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  1. berzerk

    No Avondale

    Any club which posts a Good 2 on nomination morning doesn't deserve a racemeeting
  2. berzerk

    AWT Cambridge

    The AWT racetrack you desire can/will form part of a Greenfields site, but that is looking an 8-10 year project. In the mean time Cambridge is the biggest training centre in Australasia. When training is compromised by bad weather there is an immediate flow-on, and lag, effect to field sizes.
  3. berzerk

    AWT Cambridge

    The value of an AWT is as a training venue - 365 days a year for 1200+ horses, especially during late winter and early spring. To be concerned about 8-10 racemeetings is ridiculous.
  4. berzerk

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    It is a frigging joke. Jockey said (off the record) she wouldn't have won, and doesn't want to protest. Which confirms what the vision shows. The RIU take it upon themselves to hold the enquiry, and an incompetent JCA upholds the protest.
  5. berzerk

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    100% agree, on all counts. Absolute shocker. How anyone could watch that race and have Bordeaux Le Rouge as the rightful winner of that race is beyond comprehension.
  6. berzerk

    Awapuni Ratings?

    Relatively simple, given Royal Stakes is set weights. Winner went 80 (Imelda Mary), 2nd (Secret Allure, beaten 1.25L) to 76, 3rd to 71 (Luminous).
  7. berzerk


    Anyone else nauseated by these Trackside adverts? “equal of any in the word" "world class”. Really? Compared with where? Probably somewhere English isn’t the first language! Honestly, we are sick of monotone preview shows, amateur-hour “betting strategies”, and talking heads. Come on Trackside get off your arses and produce something worthwhile. How about some weekly trackwork – and not just 5 strides past the winning post and pointless trainer’s waffle. And then some stewards footage and sectional timing analysis – proper pre and post-race analysis. And on the day would it be asking too much to see every runner pre-race? And for more than 2 seconds?
  8. berzerk

    Te Rapa track?

    Just going through replays now. After a perfect weather week, this Te Rapa track still looks questionable, at best. A lot of kick-back, and some extraordinary beaten margins for a Dead 4 rated track
  9. berzerk

    Name for my horse please.

    Deuce Bigalow or just Deuce
  10. berzerk

    Big news right here

    Doesn't Greenfields amalgamate Te Rapa, Waipa, and Cambridge? I saw some plans last year. All of above mentioned was included, except the town.
  11. berzerk

    Check this out

    Is OP forcing an outward run, into a gap which simply isn't there?
  12. berzerk

    20 important questions for the TB code

    The key advantage of an all-weather is as a training and trial surface. And through 365 day use it is becomes self-funding. Why should owners have to pay to go to Te Teko, Taupo and Ruakaka for a frigging trial???? And if it holds a few race meetings in June and July could it be any worse than the abomination we currently serve up as racing in that period?
  13. berzerk

    Read this NZ TAB & copy Ladbrokes!

    If you have any ability as a punter you wouldn't be betting with Ladbrokes. Winners are shut down, or restricted into oblivion In fact that goes for virtually all the corporate bookmakers...absolute leeches, only interested in losing punters.
  14. berzerk

    Saundry on AW tracks

    For 4-5 months of the year in NZ when the sun is shining and the tracks are Good, our racing is superb. But the cold, hard facts is that for most of the rest of the year our racing is crap, and an incredibly poor betting medium. I read recently where our biggest market, Australia, had a noticeable dip in turnover on NZ recently. As a punter, I cannot remember the last time I had a good bet on a NZ race conducted on a wet track. For me, Singapore is looking a promising option and the all-weather racing there is very appealing - consistent form, reliable results. Only negative is around the integrity of the racing there.
  15. NZ tracks are diabolical. They cannot handle the current workload, and/or are not maintained sufficiently. There is not one track in NZ that can comfortably handle more than 20 meetings a year! Why wouldn't you sell the Pukekohe, and build a Ruakaka-type track at Waiuku or Port Waikato?