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  1. Thanks everyone

    Every New Zealander pays GST that they can't claim.
  2. Billy Slater Q

    It's scored on a 4-3-2-1 points basis for each game. Given that he was close to the best on the park in the two games he did play and given that NSW had different players stand up in the first two games it's not that unbelievable that he won.
  3. TAB Bravery Awards

    I didn't hear him but in fairness to him over the last year or so he has been moaning about a lack of futures harness markets so he is probably referring to the fact there is a market this far out rather than it being a great market.
  4. Fireworks/Horses

    Agree mate, one night is not so much the issue it's the two weeks either side that causes the problems.
  5. July 5th TAB announcement?

    Live streaming of baseball?
  6. And this bloke will save the Industry.....???

    He got voted out of his electorate, Bill English didn't stand in electorate so that's actually quite irrelevant. I think the better point to make would be the fact that he got seven percent of the vote and is PM.
  7. And this bloke will save the Industry.....???

    I think the media have twisted what he said a wee bit and ran with it in fairness to him.
  8. bet manipulation

    2 places on the tote and 3 on the fixed odds I believe.
  9. Australian TAB

    If you can find a post office, in Wellington they are dropping like flys.
  10. South African Racing this week

    They briefly had South African racing a few years back. My personal favourite was the French harness racing which had mid race disqualifications from memory. I guess they are just trying to offer what the off shore book makers are but they could do with a bit more detail on the oversea markets they offer.
  11. The Minister is flexing his muscles

    I get sick of hearing that things are private matters or the personal wasn't acting in their capacity as a certain role that they hold.
  12. Trackside

    I have often wondered if they are an excuse for the tab to justify opening earlier which of course means the pokies are open before most bars.
  13. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    Personally it looked to me like it was just one mate congratulating the other mate on the win.
  14. Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    R4 Lord Mayor's Cup No3 Duca Valentimos R5 Sires Produce Stakes No 4 Graff R7 Kingsford Smith Cup No 9 English R8 Queensland Oaks No5 Another Dollar Many Thanks for the competition, Good luck.
  15. TAB store on Dominion Rd closed

    I walked into a TAB Agency at 6:55pm on Melbourne cup day and went to use a self service machine when a staff member screamed me that they were closing in 5 mins and to make it quick. There were still a fair few people floating about and I couldn't believe that no one had the brain power to think maybe they should stay open a little later that day even if it was just for an hour.