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  1. they call that abuse and I might get side lined, and not fulfil my engagements at the track if I did that.. teaching that also starts at home.
  2. no.he will be made to get off his arse and find work, already have a possible lined up for him once he does his exams later this month. he has just done a red shirt thingie at the warehouse so he isn't scared of work, buggar expects to be paid for doing chores on the day... can not understand kids today, as thick as I was I always waited til pay day.but no 2admin2, my family has enough knowitall smart arses going to uni, and they can have it. but you should've seen his face when told he would have to pay board... I think once he comes out of his shell he will be a good asset for any company.
  3. may be barry would like to come and see first hand .. and even try to cut my lawns, it normally takes 2 hours for me to mow, I think I lasted 6 minutes before handing back to the daughter 5 of which I was in extreme pain but of cause barry your only got my word on that. I make no joke about my condition, it scared the crap out of me when my sister had to do kemo, and I saw what it did to her and I am waiting to hear my out come wheather or not the same fate is for me.right now my sleeping pattern is sad, sleep an hour up 1 1/2 hours then start it all over again and i'll say this for barry, he is right, I don't want to work but then I can't stand to long. I can't sit to long and I can't lay down with out discomfit and i'm only had this for 2 months, so why would I want to work, i'd be no good to any boss this way... would I doctor barry?
  4. totally agree. my eldest grandson is 17, we have quite a large section that until a month or two ago I was mowing, my wife and daughter have been trying to get on top of it, today my daughter was out there mowing with the jolly thing right down and still the grandson sat in his room playing games, so I went out and did some mowing then I had to give it up because of pain , these young fella of today piss me off something terrible, my children were brought up to do things, they all have jobs, as school kids and still do. the grandson is meant to leave school come end of this year and has no idea what he wants to do... I do worry for him, but it all comes down to choices as parents etc, we can only guide to the best of our ability.
  5. the medical name for my illness is Amyloidosis myeloma, and it seems it runs in my family.
  6. got a bit of a mouth on you little man. there are some on benefit that are genuine medical problems that can not receive ACC so have to rely on winz. my whole left side has gone, and it is now starting on my right side, it is either cancer (i'll call it that as can not remember how to spell it's name) or diabeties, it is in my spinal area, legs and feet, and also affects my vision while driving , watching tv, reading or just everyday contact, yep I should not be on the road. I don't choose to be this way, after loosing 2 sisters and 3 others in the family to the same cancer, another under going kemo, aa brother just out of hospital with cancer and a brother in law undergoing the same, I do not find it funny some comments,i'd like to live to 80 but I know that isn't going to happen, so I take every day as a blessed day. and I am grate ful for thst I do receive off winz even though it isn't a lot. because some one votes for a different political party than others doesn't make them bad, hell, I don't blame you guys for voting nation, someone has got to. the situation we are all in was caused by both labour (helen clark) and national, under mmp the people worked it so it was possible that mmp would work for the betterment of all people although some do not see it that way,only time will tell, yep I may live long enough to regret the way I voted, but for now I am happy, watching the tory's swearm , like rats in water. but please p4p and others never presume that those on benefits are bludgers, and remember the sickness benefit ia actually no more, they amalgamated it into one benefit meaning people like myself that can not work, can be sent out for work/ or sent to jobs when and if winz feel they should and could. it works for some and not for others,but I guess you will have an answer for what I have just outlined,, and to that i'd say, good for you, I just hope you will never have to rely on a hand out and please don't insult yourself by saying it will never happen to me., I know better people than yourself that it has happened to.
