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  1. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    I've certainly not claimed that the game is 100% clean. There always have been, and always will be people trying to game the system to gain an advantage. Mostly pushing the boundaries of legality, and occasionally overstepping the mark. That's human nature in any form of competition. What I will say is that the game is the cleanest at the moment that I've seen in my long involvement on both sides of the Tasman. Yes Operation Inca will eventually pin something on somebody, but it won't be in the realm of race fixing. It'll be misdemeanour level stuff that is part and parcel of any competitive environment.
  2. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    Frustration? Whilst the investigators may be frustrated had not having a case to proceed with, it won't do any long term damage to their careers. Those that are being wrongly accused however have a whole different level of frustration to deal with. That of their reputations being tarnished for life due to the incompetence of a bunch of "keystone cops" who thought they'd struck gold .... that literally turned out to be fools gold!
  3. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    Certainly not finest moment in the sulky, but I'm told some stern post race "feedback" from the stable ensured he did a better job on day 2! It's a long bow to draw to turn a poor drive into a corrupt act. Particularly when the money trail that traditional exposes such things doesn't exist.
  4. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    Opinion on here seem to be divided into one extreme or the other - the game is completely clean, or it's completely corrupt. As with everything else in life the answer lies somewhere in between. It's human nature to push boundaries - it's the reason most of us evolved from cave dwelling neanderthals to what we are today. Off course there are industry participants bending rules. Just like there are "creative" accountants, tradies working for cash, people driving over the speed limit, and church committees overstating their expenses by a few dollars. Whilst there are minor misdemeanours alive and well in many races, the idea that the game is being run by race fixers and wholesale cheating is pie in the sky stuff. Here's a thought for any potential race fixers - the North Island would be an easier target - the fields are half the size, and the participants are twice as connected. Just saying.
  5. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    A few of things spring to mind: 1. You've obviously never driven the Nelson track and nor have any Trackside presenters who like everyone else talk through their pockets 2. You seriously overestimate Johnny White's ability 3. Punters are worse judges than drivers. Punters make favourites, yet favourites get beat 70% or more of the time. That particular day 2 favs got home out of 11 races with a host of longshots winning. There's 8 other beaten favourites for you to investigate!
  6. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    I'd agree that it probably wasn't greatest drive, and the stipes probably should have queried the performance, but if you waiting for a court case to make something more of the race - in the famous words of Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle. "You're dreamin' mate". Why? Glad you asked. 1. Skullduggery in racing is easy to track - you simply follow the money trail, and as we all know, the RIU has huge resources to dig into financial transactions. If any such evidence existed it would have been tabled 2 years ago! 2. My mail is that the Dunn stable demanded more aggression on the second day, hence the different driving tactics. That and the absence of the first day winner Storm Prince who is simply a much better horse contributed to him being able to win. 3. The horses record since that meeting is terrible. About 40 starts since for a couple of grass track wins. Certainly not the record of a horse that they could pick and choose when they felt like winning with. 4. The stipes saw no reason to question matters on the day, so they're not going to front up in court and ridicule their own judgement, and destroy what little credibility they have now. I'm sure if the rampant dishonesty that you're sure exists in the game is there it'll be uncovered. Either that or the rampant incompetence of those investigating these matters will be uncovered.
  7. JackSprat

    Inca the stinker

    This case had no legs from day one, and the longer it plays out the more people are waking up to that fact! The problem now is that the investigators (RIU and Police) are desperate for a face-saving way out, which means they have to find something to pin on someone to justify the millions of dollars they've already flushed down the toilet! There is no race fixing and never was so it's a matter of finding some lesser charges that will stick. The trouble is they're having trouble finding them too! I can see a documentary coming out about this whole sorry saga one day - with the Keystone Cops soundtrack playing in the background!
  8. JackSprat

    Word on the streets is

    I don't doubt the ability or good intentions of the participants, but for now their "product" is only half built, and being showcased at one of our major tracks is not an option. The club need to take a fair chunk of responsibility for the shambles that unfolded with the poorly thought out conditions of eligibility. By all means let them "do it poorly at first", but please not on the big stage and definitely not offered up as an example of what we expect people to bet on. They need to go back and do some beta testing at the trials before re-releasing their program to the public!
  9. JackSprat

    Word on the streets is

    OMG Tasman Man. We all knew you like to go in to bat for the underdog, but this dog has rabies and needs to go back to the trials to be vaccinated! What you saw as "exhilarating" and "exciting", almost everyone else saw as a "shambles" and a "circus". It was like watch a slow motion train wreck unfolding! Apart from the cage fighting and demolition derby crowd I'm not sure who else it would have appealed to. Serial masochists maybe? Tim may even be reviewing his recommendation of you for the ATC board after that diatribe!
  10. JackSprat

    all trotting probs solved

    The success of the monte style races overseas would indicate that there may be a place for it here, but .... not now. In an era when the entire game is battling for the public to take it seriously it makes a joke of everything to put on a "circus spectacle" like we witnessed on Friday night. The monte format needs to go back to the trials for at least 12 months so that: the horses can get some experience the riders can get some experience the trainers can educate their horses to race under saddle The format has potential here but at the moment the standard of most of the participants (horses and riders) is so far below a professional level that it can not be allowed to be presented as a betting product, let alone at one of our major tracks.
  11. JackSprat

    Dexter winning everywhere this weekend

    Dexter's march up the ladder continues after another great weekend of results!
  12. JackSprat

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    My thoughts exactly. I'd imagine the lost income from the property they intend to sell would be similar to or even exceed the interest saving, so little if any net improvement in their position at all. And they'll end up getting screwed in the sale of the property seeing that it's common knowledge that they're in "fire sale" mode. These pending court cases will pretty much determine whether they can survive or not. If they go south and the losses happen to double things will get interesting. I hope those independent directors that were brought in to oversee this whole debacle have plenty of professional indemnity insurance!
  13. JackSprat

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    No only wasn't called for, but he then went on to reluctantly confirm that everything he'd reported was accurate.
  14. JackSprat

    UMC still at it

    Initially I didn't think he looked quite as sharp as he has been in his earlier races .... but ..... running a 1.56mr over 2600 on a wet track, after working for the first 400m to find the front, and seeing the sprint lane for the first time, at just you're 7th race start, can do that to you! He did what only good horses can do last night - he found a way to win even when he looked beaten. Absolute excitement machine who can only come back even better after a freshen up now! Into $7 now for the NZ Cup after only 7 starts!
  15. JackSprat

    Turn it Up-Operation

    Maybe try to scan the thread a little better. As I've had to say to you in the past, try to keep up!