with Tavistock.