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  1. hsvman

    NZ Cup Nominations

    To be fair it doesn’t matter what you do during the race it’s where you are at the post that counts, tiger went super but the winner just went better when it counted
  2. hsvman

    The Mile High Club

    I think it’s good if they have it once a month mix it up abit so it’s not the same old boring stuff week in week out
  3. hsvman

    Junior Drivers Urgently Required

    Who would want to come north for the chance to driver maybe once a week at best with small feilds and not many meetings there’s not real incentive for any South Island junior to move
  4. hsvman

    Word on the streets is

    The Atc accountant surely he has bigger worries on his hands?
  5. hsvman

    Inca the stinker

    The cheats will definitely get charged and fair enough too . They deadset know they cheated the systems and know full and well they will get time they are just trying to delay it as long as possible but if and when they are charged Loire should be the penalty
  6. hsvman

    How does

    Build residential apartments on the side of the track so people have no choice but to watch
  7. hsvman

    Inca the stinker

    we’ll some would call them machines. They can turn good amounts of money in to shit pretty quickly
  8. hsvman

    Inca the stinker

    Good point of view clearly from a jockey tho as in harness racing generally when it’s a slow paced if your on one of the favourites you do make a mid race move. Standardbreds aren’t as one dimensional as the thoroughbred so can easily switch to plan b or c if the driver wants to
  9. hsvman

    Inca the stinker

    Kind of come hand in hand doesn’t it? If there’s such a level of incompetence buy those supposedly informing and trying to keep integrity in the game is such common knowledge then surely the dishonest ones gather they can get away with more and more so they push the boundaries as much and as often as then can until in this case they get investigated ?
  10. hsvman

    Word on the streets is

    Probably the best thing to be fair , the horses and riders were well below an acceptable standard and generally on the whole have been below that standard the whole way thru the tote races so far, the trials they have are a joke going mostly Upto 20-30 seconds slower than race speed just to get horses qualified. The stipes should’ve straight away not allowed horses going that slow just because they didn’t gallop to qualify. They should have had to pass at least the same as normal qualifications standards they do in the cart so you know they can handle running under saddle at speed. Half the riders have no balance and can’t even stand up in the stirrups for the length of the race.
  11. hsvman

    If u had to choose

    Trouble with claimers is not enough people up here are realistic on what there horse is worth. There would be plenty of rating 40-50 horses that could fit into a claiming systems but owners won’t put realistic prices on there horses
  12. hsvman

    the jewels back to Ashburton .yes

    addington should be great for change and also would like to see Auckland get it at least one year . The 1980m doesn’t really worry will still be outstanding mile rate times. Auckland 1609 is that bad also. Cambridge and Ashburton have done a good job but it has died off abit the last few years. Still think calendar year stakes qualification and 2nd or 3rd week January jewels day would attract a lot more horses and people to the day.
  13. hsvman

    Simon Lawson

    I think you’ll find David walker was placing bets at the tab on races he was in and his bets where head to head bets where his horse was one of the head to head runners and he pulled the horse he rode up so his bet could win
  14. hsvman

    Sailesh Abernethy wtf ??

    Personal decision for certain circumstances not to talk and under no obligation under the rules to talk yet a presenter cannot respect this persons decision and will go on tv and bag them is highly disappointing in my opinion
  15. hsvman

    Mile Racing-Good or Bad

    Mile racing on 1000m tracks is a odd one as generally it’s very hard to hold up from the one gate as horses get a good length of straight to balance up and prepare for the gate to take off. Wider runners get to have a nice angle into the bend more often than not if there half a length ahead of the inside runnerthey will cramp then into letting them go. The perception is it’s easy to hold up from 1-2 but in reality it’s not as easy. 1700m starts at Auckland and Cambridge are actually better start point for the inside runners than the wider ones as the wider ones have just come of the corner an are often aren’t truly squared up when the gate leaves. So the inside ones have that slight advantage and can be squared up earlier when the start point is not as far into the back straight As the miles starts are