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  1. hsvman

    Forbury Park.

    That problem is gone but you will probably still see them program a lot of back to back meetings silly decisions where horses can’t go both meeting for the sake of one day spacing
  2. hsvman

    Forbury Park.

    The racing dates have needed to be seriously looked at for far to long especially in the north . Far to many times you’ll have Cambridge Thursday then manawatu the following Tuesday Thursday then Cambridge the week after . Stops a lot of horses traveling to both clubs
  3. Cambridge is lucky the have the dog track to allow for dual code meeting
  4. If the Drivers have had a wager especially on another horse the tui should torment them . Our rules are simple to follow and there is to many cheats that get off to easily. There was an email circling around last week asking what trainers thought about cheats in the game . Surely you shouldn’t need to ask that question especially when the email probably went out to half the cheats themselves.
  5. Much better racing at Auckland in winter than Cambridge
  6. With stakes sounding like dropping across the board what will Cambridge race for they now as were already offering poor stakes , Auckland stakes will stop considerably but I’m guessing it’ll still going to be more than what Cambridge was before this virus . In saying that they should have a nice nest egg left after only paying 80% of there funding out to stakes
  7. And yet the noms are still left open why they don’t just make cut off later rather than every week extended them is beyond me
  8. Shouldn’t The cheats just hand themselves in and stop wasting everyone’s time ?
  9. Corona virus had struck their barns maybe
  10. A lot of trainers are to protective of there horses and owners and will go trials and workouts instead of races Incase they run down the track . A lot of the time owners just want to see their horse race win lose or draw its an event for them trainers no willing to line up horses more regularly are costing the owners a chance to enjoy racing
  11. hsvman

    Well ....

    I don’t think all stars sacrifice one and stop for the sake of the others , sure they hand up to each other but they don’t use one a the sacrifice horse like tommy Lincoln was reminds me of the the classic type years ago with awesome Ambro in the ffa when it’s only job it get attack and stop
  12. hsvman

    Well ....

    Poutama the new p butcher
  13. A few starts were very questionable weather a false start could’ve been called ,hard to attract punters or new people when some starts are as bad as they were
  14. 40mins gaps don’t help keep people there