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  1. ardeea

    Dexter Dunn update

    As I have previously posted - Dexter Dunn is worthy of more media coverage and is a great advertisement for N.Z. I keep track of is efforts through Harness Link (USA) site...Good coverage there.
  2. ardeea

    Dexter owns a WR of 1:49 with Manchego

    One wonders why the efforts of Double D don't feature in local news media....HarnessLInk describes him in glowing terms in a release today - 'New Zealand born harness racing Super Star" having won 314 races and $8.7 million (US?) in stake money this year. .Surely results like that deserve some local publicity. Especially when put beside some of the drivel journalists choose to write about some of other so called sports stars.......There is no doubt that Dexter Dunn is a SUPER STAR.
  3. A recent family discussion turned to trying to identify a ' multi tasker 'throughbred .Details recalled are that it was named 'Educate' or similar and raced by the Lynch family possibly from the Te Awamutu area or trained in that area. Of note was that this horse apparently raced (and won?) at all distances from 2 year old 800 mts up to hurdling and possibly even had a steeplechase or two. Raced in circa 1970....Can someone help with horse name and track history.????
  4. ardeea


    Thanks TTT for our updates....Is there a website/blog or similar where one can keep up to date with Double D's achievements in America?....There is limited news coming thru on Cran Dalgety's website and on this site. Would appreciate some info as to where else one can follow him...There is virtually no interest in his efforts on the mainstream news media.
  5. ardeea

    Wiremu Pinn

    Sad to see a young fellow who was showing so much promise bail out....Could well come back depending on his weight. How would he go with Graeme Rogerson - Rogie has had a pretty good record with apprentices and certainly gives them plenty of chances. Bit closer to this lad's home territory....
  6. ardeea

    Down Memory Lane

    Great stories here but mainly relating to Mainlanders- I recall when Te Aroha was busy training centre - What has happened to it now...Recall the likes of Nudger Lipsey, Dave Arnott, Fred Beuguely(?), Bill Hennessy, Frank Cobb, Jimmy Whitten (owner/trainer)...I think the O'Sullivan family were there for short time...Only one left appears to be John Revell who I think started out as apprentice to Dave Arnott along with Gary Gladwell.. Wonderful memories of those old timers and their struggles and their happy days.. As an aside I think John Revell now holds the colours of Jimmy Whitten...
  7. ardeea

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Will be interesting to see if any of those charged 'break ranks' and do a plea deal then give evidence against others charged... Not an uncommon outcome when there are multiple offences and offenders.. It would appear that the police (and probably RIU) have reviewed the evidence - probably with Crown Solicitors - and sorted out the charges....I think I would prefer to be outside the tent at this stage - could be some interesting results, possibly a few guilty pleas...
  8. ardeea

    Dexter Dunn.

    Any indication of when Dexter Dunn is returning - appreciate there could be some suggestion there are matters outstanding but would be good to see him back in action in NZ.
  9. ardeea

    Cox Plate field...

    Sad to see only 8 starters - sure Winx would have scared plenty off but the prize money is pretty good - $100000 for running last in an 8 horse field....Any thoughts?
  10. ardeea

    Waikato Trials

    How did the jockeys find this new trial track - looking at videos it seems to have been a bit tight even with only six horse in each heat.....Been a long time since this track was built so hope they get plenty of use out of it.
  11. One has to remember that if one track is to be used week in week out - What is the effect on the local economy - You can only suck so much money out of locals - Hard enough to get locals to support meetings now without overloading them. Also do at what stage do they decide to transfer a meeting onto the all weather -You need a few days notice to get organised. Good idea but the logistics of getting they system up and running need a lot of thought.
  12. ardeea

    Weather Update For Ellerslie

    Look at the weather forecast for Thames on Thursday - what chance of that meeting going ahead? Hope not because it is such a great atmosphere.
  13. ardeea

    Pirongia Boxing Day

    Thanks for that - no I was not aware of that Harness Code had taken on the full book. Good idea and lets hope it continues to be the happy picnic atmosphere this day is renowned.
  14. ardeea

    Pirongia Boxing Day

    What chance of very popular Pirongia Day races being doomed - Forecast for rain in morning with showers. Grass uncambered track around the golf course with no irrigation. Don't want to be a spoilt sport but if the weather forecast is accurate I don't like prospects of the meeting going ahead. Lets hope the weather man is hopeless - great meeting with a great crowd.
  15. ardeea

    Starter G Phillips

    Looking at the video it would appear the race start had been effected so race was underway - touch and go - but no different if the field jumps from starting gates and interference takes place. I could be wrong but this is how I see it. Certainly the horse seems a bit crazy.