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  1. This explains the latest 1 that was abandond
  2. I wonder if the person who thought of this idea realizes that there is a delay from when they jump on TV to when they really jump at the track. By the time it gets to the studio 3 seconds has already passed & then it's another 3seconds for it to get to the public watching it on TV.
  3. A beautiful tribute to Steve on the GRNZ website. R.I.P Steve you will be missed by us all.
  4. From what I hear it's going to be 2 guys that don't like the greyhounds. Aaron & George.
  5. At Manukau the Judge & sometimes the lure-driver tells the starter when to box. At Cambridge they are told when to box by a set of lights which is controlled by the judge. (Red for the 1minute call & Orange for when to load)
  6. Rest In Peace my friend. You & Linda trained some really good dogs over the years including the father to my girl when she was racing (Chris' Pride). Your comments & friendly banter will be missed on here.
  8. Gary Sharp

    Here ya go

    Love the video. Thanks for that Mike. Should send it to head office so they can see it
  9. Sadly yes that is true but 1 can hope even if it is a 1,000,000/1 chance of happening
  10. With the new season upon us today I just wanted to say that I hope everyone has fun in the industry & also hope that things finally get sorted out & our code cleaned up with no more bad issues. Good luck good luck to all the trainers & owners for the new season.
  11. Gary Sharp


    Sorry didn't think about Craik last night as my brain was half asleep but yes you are right I should have added them to both lists. I do agree with you Bus that all the trainers up here no matter how big or small they are do a very good job with looking after their dogs & if I was to get any more when I can afford it I'd have no problems getting any of them to train them for me. An other name I forgot to add to the younger generation list is Codlin. Even tho he is a small trainer with only a few dogs he's doing well with them.
  12. Gary Sharp


    In no particular order I think the top 5 trainers in the Northern Region would be: Udy/Cottem, Henley, Steele, Walsh, P Green Most successful business wise I think it would be either Walsh or Udy/Cottem Then you could also look at the younger trainers that are coming up with the likes of Emma Potts & Shardae Hunt.
  13. He also did it by 12 3/4L
  14. R.I.P Max. You were a pleasure to talk to at the track when you were there. You will be missed my friend.
  15. I see he got 2 firsts, 4 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, 2 fifths, 4 sixths, 1 seventh & 3 eighths at Waikato tonight.