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  1. Makes you wonder what is going on, either the stipes have stepped it up a bit or the drivers are having moments of lost concentration. Or maybe those conspiracy theory are coming true and the vaccine is affecting peoples brains.
  2. Huge marketing tool gone by the wayside, how better to promote the game than to get people in amongst it.
  3. How different was it to Midnight Dash? That was not wrist only, probably thought the young fella had had enough fines and suspensions already.
  4. Saw a lot worse on the night, this is over the top. M Purdon (SELF ASSURED) [Rule 869(2) & Whip & Rein Regs] - Used whip with more than wrist flicking motion. Suspended from 15/04/2022 until 05/05/2022 inclusive. Fined $2500. All the same, what a great race, great crowd, Harness racing did something different and I believe it paid off.
  5. Been a rather hefty penalty, 6 possible wins and 3 more meetings to go.
  6. Introducing myself will not achieve anything, all that will do is give ammunition to detour people from the facts, and that is, the boy needs to listen to someone. That goes for any young driver that wants to do better and learn.
  7. Some of what you say is fair enough but what is stating ones name have to do with it? Does not matter who is saying it as long as it is taken on board. I don't care who you are, no matter what you have to say.
  8. I don’t think it is relevant how many winners I have driven, but since you asked and you say I go on, then I will. I have driven winners and lots of races and have been in the game a long time, hence my name tag. I was driving when there was a lot of competition, so juniors did not get the opportunities they get today. The fields were a lot bigger, always full fields up to 18 horses; there was a running rail and no passing lane. The rules were a lot different like the push out rule, whip rules etc. I’m telling you this because you question if my advice is coming
  9. I think you need to concentrate on teaching Ben or getting him some advice from other drivers, I think he has been around long enough to be one of our top drivers, yet...... Could you talk to him about how close he trails on the drivers head in front of him , I have seen many times the driver in front of him throw their head back because he is climbing over them, Jack Ryan was a good example, have a look and see Nathalie getting annoyed, at the same time look where all the other horses are as far as following distance. Could cause a major accident one day. And get him to straighten h
  10. When he is suspended, look who they put on the horses, Ricky May, Blair Orange, John Dunn, Mathew Williamson etc, I'm sure anyone of these drivers would be worth listening to.
  11. They can't argue with 4 suspensions in a couple of months and one on top of the other.
  12. How long are you allowed to hang your leg down, Baxter, he had his leg down the whole length of the straight. Another bad habit this lad has is following to close, I've seen many driver flick their head when he is following them. Someone needs to have a talk to him before he causes some major damage, as he's not getting better.