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  1. JackSprat

    Dexter v's Christen Me

    Hasn't raced yet. Dexter is driving is races 3 and 9. Currently race 2 about to start. You can watch them live here - http://www.empirecitycasino.com/racing/live-video/
  2. JackSprat

    Dexter v's Christen Me

    Dexter is down to start his US campaign this weekend at Yonkers, and guess who he's lining up against? Christen Me! Fancy travelling half way around the world and bumping into your best mate first up!
  3. JackSprat


    Plenty of money to be made by those wise punters that did their homework. Evidenced by the fact that punters were close to the mark all day. Majority of the races won by first or second favourites, with only one double figure winner. Obviously only an "awful meeting" for those who were beaten before they started!
  4. JackSprat


    Far from "lapping" anyone, it will indeed be a good guide as to where his preparation is at. 1am monday morning our time.
  5. JackSprat

    Congrats to the Brian Rabbit

    Have to agree. All this commenting about (insert various insulting names here) is only giving them oxygen. Ignore them and move on.
  6. JackSprat


    jack drove horses for my family back in the 70's. Nice guy, damn good driver, and he always brought you back a horse that you could have raced again the next day!
  7. JackSprat

    Unsure of their issue here.

    If you have 8 horses off the front and 5 off the back, you have a 38% chance of drawing the second row. All Stars runners have a 38% of drawing the second row, just like everyone else. All Stars have 21 runners. 38% of 21 is 8. Exactly the number of second row draws they received. Nothing unlucky about it at all. Just simple maths, and the law of averages.
  8. JackSprat

    Will Blair break Dexter's record?

    5 more at today's Manawatu meeting, and all of a sudden the question has changed again ... from "will he break the record?" to "how much will he break it by?" He only needs 3 winners per week from here on to set a new record, and with Palmy (Thursday), Invercargill (Saturday), Addington (Saturday night), and Rangiora (Sunday), still to come this week, the asking rate could be quite a bit less come next week..
  9. JackSprat

    Farewell Neil Pilcher- RIP

    A thorough gentleman. Didn't matter whether he was mixing with the "top end of town" or the "lifes battlers", he treated everyone in the same manner. Nice to have crossed paths with you Neil. RIP
  10. JackSprat

    Will Blair break Dexter's record?

    44 meetings left in the season, 31 of which he always drives at. Throw in the odd trip north for an "end of season dash" and he's realistically only got to win one race per meeting to break the record - and he's been doing better than that all season! I think there's a better than even money chance that we'll have a new record holder by seasons end.
  11. With 10 weeks of the season left, the question has changed from "Will Blair win his first drivers title?" to "Will Blair break Dexters NZ record for wins?" If he maintains his current strike rate though until seasons end he's on target to set a new national record of about 233 wins for the year.
  12. JackSprat

    Shez All Rock

    Forgive my scepticism, but who in their right mind would sell a horse that's already won $268k from just a handful of starts, for $220k, with the big money races still to come? If this is true, they'd have to be the biggest morons walking the planet. She'd be worth that on "broken down broodmare value" alone!
  13. JackSprat

    Dexter Dunn

    11 weeks and 48 meeting left in the season. Plenty of time for either driver to get on a winning streak! But ... It's hard to see Dexter winning from here though. You'd expect Blair to get at least 230 for the season the way he's going, which means Dexter would have to win 6 races a week - every week - for the rest of the season to get anywhere near him. Barring anything untoward halting Blair's season, he's nigh on unbeatable from here!
  14. JackSprat

    Lazarus sold...

    A fairly risky move taking him to the US to race I would have thought. By all reports they paid a huge premium over and above the other offer on the table, so that they could take him to the US to try and establish a dual hemisphere stud career for him. No matter what he does in America, as an outsider, the US breeders aren't going to flock to him at stud, and it will add little if anything to his marketability in the southern hemisphere, with the risk that if he does an "Auckland Reactor" up there it will wipe out any hope of a northern hemisphere stud career, and damage his "brand" down here as well. I guess if you have the balls to put the money on the table, you get to take whatever risks you like, but for mine, I see little upside to the US foray. with the potential it could all easily turn pear shaped. It's a big call. Let's hope he runs 1.45 at the Red Mile and slays them in the Breeders Crown!
  15. JackSprat

    Jewels to Addington 2019

    God forbid they retain the mile distance at Addington! They wouldn't be that stupid surely .... or would they?