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  1. Thanks Trackside for the extensive coverage. An outstanding effort and loved the camera work. Made for a great days viewing
  2. So here we are, over 5 1/2 hours since first race and no videos available on line . No information posted as to the reason. Does anyone have thoughts as to why this has happened?
  3. Great race and top effort by Christen Me and as noted by Terror To Love also.
  4. " John Allen, the departing head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat), has been appointed the chief executive of the NZ Racing Board. As chief executive of Mfat, Allen was paid more than $600,000, making him one of the best paid public servants. However, a move to the NZ Racing Board will see his salary rise further. The board's annual report shows its highest paid employee earned between $960,000 and $970,000 in total remuneration for the year. Allen has confirmed his departure to staff. He is leaving Mfat at the start of 2015. "I am departing with a sense of pride about the achievements of MFAT. It has been my privilege to lead the organisation over the last five and a half years and there have been many professional highlights along the way," Allen said. "A fresh opportunity has presented itself and I think the time is right to purse this new challenge. I am likely to complete my work with MFAT at the end of January 2015. An acting Chief Executive will be appointed in due course." NZ Racing Board chairwoman Glenda Hughes said Allen was an "outstanding appointment for the organisation and indeed the wider racing and sports industries". Hughes added that the industry faced challenges. "Throughout the recruitment process we have been seeking a proven strategic leader and business growth agent with international negotiation skills. The last point being a consideration as we enter into negotiations for our international wagering and broadcasting rights agreements." Allen said the new job would be "fun". Ad Feedback "The NZ Racing Board is a $2 billion business that plays a vital role in the New Zealand economy by supporting the racing and sports industries. It is also the owner and operator of the TAB which is an exciting commercial enterprise and iconic New Zealand brand." Allen has headed Mfat since June 2009, when he gave up his role as chief executive of New Zealand Post. He is a former commercial lawyer. Allen's time at Mfat has been dogged by controversy, from a difficult restructure conducted throughout 2011, to the botched handling of the Malaysian Diplomat case, where a junior official was allowed to leave the country after being arrested and charged with attempted rape. When the details of the Malaysian case became public it emerged that Allen was completely in the dark about the case at the time until media began asking questions, despite Mfat formally urging Malaysia to waive diplomatic immunity. An inquiry into the handling of the case is being undertaken by John Whitehead, the former Secretary to the Treasury, although it is unclear when the report will be released. One official involved in the handling of the case has already retired."
  5. Right: Treble races 7,8,9 $1=$32 Rc7-2,13,14,15 Rc8-1,4,7,9 Rc9-11,12. $3=$24 13,14 4,9 11,12 $1 14,4,11 Good Luckeveryone
  6. Hi all Race 8 % Box Trifecta 1st = 1-2-4-11 2nd = 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-15 3rd = 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-15 good luck everyone
  7. racingsouthdude, on 06 Nov 2014 - 12:21 PM, said: Still cannot look at Penbrook Penny without feeling grumpy as he destroyed my first four in last years cup picks . Deposited $50 at Albert Sports bar P/ North 12.13pm
  8. Great I'm in and thanks for doing this Bruce
  9. The Manawatu Harness Racing Club is launching the book "Against Desperate Odds" on the 27th August at the Coachman Hotel in Palmerston North. The book by Denise and the late Duncan Neilson covers the history harness racing in the Manawatu. If you would like to attend, would like more information or would like to purchase a copy email or phone 06 355 1674.
  10. if my memory is serving me correctly (and it is getting fuzzy) just as the mobile started to move off for that Allan Matson Lord Module started to bobble looking to break. "JW" in the sulky gave him one enormous crack with the whip over his backside Lord Module sunk on his haunches and came up pacing, game on!
  11. This is a well deserved award not only for her work with harness racing. Helen and her hsband Mick have done a lot of unheralded work to help and support people in the local community. Either one would have been a worthy recipeint.
  12. Ditto Bruce Have it as shout for your work in making this happen. Look forward to November . Cheers
  13. Right Here goes ! Race 3 - $50 % First 4 1st - 5/13 2nd – 5/13/4/7 3rd – 4/5/7/12/13/14 4th-- 1/4/7/9/10/12/13/14/ Good Luck everyone
  14. paid in 11am Horse & Hound masterton
  15. What return does NZ harness racing get from Betfair???
  16. Thanks Bruce gutted I couldn't contribute to the funds (I put it down to a misplaced reliance on Southlanders advice) but there you go account is 1428 lynch
  17. Race 5 First 4 1 st 14/17 2nd 1/5/14/17 3rd 1/5/12/13/16/17 4th 1/5/9/12/13/16/17/18 Good luck everyone and thanks Bruce
  18. Thanks Bruce for all of your work in making this happen. Spent the day on course peering into my phone. Look forward to going again on "redemption" Friday
  19. Race 10 - $50 % First 4 1st - 3/7 2nd – 3/7/8/14 3rd – 3/7/8/9/14/15 4th-- 3/6/7/8/9/13/14/15 Good Luck everyone
  20. Hi Bruce will have a crack at race 10
  21. $50 deposited Palmy TAB 4.19 this afternoon
  22. Any space left I'm keen to join (might as well as my own efforts on the day often shite)
  23. Punters to day rage when favourites fail, he would have driven them nut! When he went away often he didn't fire but when he galloped away and lost 100 or so yards he would run an amazing race. The story is told that when Allan Harrison driving Manaroa in the 1872 inderdoms at addington went past Mt Eden to win the 3200 heat Allan suggested to the driver of the enigmatic Mt Eden who was working hard on his horse "give him one for me too!" At that stageColin McLaughlin could do no wrong with Allakasam, Manawaru, Royal Ascot and Manaroa all following in quick succession.
  24. A top man who remembers Mighty Gay emerging from the fog in Ashburton lengths in front after a daring "lost in the mist" swoop by George at the Queens Bday meeting decades ago! A good man with a generous heart RIP.