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      Hi everyone sorry we had some hosting issues and had to upgrade to a bigger storage plan. As I am now managing the site and on learner plates it caused some issues. I want to thank Admin for all his help over the past years but we have decided to go our separate ways, I really appreciate all he has done for the site and the help he has given me over the past years. We will be upgrading and adding new features to the site with a new business directory, a special members only with many benefits  and many comps and prizes as we have been doing lately. We hope the new changes make the site more accessible to more, and more industry people feel able to participate in the forum in a transparent basis. There will be something for everyone we hope and look forward to seeing you all in here.Cheers.


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  1. Positive swab

    If the actual substance was found you would think the police would have to be involved.
  2. The Totalisator Agency Board

    They did offer fixed odds though didn't they?
  3. Is it not possibly a bit short sighted to think that the punting on the day should fund it all. For mine you need these premier days attract punters to the sport it’s a long game not a short one.
  4. TAB special multi

    South African super rugby sharks I believe.
  5. TAB

    I believe in this instance it was a stand alone option for him to win the jockeys challenge and there was only the option of yes, meaning opie wins the jockeys challenge. I can understand your and Barry’s logic in the normal jockeys or if it was a two sided option.
  6. Aaron White

    They don't exist anymore Blue. They were a division of GE Money I believe they were closed down during the time of the GFC.
  7. Aaron White

    Gosh you have a habit of sending threads wildly off topic. This one is rather humerus thought.
  8. Why is Felaar at $2.20 ?

    Shorter than the amount of time you like to spend in Tawa?
  9. Why is Felaar at $2.20 ?

    That quote doesn’t actually back up your claim.
  10. Jacinda Ardern

    There are income attribution rules in place to stop that kind of thing.
  11. Tab tricks.

    More competition is probably a factor. I have found them a lot better to deal with in recent years.
  12. get on quick

    Well done. Did they let your bet stand?
  13. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    Shearer yes, but the with the other two I'm not sure I know anyone who thought they would be a good leader and certainly their own caucus's didn't.
  14. Nats Nirvana or Armageddon

    I tend to agree, a lot of the Labour NZ First voters drifted back to labour after the leadership change and I think Winston actually pissed a lot of his supporters off with his choice.
  15. Riccarton Competition 15 Feb

    R4 No 3 She's a ripper place R5 No 6 Pippi Rei Place Cheers