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  1. berzerk

    Saundry on AW tracks

    For 4-5 months of the year in NZ when the sun is shining and the tracks are Good, our racing is superb. But the cold, hard facts is that for most of the rest of the year our racing is crap, and an incredibly poor betting medium. I read recently where our biggest market, Australia, had a noticeable dip in turnover on NZ recently. As a punter, I cannot remember the last time I had a good bet on a NZ race conducted on a wet track. For me, Singapore is looking a promising option and the all-weather racing there is very appealing - consistent form, reliable results. Only negative is around the integrity of the racing there.
  2. NZ tracks are diabolical. They cannot handle the current workload, and/or are not maintained sufficiently. There is not one track in NZ that can comfortably handle more than 20 meetings a year! Why wouldn't you sell the Pukekohe, and build a Ruakaka-type track at Waiuku or Port Waikato?
  3. Te Rapa has used "sand-carpeting". Some talk that they used the wrong grain of sand when topping-up recently? Poor surface, extended margins, fast lanes, and very much a horses for courses track. And then look at what we are dealt today at Avondale? Seriously, should we be racing at this time of year? It is not horse racing, it is borderline barbaric
  4. Easing the pace? An oxymoron if ever there was one on Trentham's Heavy 11. Whatever happened to jockey's looking where they are going and having some intuition? TK Allen has worked to lead, he is hardly going to keep running! Of course he will try and ease for a breather. As a punter I want my leader to go as slow as possible. I'd be bloody annoyed if they don't! Well I suppose at least they didn't relegate the winner! Complete frigging nonsense.
  5. berzerk

    If Messara really is The Messiah

    Australians now bet more on our racing than NZers. BUT they bet proportionately less on our gallops than they do on trots and dogs. That suggests to me a problem with our product. In 2008 I encouraged a hugely successful computer betting team to look at NZ. It appeared to me that favourite win%, and favourite price compared well. They spent months inputting results and data, and tweaking their model, and testing. They resolved that they could not win on NZ racing, even when adding sizeable turnover rebates! The first time they had struck this anywhere they had bet. "Random, unpredictable results"
  6. berzerk

    If Messara really is The Messiah

    A decent race track would be a good start! We don't have 1 single quality race venue, which can handle racing consistently. The last 2 Saturdays we have suffered racing on the most over-rated track in NZ - Te Rapa. Kick-back, horses for courses, and track bias. A grotty all-weather at best. Refuse to bet there. Then throw in the saucer that is Waipa midweek. And now we move Rotorua for a Heavy 10 Saturday. Honestly how can you ever grow turnover with the surfaces you provide? I look forward (not) to the next 4-5 months of unpredictable and inconsistent form and completely random results. And guess what? When a creature of habit finds something else to do (in my case it was a new racing jursidiction) they often don't return.
  7. berzerk

    NZ Handicapping

    Point 1 - Correct PFP. South Island races are being over-rated. Change needed here. A side note is that a horse can have a different rating between NZ, Queensland, NSW and Victoria. No symmetry. But seems endemic of racing in general, not being able to work together! Points 2,3,4 - My feeling is that NZ is not happy with conventional Ratings Based Handicapping. There aren't any errors here. That is how it works. Perhaps NZ needs a new system?? Or a hybrid? Point 5. Fair point. Although horses aren't coming back from HK because they are flying - usually injury related. Agree, Jetwings rating looks wrong, but he did bleed in HK, and has not run to 74 in two runs here.
  8. berzerk


    It is very simple - ride your mount to the line if a chance of a dividend position. Look at photo finish - he is bolt upright. Is 3 weeks fair? Yes. Either that or make him pay the lost prizemoney and losing bets! It should NEVER happen, and hopefully it is a deterrent for the future.
  9. berzerk

    Nash Rawiller gets 15 months

    An interesting topic. Chris Munce's criminal charge was concocted as though in being a jockey his information, and then betting, was insider trading. Bit of a stretch really, especially given 13 other runners! And surely the trainer is privy to far more information. The above betting exchange article is complete nonsense. The exchange exposes likely non-triers. Which begs the question of how well it is actually policed, with regards to a certain jockey who shell remain nameless.
  10. berzerk

    Another TAB meltdown...

    Another feature Saturday, another TAB meltdown. Odds and pools not updating. 1 hour after a winning bet, still hasn't been settled. When does this incompetence end?
  11. berzerk


    No impact on performance or ability. The only negatives are on possible re-sale to Asia, and a bit annoying.
  12. berzerk

    laying a complaint

    Far too much interference in NZ racing at present. Cameron doesn't look, just forces out. Interestingly, Justamaiz had to ease at 1400 when crowded by Tavlin, and is slightly bumped as a consequence of Tavlin coming out (incorrectly assigned as Sirvolk in steward's report).
  13. berzerk


    My argument here is not promotion/relegation, but the fact that stewards are missing a lot of interference, which of course then goes unpunished. Poor rides are not questioned either. For punters to have any confidence there must be clean racing, and a level of consistency in riding. NZ currently falls well short on both measures.
  14. berzerk


    It gets worse! D. Johnson gets off with merely a warning! Prastiyou and Colgan get suspended! How could you possibly not consider Johnson's riding worthy of suspension? The mown strips blatantly shows how much ground she is shifting. And the amount of interference in NZ racing has become pandemic. The RIU really needs to lift their game in policing careless riding AND poor rides in general.
  15. I can live with no enquiry and comfortable with no change to placings, as long as they are CONSISTENT!