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  1. Stipes are a joke up north to much shit just gets brushed under the table. The aussie system is better if you break the rules your out tough shit no need to ask other drivers if it affected them. They rule stats for a protest to be upheld you have to prove you could’ve beaten the horse that affected you home. Dance till dawn was less than a length infront of artisan at the finish yet the stipes report says artisan lost 6 lenghts in the incident so clearly without losing that ground would’ve surely beaten dance till dawn home. Mangos horse should’ve been put back behind at least artisan base so
  2. Should be a no 2nd chance rule once caught doing something like this or like the m Kerr debacle it should be life time bans clean up the game
  3. Should be banned for life from racing we need to clean the game up , get rid of the bad eggs and have a 1 chance rule as soon as you stuff up that’s it
  4. Northern Stipes are a joke atm Cambridge last week saw another blatant careless/chipping one off driving get away. It’s like their not even really watching races
  5. Stuff like this should be dealt with straight away
  6. With basically the first lot of 2yo races starting out now why don’t hrnz change the season to a calendar year . As it stands now 2yos really only have half a year of the their season and even then the feilds are generally small as not many are ready by then
  7. Why clubs keep employing him is beyond me surely it’s time he’s done with starting races
  8. Yet mango driving south coast Arden wasn’t considered in breach ???
  9. I knows supposed to be premier night but there not enough premier horse around so they need to adjust races they programme. Just wanting elite horses on these night is fine but their fields and race nights suffer
  10. Completely agree the grass tracks season you do seem to enjoy a lot not as you say you get to have the chance to pop away for a few days and enjoy other parts of the country. Weekends like Hawera, otaki the taranaki were great meetings. Generally good size feilds but everyone seem to have fun off the track too. The waikato grass circuit and northlands even tho only one dayers still was a chance to take he bbq and have a few beers sometimes as you say could try a New golf course before hand. Racing at Atc nd Cambridge especially when they tend to be so late at night is very boring for punters t
  11. The trouble is hrnz for years have always let people off very lightly positive swabs and all sorts of other stuff get basically slapped with a wet bus ticket and pretty much left to carry on business as usual . We need our racing industry to be clean And to have a very tough stance on corruption and criminal activity , it should be that you get one chance and when you ruin that chance your gone from the game for good.
  12. This is true there are bad eggs in every Indio but that’s why we need harsh penalties to eliminate then from coming back
  13. Pretty light sentence for something that bad really ?
  14. Agree its a joke they run with a 4 horse after it was said the wouldn’t run with less than 5. But it is clearly the trainers fault mainly due to the fact they think can’t compete . A lot of trainers seem to only line up once in a blue moon yet they’ll go workout week after week. It’s almost as if they won’t line up incase they run down the track or owners getting angry they aren’t winning but a lot of the time owners just want the chance to race and can understand that the horses aren’t always going to win but there’s always chance to win money if your in the field. Trainers need to stop worr
  15. Their too busy trying to sort comments for the massive Auckland fields this Friday haha
  16. That photo clearly shows it’s mainly Blair oranges slowness he’s the leading horse so should be the first up to the tape he waited to long and then got left behind, there was more then enough room for Blair to roll up as the rest of ge wider runners did but he or his horse didn’t want to move up. When you draw one turning in you should never back as far as he was
  17. Cambridge shouldn’t even race, not just because of Covid because of the terrible stakes and shit facilities they have
  18. That problem is gone but you will probably still see them program a lot of back to back meetings silly decisions where horses can’t go both meeting for the sake of one day spacing
  19. The racing dates have needed to be seriously looked at for far to long especially in the north . Far to many times you’ll have Cambridge Thursday then manawatu the following Tuesday Thursday then Cambridge the week after . Stops a lot of horses traveling to both clubs
  20. Cambridge is lucky the have the dog track to allow for dual code meeting
  21. If the Drivers have had a wager especially on another horse the tui should torment them . Our rules are simple to follow and there is to many cheats that get off to easily. There was an email circling around last week asking what trainers thought about cheats in the game . Surely you shouldn’t need to ask that question especially when the email probably went out to half the cheats themselves.
  22. Much better racing at Auckland in winter than Cambridge
  23. With stakes sounding like dropping across the board what will Cambridge race for they now as were already offering poor stakes , Auckland stakes will stop considerably but I’m guessing it’ll still going to be more than what Cambridge was before this virus . In saying that they should have a nice nest egg left after only paying 80% of there funding out to stakes
  24. And yet the noms are still left open why they don’t just make cut off later rather than every week extended them is beyond me
  25. Shouldn’t The cheats just hand themselves in and stop wasting everyone’s time ?