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  1. 1 hour ago, billy connolly said:

    Watched the barrier draw for MC last night and couldn't believe how clueless the likes of that Nick Williams and other connections actually are, stating that barrier draws aren't important over 2 miles.

    FYI Mr. Williams etc. barrier draws are paramount and even more crucial in a distance event. Anything outside 9 is a bad draw.

    Absolute rubbish. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Racing84 said:

    I stand to be corrected, but I think we have commingling for win and place, but not the exotics, although looking at the pool sizes today in Melbourne it looks like the Quinella pools might be commingled too.



    Yep quinellas now commingled so things must be getting close to being back to normal, although my mail tells me it won't be until the beginning of next year. Can't wait!!

  3. 29 minutes ago, Leggy said:

    If you read ardentbuzz's post he said they are EITHER betting offshore (presumably those that do use the internet) OR quit altogether (those that don't have internet access). At least that's how I read it.

    But if you can't use touchtone and have the Internet what's the problem? I just don't think anyone who isn't capable of working touchtone would be able to go thru the hassle of signing up offshore. 

  4. 1 hour ago, tonkatime said:

    Out of interest, how do they bet offshore if they don't have a computer? (Assuming they don't have the interne on a phone or tablet).

    Good question. I'm sure if a punter is unable to use touchtone they definitely won't be able to bet offshore, considering they would have to verify there account and have to be able to use the internet to wager. Sounds like they are telling porkies to me. 

  5. 5 hours ago, MiDeBo Racing said:

    I went into my local tab to withdraw everything out of my account  today and was told they couldn't do cash which I understood. So I asked for a cheque, but they said they couldn't do that either! The only thing that they could offer was to transfer my account balance to a voucher so I could take it elsewhere to withdraw it. Yet when i asked to put a bet on the next race they were going to be happy to accept it!! have to wander whats going on at times.......

    Where was that out of interest? All retail outlets should be able to write a cheque & /or refund it straight back onto a debit / credit card. I'd be surprised if they couldn't do an eftpos refund. 

  6. 19 minutes ago, Brodie said:

    Spike, you haven't got a clue sorry!


    I think he does mate. I'm obviously not the only one sick and tired of your whinging on here!! I see people without tab accounts getting on for 5-10k without an issue regularly. Whether it's at a pub tab, SST or an agency. Get the odd occassion where it takes 10-15 seconds for bet acceptance but they are more often than not accepted ( Probably checking to see if it's that pro punter Brodie or is it Allan who they lose sleep over :lol: ).   Many other ways around your dilemma Brodie as many people have told you over the last few months but you still go on about it like  there isn't. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, scooby3051 said:

    Hmm maybe a few too many... and do people want a points system 5,3,1 or an imaginary bet??? So what say then we do all Group 1 and 2 races only that will cut it down a bit???

    What about everyone has $10 to spend on every G1/2 race and can either go 10 win, 10 place or 5 each way. Maybe a bit more work for the person that runs it but a bit of strategy involved. I'm in no matter the rules, cheers.

  8. 36 minutes ago, alltheway!!! said:

    Is it really any of our business? What relevance does this have with swimming goat exactly?

    Didn't think it was worth making a new thread about. Just found it interesting when you had a 1.6 fav that's won 5 in a row for Weir and changed trainers all of a sudden. I wasn't aware it was his partner. Good luck to her. 

    Geez great win by the Goat tonight, got a bit of a touch up early and then gave Homebush Kelso wind burn! The Galaxy is going to be interesting this year, shortest priced fav pre heats ever ? goat might win the final and make it 25 straight ;)

  9. 14 minutes ago, alltheway!!! said:

    Very handy stuff, although I have noticed a mistake with race 1

    Race 1 Net Open Net Run Home Net Race time
    1 Obstinatus 4.57 13.38 18.40
    2 Miss Shellac 4.63 13.56 18.64

    If that were Obstinatus R/H, Itd be the quickest R/H ever over 318, and miss shellac would be a close second

    Also, is it possible to do back splits over 527M aswell? As the back split is probably the most important split over 527M IMO

    Was an input error, all fixed now. 

  10. 31 minutes ago, westview said:

    Charity Work I'm sure I can fit you into one of my charity syndicates Brodie or Allan,  how about putting some of that hard earned back into the industry that has been so good to you. I will look forward to receiving your donation. Regards Westview

    For someone doing so well you would think they wouldn't be afraid in a little h2h competition like I've offered him numerous times or even posting ONE tip for all us battlers.  :D:lol::rolleyes: 

    Apparently punting harness is far easier than the other 2 codes, he's just yet to prove it. Great racing coming up in all 3 codes Brodie let me know if you change your mind ( lol ).