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  1. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st Pentathlon 2nd Bee Tee Jnr Last Zentangle Thanks
  2. You didn't ask for opinions on the topic, you asked for the answer.
  3. In fairness you asked for the answer not an opinion on the subject, you were then suggested a potential avenue to obtain the answer.
  4. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    1st Johannes Vermeer 2nd Almandin last Wicklow Brave thank you team.
  5. All Up

    Did you use a self service machine? A runner not on the bet slip being added on has happened to me a couple of times.
  6. Baseball anyone?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and putting your neck on the line with some predictions. It was an enjoyable read.
  7. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    Completely agree with that part of your statement and I don't think to many have any issue or disagree with that, the frustration is when the answer or a remedy is presented but the questioner keeps dragging things back around in circles and not really achieving anything.
  8. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    Unfortunately it seems to be what he does best.
  9. H2h / match result / to lift trophy

    I had a similar issue (not for a similar amount), I took a live head to head bet on Wellington early in the second half thinking it would include extra time as the game couldn't finish in a draw and it didn't state that it was at 80mins. I only got paid out half, I emailed the TAB querying it and got told to sod off and that I should refer to the terms and conditions. Hardly practical for a live bet to check the terms and conditions mid game. I would think a lot of people got caught out by that.
  10. Veitchy

    I heard bits of it and saw some posts on Facebook. Guessing he got his share at a reduced rate for publicity?
  11. Oh gawd choices

    Brodie you are the only one comparing the two countries. I'm sure for most it is fairly easily to decide who is a dreamland.
  12. TAB Apprentice Competition

    I agree it's pointless, does nothing to get people to have a bet
  13. Go Winnie

    Don't think you can call him a two time looser.
  14. Go Winnie

    Yeah it didn't help when the greens were making up polls in Nelson which tended to confuse people as to who the best chance to beat him was.
  15. Go Winnie

    He also lost his seat of Hunua in 1981.