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  1. boatey

    Racing Bill Submissions

    Those on course jackpots were brilliant even if you had to walk a mile from where you had to park the car.
  2. boatey

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Was Oranmore the horse that went to Australia and came back with her tail hair falling out and something wrong with the hooves?
  3. boatey

    Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History

    I remeber walking around a few horses for a trainer called Reg Stockdale at Alexandra Park. Namely Student Prince, Blue Prince, Gentry, Eden Derby and probably a few more that i do not remember. Back in my youth.
  4. boatey


    Nope. It had nowhere to go
  5. boatey


    Your right there Berri. Them were the days of great horses.
  6. boatey


    La Mer. She won the Air N.Z. Stakes a few years back as i remember.
  7. boatey


    Oops. Just had a look . Scratched
  8. boatey


    All wrong. A mates got one in the last and i was thinking about putting 50 cents a win on it at fixed odds.
  9. boatey


    When do fixed odds come out for next days races? Thanks
  10. boatey

    Yep - picked that up too ...

    Yes it has changed from before.
  11. boatey

    Mainstream Media

    It was great to see and i am pretty sure she will do well.
  12. boatey

    Late Scratching(s)

    Yep. Thats what I thought. Backed the third horse. Got a bit of a shock when NTD came up
  13. boatey

    Useless TAB

    Tried to deposit money into my account Saturday with Visa but wouldnt accept. Tried to put it in at my local Cosi Club T.A.B and computer tells them to ring TAB. dId it on Internet banking and money only went in to my account late this morning. Anyone else have problems depositing?
  14. boatey

    Name for my horse please.

  15. boatey

    Is Bob butt

    I thought he had a brilliant drive on The Dude and had a a great collect