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  1. Bruce J Hadley

    Name the Driver and its best Win

    Whilst it may seem a small price they paid, they got reasonable money . These numbers are from the Reserve Bank of NZ inflation numbers
  2. Bruce J Hadley

    Crown Jewels Competition 2nd June $400 In Prizes ENTRIES HERE

    R1 - 1 R2 - 12 R3 - 5 R4 - 13, 2 Q R5 - 1 R6 - 6 R7 - 10 R8 - 1 R9 - 12, 2 & 1 Tri
  3. Bruce J Hadley

    Weaning sale

  4. Bruce J Hadley

    The Derby

    I can confirm 100% the bell sounded a lap early.
  5. Bruce J Hadley

    comments man cambridge last night

    Steve actually started in the harness code. Used to call the workouts at Alexandra Park!!
  6. Bruce J Hadley

    M T Pockets

    I'm available for the drive!!
  7. Bruce J Hadley

    Super Stable 2017

    Good luck all
  8. Bruce J Hadley


    I was only a wee fella at the time. However, from memory, he won several 2yo races, and a few places. And in those days, there weren't a lot of 2yo races. Didn't really come up as expected as a 3yo, and then was sold to USA as an early 4-year-old. He was a 2yo in 1973, and they scorched over the mile in 2-09 . The stake money was $1500. However, to put that into perspective, a basket of goods that cost $1500 in 1973, would cost $18,000 in 2017. (figures based on the Inflation Calendar)
  9. Bruce J Hadley


    Hi FL, Mr Shorthorn was just a handy young horse. He was owned by my uncle Charlie Hadley, and didn't have any name change.
  10. Bruce J Hadley

    geoff small

    Love your work Timmy!!! hahaha
  11. Bruce J Hadley

    geoff small

    No idea. As far as I know, he isnt heading over the Tasman sea.
  12. Bruce J Hadley

    geoff small

    Well that's an interesting "veiled" statement...However, misinformed it is. Around 5 years ago, Geoff made a conscious decision to stop buying yearlings at the sales. He was taking massive risks with HIS MONEY, and inevitably, would end up with pieces of all the horses. He didnt have big-spending owners going to the sales, and was taking all the risk himself. As a consequence of that, the quality of horses coming in the front gate certainly diminished, and as a result of that, he has obviously failed to produce any genuine Group performers. However, the training ability can never be denied. He has won almost every big race going in New Zealand, and if he ever managed to attract a big-spending owner into the barn, he would be more than capable of winning Group races again.
  13. Bruce J Hadley

    geoff small

    Incorrect. He is certainly planning on making some changes, but he will still be training.
  14. Bruce J Hadley

    Auckland - $400 per starter?

    Ouch. Are you able to advise who that is?