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    2020 Derby, Oaks & futurity

    in light of the 2020 Derby, Oaks and Futurity not being able to be run in the lock down period, it would be a shame if these group1 restricted age races were lost to the racing calendar., afterall the r/a dogs only get one opportunity to compete in this r/a series'. The potential travel restrictions could rob the finals of the best fields, so perhaps the NZGRA could consider reducing the stakes down to $15k (derby & oaks) $10k Futurity and running them regionally. ie. Northern,Central and Southern Derbies, and the same for the Futurity.
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    2020 Derby, Oaks & futurity

    You make some good points Emotive - of course there will be a number struggling and I don't want to be dismissive of the battle that they may have ahead, but I would have thought funding for the balance of the season would have already been locked in. To be honest id doubt if I would have a dog capable of competing in those races , so its not about some elitist ideal, it is about presenting an industry that people want to get involved in. if the code simply focusses on survival mode and takes an axe to everything the industry probably wont recover. We need to attract outside investment and something that people want to get involved in. it is an opportunity to strip everything back and look at what is the best model for the sport. id like to see the Reintroduction of tier 2 racing (reduced stakes) - with tab betting. perhaps win 3 before going up a grade. I'm sure there would be some other great suggestions by the participants out there that could help the industry move forward.
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    Race dog and trainer wanted

    I have a syndicate looking for a racedog or ready to race dog and trainer or just dog and we can find the trainer up to 5k. The syndicate is based in chch but the dog/trainer doesn't necessarily have to based there. I also have another syndicate based in hamilton budget still to be determined. The trainer will need to be able to provide monthly updates as to dogs progress. contact me if you have some interest on info@ownagreyhound.co.nz or ph/txt 021300930
  4. We are looking at bringing two dogs up from the South Island to one of the North Island tracks. If anyone is travelling this trip and have room (obviously we are happy to pay all expenses) before the end of February, please let me know. ph. 021300930
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    I get the possum skin rule, and the thought process behind that. The squeaker rule is subjective due to its definition and i would suggest difficuilt to enforce. For example what if you had a squawker or a bleaker (not a squeaker) and it didnt mimic an animal - it just made a noise, then there would be no problem. The focus for NZGRA needs to be on the fact the NZ greyhound industry in its current state is not sustainable, that is what will cripple the code. Sustainability plays a very important part in all aspects of life, the greyhound code is no exception. There is too much window dressing going on and the code trying to make itself look good to those that have little knowledge of the industry, this needs to stop and the real issues addressed.
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    Oaks road pup for lease

    Oaks road pup for lease, Born november 2015. ex bublin gold. Chases and grabs on but can lose concentration at times... May need some time.... Has not been box broken.... Currently in Auckland contact Adam 021300930
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    For Sale

    Warrior Tony for sale. 26 starts for 11 placings, not suited to Cambridge or Palmerston north but does suit Auckland and Wanganui. Warrior Tony (ben) is generally a good beginner who likes the rail. He may be looking for a change of kennel as he is not racing up to his early form despite being fit and injury free. price guide $800 - $1000 He is owned by a syndicate so we are looking to get the best price we can for the syndicate contact Adam 021300930
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    track condition at Auckland

    So just to clarify, youve spoken to one board member 6 weeks ago...... so your statement on this public forum of "most of them laugh at you, argue the opposite or ignore you completely. They actually think they have improved the track. " is completely untrue. If you dont feel the tracks up to standard fair cop, by all means make your thoughts known, i would encourage anyone to do that, but dont lie on a public forum to try and strengthen your opinion, you will simply get yourself into more trouble than your pseudonym can protect you from. Like i said previously ring the club, get my number im more than happy to discuss with you.
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    track condition at Auckland

