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  1. Horsegirl94

    CongratsTeam Melody Belle

    Great to see her get triple crown. She’s an absolute beauty, however Starcraft faced a genuine bunch of G1 horses in the final leg, and yesterday’s field was possibly the worst G1 field we’ve seen in a while. She sure gave them a galloping lesson.
  2. Horsegirl94

    Disgusted by NZ Herald article on upcoming apprentice

    The kid has been in the game for how long? About 2 and a half years? Troubled past due to best mate committing suicide which we all know would hit anyone hard especially at a young age, went down wrong track and when on mend found a love for horses and possessed natural talent. I also believe these quotes from Mr Sharrock were in an article when Billy had opened up about his best mate and how that has given him strength and drive to achieve his goals, and these quotes have been used again in this article to express that the kid is some sort of drop kick. The boy was never involved in racing industry when his life took a spiral, so I don’t see why it should be anyone but his own and families business. He’s in capable hands now with Mr Sharrock and Mr Harris, he’s made his mistakes when under the care of Te Akau and hopefully learnt from them. Let’s encourage this boy and see where he can go. As we know NZ has had a lot of top apprentices head across the ditch over the years who have performed well on the other side of the Tasman. Wasn’t it great to see Sam Weatherley ride a double yesterday at Randwick on Our Malambo and Kaonic (which was an absolute pearler of a ride). Rather than bringing up Billy’s past let’s help him to maintain focussed on his future and doing well, he’s a kid in a men’s game and professionalism will come with experience. Let’s hope Billy can carry on the run of good NZ apprentices and potentially one day head across to Australia and beyond for success.
  3. Horsegirl94

    Disgusted by NZ Herald article on upcoming apprentice

    Why create a negative outlook to it. He’s had a tough time and moving forward wants to make a go of it. Has ability, he’s in the right place with the right mentors. Like mentioned in any occupation what you put in is what you get out of it, if he’s prepared to put in the hard yards he deserves every piece of success he has. Why create a negative article on the boy when he’s done nothing wrong since starting his race day riding career. He’s moved on since his times at Te Akau and trying to create a successful career let’s get behind him and encourage him to be the best he can as he looks to be oozing potential. Good luck boy head down work hard and you will reap the rewards.
  4. this article was bought to my attention today on Wiremu Pinn. How does this article shed a positive light on Racing at all, we are supposed to be encouraging young people to get involved in the industry but all they ever seem to get is knocked and ridiculed. Anyone who has spent time in the racing industry will know it’s not an easy game, especially for kids so rather than bringing up the boys past which is not anyone else but his own business, why don’t we encourage not only Wiremu to continue on his success and help shape him into a role model for aspiring young jockeys. Media needs to help encourage young people in the game to excel and advance in the industry as they are the future of racing, not bring them down and bring up a checkered past when life moves forward not backwards. Wiremu is a pleasant young man who has had a tough past but is making the most of every opportunity on the track to build a successful career for himself and create a good lifestyle for his young family. He’s in capable hands with Mr Sharrock and long may his success continue.