  7. not to many banks not owned offshore there sonny. have you ever tried to get a loan lately? unless your from overseas or wages are around $250 per year you have not got a shit hell of a buy a house even under the welcome loan , set up by the governments of past years. tried it on $50,000 and was turned down, so brought house out right so no mortgage , that's suits us better
  8. actually I have a very good knowledge of political history (I feel) having grown up in a true red (labour) family, which I resented, because our mp at that time was one aurther Faulkner. of mt roskill . I personally did not like him, think it was because one of my sisters had the misfortune of dating one of his sons (Rodney), he was a total wanker, so I against family voted values, as I wouldn't vote labour, couldn't vote national . and yes I've met the likes of Muldoon, mike moore,and even norm kirk, who compared to todays politcians, were just that, true politcians, that at least you could count on being somewhat honest and deleiver policies ., this lot today promise the world, deliever sweet fuck all. and as I may spend my time on the benefit is frankly none or your fuckin business, but I do spend it looking over history, that is why I have a good understanding of politics. although you may think differently , that's your opinion, not that , that counts much by me.i welcome the coalition with open arms and treat it like a breath of fresh air...9 years of national followed 2 terms of helen clark, the people on benefits,low income earners and the poor of this country can now foucus on their future, those living in cars in Auckland may just find a house they can afford to rent, to get the family unit up and running again, happy, and the children, feed and warm, we need to think of our own people not those poor, poor people immigrating to buy our land and houses from, poor old china.but hey, I stand for everything your against, so I really understand your stand on this, and more than likely your biased approach.
  9. rodger douglas should be held accountable and shot at dawn . g.s.t was the down fall of a lot of small business when introduced, it was mates looking after mates and self interests, that was why when he tried to get re elected he failed big time. no one wanted him , no one forgave or forgot what he did to the people of nz.if you can not understand that then you are blind and maybe should join rodger.
  10. bullshit. nzder's do want to work, you try and live on what one gets from winz, sure you hear streached stories of a few that get heaps from winz but in reality they are few and far between, you know it, in queenstown there are 3,000 jobs , in hospitality industry that need to be filled, they ask nz der's first, but they are in short supply in that area so they rely on tourists doing the it is my guess, that quite a few of those tourists are not here or have not applied for working visas, they are actually working here illegally. it a[ears there are some here that think that's fine, good on them for wanting to work, but illegal is still illegal no matter how you look at it, then you have also got to take into account some of those that rely on winz help use to be on different benefits and have all been taken off those and placed on unemployment benefits with winz knowing full well that for medical reasons some can not fulfil that duty. I for one have been told by winz that I can drive school buses,or taxi's which is fine with me, but landtransport have said if I apply for my class c liecence again, they would take me off the road all together. meaning I could not drive, anywhere even to the shops/doctors, it has something to do with diabeties, that will be happening soon enough as the last few months, I can not see what is coming towards me on the road until they are within 100 yards, but my lifestyle tics some off, well you guys can have it, it is a real hoot. nz ders want jobs, you have to be a real nutcase to think they don't, I suggest some of you guys stop a while have a think and pick up your toys you thave tossed from your cots. people like me would love to work, $20 hour is just a dream, but for some even $5 hour is an even bigger one,it just won't happen.
  11. our luck it will be paula Bennett.
  12. to be honest gary, nikki isn't good looking and nor is jacinda.. so keep digging if you go on looks both parties, then we really are in trouble ain't we.?
  13. most likely, I won't get a red cent. but that's not what this is about is it,i've seen first hand poverty in nz yeah you can scream for them to get a job etc but that isn't an easy fix.i challenge you to live on what I get each week, or the average unemployed/pensioner/low income earner. what I received last week from winz, was $68.00 i'm lucky, because the war department stayed with me I get that doubled (her bank account) $136 in total.. that may under labour/nzf/greens increase, then it might not either. we shall see.i bet what I can afford, and if I win something big I put it into my families budget, that is how we make ends meet. it works for us not a life style many others could handle, we struggle, but we are happy, now a change of government we are even more happier.
  14. well aware, but under mmp she still had a shot and as history will show, SHE WON .
  15. easy to see the nat supporters they are all the dribblers here on race café.. boy when I lose, I take on the chin but some on here, are very much like mike hosking, a brat throwing his toys out of the cot .. but it is all clean fun on here isn't it guys... no one can really get so upset about politics..leave that to your bets today.