    I generally wouldnt respond to a post that isnt directed to me directly. In particular a criticism by someone that is quite happy to call people out by their position,but cant sign their name to their post. Personally i think its a reflection of someones character that isnt able to stand up for what the believe in. So alltheway!!!, id like to know who the board members are that you have made a complaint to, i know i'm not one of them, and i know at least one other director you havent spoken to, so that leaves 3 others are you sure you have spoken to all three, ie most of the directors, i would suggest that you havent... however if it strengthens your statement feel free to post mis-truths. ph the club and they can give you my mobile number, I am more than happy to discuss the track and where I think it is at. My opinion of the track may surprise you. Im waiting for your call....
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    Giveaway racedog

    the dog has been rehomed through Gap, thanks for your enquiry.
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    Giveaway racedog

    Chasing Tail. Turned 2 in November. Has qualified and raced but isnt trying. He is being entered into gap, but if someone wishes to try him they are welcome to, on the proviso they enter him into gap once he has finished racing for them. for further details contact info@ownagreyhound.co.nz or ph/text 021300930
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    Race Replays

    just go straight to you tube and subscribe to greyhound racing, they are up there a lot quickert han when the link arrives on the website page.
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    Rule amendment question

    hey slim, the intent of the rule as i understand it is consecutive days. This being the case if a dog races wednesday it can race Friday. in the example you have proposed the wednesday is considered the first day it has competed on and the thursday would be the second day.
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    subzero izmir

    subzero izmir should be c2., but isnt it izmirs fury in the spion rose?
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    make an offer

    report the post to the website moderator and they should ban the ip address from the site, clearly someone shit stirring.
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    Auckland sectionals trial

    Great work Neil, a very good assist for punters.
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    Cawbourne Kristy, form

    Did the owner supply NZGRA the form as per rule 59.1 ? if so an error by NZGRA, if not an error by the owner
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    gimme hot chips

    I had the pleasure of chatting to the boys from the rock today about a greyhound they have an interest in... martina recording.m4a
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    gimme hot chips

    sorry all couldnt load up the attachment on the first post see below hopefully it works for most of you that are interested martina recording.m4a
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    gimme hot chips

    I had the pleasure of chatting to the boys from the rock today about a greyhound they have an interest in...
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    Auckland Racing Series

    With respect Who knows, I don't know who you are, and you know me by name only, because if you actually knew me you would realise i'm not being defensive at all, simply providing some balance. I note in your response to my post you make mention of a lack of depth at the moment, and I agree entirely, there is a lack of depth at the moment with young dogs but as I said that is a reflection of the current dog stocks, nz bred and at that grade in the north. Im not aware of anything better in the CD, but expect that there were some handy dogs in the south island but they chose not to travel. If i was about to get into greyhound ownership in the north and knew little about the industry and read your opening post on this topic, i'd run a mile... In closing Who Knows, Debate and discussion is great on these forums, and that's what they are all about, but balance is important otherwise they just become white noise " - a meaningless distraction"
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    Auckland Racing Series

    Initially i thought id refrain from posting on this topic as I have bred and have a share in one of those awful dogs running around in the heats, but in the end i couldnt help myself. Our awful dog has won over $36,000, not a bad effort I would have thought for a dog that hasnt won a c5 race or been placed in a group race. In your opinion she is awful, thats ok, she doesnt care, she probably doesnt think very highly of you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as the saying goes opinions are like ars....s, clearly yours is bigger than most. The quality of the NZRS races in the lowest grade usually comes down to timing, the reason for this is any dog with ability gets out of c0-c1 pretty quickly, particulary now given the additional racing opportunities that exist. If you took the time to talk to some of the breeders out there in the north you would realise that a few of them for one reason or another have had some poor producing years and as such have few young dogs coming through. The race series is simply a snapshot of that grade nz bred right now, in 3 months it will be different, in 6 months it will be different again.
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    Wanted to buy racedog

    No more than 3 years old for racing in the north. No preference for sprinter or middle distance up to $7,000. please contact Adam 021300930 if you have something suitable.
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    Greyhound for Lease

    We are looking to lease out Fortis Memories to an approved trainer in the cd. Fortis memories ran 3rd in a non tote 29/7 at Wanganui. She prefers a wide draw or room after a few raceday falls. 60starts 4 wins 16 placings she only turned 3 in june. Take advantage of the low grade racing opportunities in the cd. contact Adam 021 300 930