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  1. If I'm right I have $2985 to spend so $200 to win each horse in the 1st 7 races and $185 to win in the last race. Cromwell Race1-4 Wagner-7 Flying Sardine Race2-1. Edward-10. Susie Wolff Race3-2. Gallant Boy-5. Pinzano Race4-2. In Danger-5. Elusive Boxers Race5-1. Itemize-10. What A Deeza Race6-10. Rideitlikeustole-i12. Waylay Race7-3. Timy Tyler-7. Full Count Race8-11. Alyth Will update scr and values if my math is wrong in the morning. Thanks for the comp it's been interesting. Cheers Grant
  2. Hi just a couple scr replacements can I add. Wanganui 6-5 Hank Moody 8-6 China Star Thanks
  3. All $100 to win each horse Ellerslie Race 4-11 Realta,16 Richie McHorse Race 5-16 Hollywood Lass, 17 Rising Shot Race 6-2 Top Prospect,3 Secret Stash Race 7-2 Saint Emilion, 5 Ronchi Race 8-4 Masu, 5 Sacred Galaxy Wanganui Race 5-1 Lucquide,9 Our Wonder Race 6-3 My Tommy, 19 Magic Wonder Race 7-3 Cruiser, 9 All In Vogue Race 8-3 Blathwayt, 5 Savaria Race 9-6 Gobstopper, 15 Soleseifei Just incase I have any numbers wrong go with the name all been copy and paste from tab so they will be correct. Thanks
  4. First 6 races $50 win each horse, last 2 races $100 to win each horse. Race 1-3,4 Caesour's Dream,Empress Tzu Hsi Race 2-2,7 Guarantor,Bang Race 3-6,14 The Wolf, Vitalia Race 4-13,14 Vanilla Moon, Konohiki Race 5-3,10 Mighty Solomon,North And South Race 6-6,13 She Knows,Darscape Princess Race 7-1,11 Lincoln Blue,Hello M'Lady Race 8-1,2 Henree Winkler,Sergeant Blast Hope I haven't broken any rules and with a bit of luck will see you on Saturday. Thanks
  5. HAHA Just finshed telling the wife about my whoopsie and she's still rolling around the floor in fits of laughter. I hope Toblerone still has the same bank account number cause I just shouted him a beer,teach me for coming racecafe half asleep. Haha
  6. You win some, you lose some but it has bee fun. Thanks Jason and Team all the best. Cheers Grant
  7. Hi Tobs I just saw thread hope I'm not to late being westpac as well hopefully should show if I missed the deadline please add my $20 to the winners purse and no hard feelings. 1-1 2-4 3-1 4-4 5-3 6-2 7-1 8-1 9-3 BB Roughie Goodluck
  8. My last bet Jason a tip from a good friend. Cambridge harness Race 9 number 3 Walkinshaw $50 win/ $36 place. Ff I'll be leaving the club after this one Jase due to a new venture me and my lovely wife have started I have very limited time to devote to the club which is unfair on the team. Huge thanks to you and Sarah for putting this on and I wish the club all the best in future clubs I'm sure you will strike the big collect one day. Thanks Grant
  9. RightyO here we go M5 Auckland harness $5 Double ($20) R1,2,12 R2-1,2 $1 Double ($24) R1-feild R2-1,2 And a friend of mine owns this pup and he told me his boy is ready to put in a good Race M39 Geelong dogs $40 ew R9-2 Harlem shake Thanks Jason
  10. Hi Jason and team thought I would get the ball rolling tonight, just got one bet for the jewels and hopefully end the winning weekend with a couple of bets on sunday. Will post tonight's bets by 1pm at the latest hope that's fine Jason. Thanks
  11. Well team this is my 3rd time(I think) punting in the club for a collect of around $3 so I am hoping tomorrow might be our lucky day. $90 multi any 2,3,4 all 5 (place) 1202-1 Celebratedachiever (Te rapa race2) 1403-3 Savasava (Trentham race3) 1702-4 Skyfall (Winton Race2) 1112-1 Beyond Thankful(Rosehill race2) 1142-5 Silento (Doomben race2) $20 win all the above horses on the tote And for abit of fun $20 % treble (around 12%) Winton harness Race 1 - feild Race 2-1,4 Race 3 - Feild Goodluck team enjoy the day Than
  12. Hey Grant... I`ve posted your tips for today...Fingers crossed that they run true!!



  13. 1-1,5 Bb 2-2,8 Bb 3-7,16 4-1,4 5-1,15 6-3,4 7-2,3 8-7,13 9-5,10 10-11,12 Cheers Pj Goodluck Mark
  14. 1-4,9bb 2-2,3 3-4,7 4-3,5 5-1,5 6-1,4bb 7-4,5 8-6,11 9-7,15 10-9,16 Thanks PJ All the best Dave
  15. 1-1,9 Bb 2-5,10 3-2,6 4-9,11 5-2,13 6-2,5bb 7-2,4 8-1,6 9-3,9 10-3,6 Thanks PJ All the best Maria