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Bruce M

Cup Day Punters Club

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Here we go again.


Same format as before...$50 entry fee paid into 95216 MacKay or bank account 03 0903 0483832 02.

Each selector can choose or be allocated a race,treble or quaddie.

We'll use the proceeds to go again on Show Day if possible.


Post here if you want in.It's been a lot of fun the last couple of's helped that we've made a good profit both times.

Let me know if you have a preference for a particular race or bet type....first in first served.


I'll update this post with the entry list and post an allocation later in the week.


$150 Bruce M PAID

$50 Al Feilding PAID

$50 Spaniel54 PAID

$100 Tasman Man PAID

$100 Hsvman PAID

$50 Ohokaman PAID

$50 Smiler PAID

$50 Boatey PAID

$50 Richie PAID

$50 Ownagreyhound

$50 Counter Punch PAID

$50 Globederby PAID

$50 Vanturk PAID

$100 Group One Winner PAID

$50 Gaf1973 PAID

$50 Jason McCook PAID

$50 Mrzim  PAID

$50 Chestnut PAID

$50 Turny PAID

$100 23Tank PAID

$50 Kimtapper PAID

$50 Blueskin PAID



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i'm keen to have a go but have little harness horse knowledge. bruce whats your surname (for account deposit)


Sorry I should have put that in my's there now MACKAY. should be another fun day.

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Gidday Bruce


Im keen for 100 this year and to maybe look after all the doubles.  

I dont have a tab account anymore though, any chance that any winnings could be bank transferred????





No problem.


I'll put you down for the doubles.

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Hi Bruce


Me and Sarah are happy to be allocated a race of your choice harness not our best code but we will give it a good go. This comp has always been fun to follow and we are lucky to be part of it this year (Thanks to Richie and Gaf)


Welcome Jason...I've also been impressed with your ongoing Punters Club efforts.


Also it's great to have another Dunedinite on board.


I'll put up an allocation thread tomorrow night....if anyone has any preferences let me know before then.

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