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  1. Are you a consultant to the handicapping/rating system policy makers Pickel? You seem to be on the same distorted wave length. A genuine "ratings system" is a very simple system to create and even simpler to implement. Hell I have first year programmers in my employ that could throw it together in a day! It's the continuous adding of artificial "bandaid measures" and special classes for the increasing numbers of bottom dwellers being created by an obviously flawed system that are digging a deeper hole for the industry by the day. Judging by the disaster that the ratings system h
  2. Pure genius! ... and in 12 months time when EXACTLY the same situation occurs with a log jam in the 35-40 rating range we drop the bottom to 30. And the 12 months after that when exactly situation occurs with a log jam in the 30-35 rating range we drop the bottom to .... It's NCEA Level 1 maths guys! The problem isn't anything to do with what the top or bottom ratings are! The problem is that the points matrix is skewed way too far in favour of horses going down the ratings as compared to those going up the ratings. Pretty soon anything 55 points and above will be consider
  3. This proposed rule amendment is not only a huge step forward for the industry, but if passed into the rule book, will see a stable or two come back to the field!
  4. Living proof that not all the tools are in the garden shed!
  5. Mate of mine who clocks everything in the deep south tells me his personal last 2400m (post to post) was 2.51.8 - well inside the NZ record - and he was held up through the middle half by horses struggling to keep up! Not a bad pipe opener!
  6. So junior stable employees are allowed to be interviewed on TV about their stable runners and likely scenarios, but an experienced trainer/driver is censured for the same thing? And people wonder why the leadership of the industry is considered a joke. Their decisions would make more sense if Monty Python wrote the script for them!
  7. Amazing run first up today. Smashed the clock ... 2.55.9 for the 2400 - Only 1.5 sec outside the NZ record after having no favours in the run. 53.2 last half (25.6 from the 800 to the 400, followed by 27.6 last quarter) No workouts or trials to sharpen him so he can only get better!
  8. I guess if there's a chemical solution for a problem you'd know about it. Never had the need to research the subject myself, but each to their own!
  9. Ye gods ... I hope you are deliberately playing dumb!
  10. The Fixer would have been "gone" at the 400 trying to do what Tiger Tara did last year. Absolute crying shame to the see the Tiger beaten last time. Even allowing for the fact that it would see the Cup crossing the Tasman, it would be great to see him go one better this year. He deserves to win one to cap off his career.
  11. There's good and bad, competent and incompetent, ethical and unethical members of every profession ... the veterinary profession is no different. To suggest otherwise is either extremely naive or extremely self serving. If your regular tirades are anything to go by, everyone on the planet, with the obvious exception of your good self, is a complete fuckwit. I believe the odds against such a situation actually being true are in the vicinity of 7 billion to one! No doubt you're around about the mark with much of the stuff you post, but your god like opinion of your own capabilities is
  12. Having dealt with many many vets with varying levels of competence and integrity over a very long period, and in a range of jurisdictions, I can say with great confidence that they have a lot in common with politicians in that many (if not most), will say or do whatever makes them and their bank account look best, without getting them de-registered. Everything is legal until it isn't. Great move by the Australian authorities. New Zealand's harness racing leadership will be an even bigger laughing stock than they already are if they don't follow suit.
  13. This is just the first thread to come undone for the prosecution. Things are about to unravel quite quickly now with their whole fictitious race-fixing story line. With average luck the halfwits behind this whole charade will take a very long run down a very short jetty when it's all over!
  14. Thanks for the offer, but not really my line of business. I'm more the employer than the employee. If you were a twenty something tech whiz I might even find a spot for you!
  15. Don't know that I've really helped them make a fortune, but I have sent some coin their way via training fees (well Mark's way) in the past. PS. We all know M House is never wrong!