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  1. hsvman

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    addington should be great for change and also would like to see Auckland get it at least one year . The 1980m doesn’t really worry will still be outstanding mile rate times. Auckland 1609 is that bad also. Cambridge and Ashburton have done a good job but it has died off abit the last few years. Still think calendar year stakes qualification and 2nd or 3rd week January jewels day would attract a lot more horses and people to the day.
  2. hsvman

    Simon Lawson

    I think you’ll find David walker was placing bets at the tab on races he was in and his bets where head to head bets where his horse was one of the head to head runners and he pulled the horse he rode up so his bet could win
  3. hsvman

    Sailesh Abernethy wtf ??

    Personal decision for certain circumstances not to talk and under no obligation under the rules to talk yet a presenter cannot respect this persons decision and will go on tv and bag them is highly disappointing in my opinion
  4. hsvman

    Mile Racing-Good or Bad

    Mile racing on 1000m tracks is a odd one as generally it’s very hard to hold up from the one gate as horses get a good length of straight to balance up and prepare for the gate to take off. Wider runners get to have a nice angle into the bend more often than not if there half a length ahead of the inside runnerthey will cramp then into letting them go. The perception is it’s easy to hold up from 1-2 but in reality it’s not as easy. 1700m starts at Auckland and Cambridge are actually better start point for the inside runners than the wider ones as the wider ones have just come of the corner an are often aren’t truly squared up when the gate leaves. So the inside ones have that slight advantage and can be squared up earlier when the start point is not as far into the back straight As the miles starts are
  5. hsvman


    Aussie in most states is a bit different tho as you can race almost every day of the week. Trainers could use those races as fast works or trials and then go easy on them during the week, where as here especially in the north island in winter if you think your horse isn’t good enough to race at Auckland (I don’t know why as you still race the same rating point horse) you wait Upto a month at time to race at Cambridge for a joke of a stake. If Cambridge raced twice a week every week for 4K it would be better than once a month for 6-7k .
  6. hsvman


    Great to see at the start of another season Cambridge raceway stakes are still so pathetic . Maidens pretty much racing for 6k as the $1500 Hrnz bonus is added to its advertised stake so it’s looks like they offer up $7,500 maidens. How the club get rewarded the jewels after week in week out disgraceful stake is beyond me ?
  7. hsvman

    Cambridge Stats

    Thought Andre Poutama drove his ray green runners very well
  8. hsvman

    All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    A big part of why they are so good is younger trainers like Gavin smith enhance your calm and many others sell their best horses often marks owners will pick them up. 3 of the all stars wins on Saturday we’re horses that a few months ago where in different stables. Two brought by all stars and one sent to them to train. Had those 3 horses not being sent there they may have only won 3 races and all the haters would be asking what’s wrong. They are by far and away the best trainers and drivers I’ve ever seen and have the Earnt the luxury to have owners who can afford to by the best horseshoe race off trainers who are look to sell for a a lot of different reason but mainly to help set themselves up in the future. You ask many South Island trainers how many off their best 2 and 3yos they have sold for good money and are now trying to compete against mark with possible their 3 or 4th stringers after having sold the best one or two
  9. hsvman

    Mile Night At Auckland

    After all the conversations over the years about the mile being a poor start point at Alex park I thought it was a good even spread of leaders from all draws. Wasn’t 1—3 leading ever race . If anything it was harder for the inside runners to stop being crossed as with the extra 100m straight line run before start the outside runners have fully balanced up before the gate leaves.
  10. hsvman

    Stop the Jewels moving

    After hearing Cambridge was redoing the top on their track a few weeks ago was disappointing to see that they went with the same sort of product as they had before, I would've thought with them taking the old stuff off they were in a great postion to have looked to go towards a type of top that addington use ( which I feel is the best racing surface for the horses )or even a type of shell Auckland use. Metal base tracks are a thing of the past in my opinion but each to their own I guess .
  11. hsvman

    Late Scratchings Auckland Tonight

    Who pays the scratching fee the owner or the trainer who nominated then decides against racing?
  12. hsvman

    McCormick v Ottley

    They had a little caffeine which produced a positive, you say Mark had blue magic but yet never tested positive for it? He done his time after owning up for something he was never tested positive for, Dunn’s tested positive and try to denied it funny that
  13. hsvman

    McCormick v Ottley

    Tim horse was keen and he beat John Dunn’s horse home aswell, if he attacked and stopped before the one he attacked then maybe fair enough. But you could argue if John handed up to Tim would he wouldn’t have been flat at the top of the straight and may have found the line better than he did
  14. hsvman

    Field selection

    Completely argee with dkc here all maidens should be thrown in and drawn randomly, when you split low rates maiden all it does is give a horse a win who probly can’t Compete well in the next grade up. All maiden should be treated as maidens and the best horse on the day wins the race . If a lower rated maiden can’t win a race so be it not all horses will win races and they shouldn’t be put in to easy low rated maiden races to get a benifit win.
  15. hsvman

    North Island Trotting

    Isn’t random result better ?