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  1. There’s not much point Auckland horses paying majestic horse floats to take them down a and race for the poor stakes on offer at Cambridge when they can shoot up the motorway and race for better stakes at Auckland. After Auckland got transferred to Cambridge last week they should’ve just run one meeting this week at Auckland
  2. Should be closed noms so you nominate if you think your horse is ready to race and then you see it in a feild . Have high scratching stand down penalties so people don’t just scratch. The north island is terrible for extending noms they might as well make the time later .
  3. Great tipping hope you got plenty . Ants Certainly tried hard to beat king of swing by chopping him of early unfortunately it didn’t work and picking the suspension will be a decent one. King of swings run was massive after the early check and what can ya say about the mare when it really counts in the bigs ones she thrives on the hot tempos. Outstanding mare . Auckland cup auckland derby. These two big ones in aussie against the boys great result for Nathan. Her head to head against copy that must be close
  4. with the new season about to start it would’ve been nice to see Cambridge lift it’s stakes but yet again it’s disappointing to see 8k races programmed for its first meeting. There’s not a lot of incentive to race a horse when a club like this offers the worse stakes in the north island , anyone traveling from puke or further basically has to run 3rd to break even for the week
  5. I think you’ll find he won a few races in nz including the group 1 nz ffa
  6. David got rid of smoken up also maybe he didn’t know
  7. Wouldn’t that make it prohibited on race day
  8. hsvman

    Mile racing

    Surely not Cambridge get another go. For the woeful stakes they offer for the rest of the season they shouldn’t deserve another jewels.
  9. hsvman


    Typical tay green too cocky , horse is a cat unless it leads only ever wins when gets it in front easy couldn’t even come of lavers back and beat him
  10. Presume he’ll be 4 in august and then on January first he’ll stay as a 4yearplf untill the next January 1st
  11. You could also say did Maurice by pursuing the lead instead sitting parked when initially ferg showed a decent intent to want to stay infront cost himself his chance of winning by burning extra gas, I’m happy with both drives as it’s a race as was a great race for a 6 horse field that could’ve been just another bore race. But you can blame just one driver when on paper and in almost everyones view copy that should’ve won on recent form.
  12. It was a great race, too often people just hand straight tot he favorite they walk and sprint home and make it impossible for anything to come from the back. Harbess races have become so boring and predictable making the game is a joke. More drivers should be making horses work and not just give the front and race virtually away. In aussie you see favorites parked or attack all the time and quiet often they’ll get beaten which makes for great racing. Imagine if in other sport if the opposition just gave everything easy to the favourite team or player it would be as boring as racing is
  13. McGrath and all those cheating pricks shouldve got life