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  1. Gary Sharp

    Here ya go

    Love the video. Thanks for that Mike. Should send it to head office so they can see it
  2. Gary Sharp

    New Season

    Sadly yes that is true but 1 can hope even if it is a 1,000,000/1 chance of happening
  3. Gary Sharp

    New Season

    With the new season upon us today I just wanted to say that I hope everyone has fun in the industry & also hope that things finally get sorted out & our code cleaned up with no more bad issues. Good luck good luck to all the trainers & owners for the new season.
  4. Gary Sharp


    Sorry didn't think about Craik last night as my brain was half asleep but yes you are right I should have added them to both lists. I do agree with you Bus that all the trainers up here no matter how big or small they are do a very good job with looking after their dogs & if I was to get any more when I can afford it I'd have no problems getting any of them to train them for me. An other name I forgot to add to the younger generation list is Codlin. Even tho he is a small trainer with only a few dogs he's doing well with them.
  5. Gary Sharp


    In no particular order I think the top 5 trainers in the Northern Region would be: Udy/Cottem, Henley, Steele, Walsh, P Green Most successful business wise I think it would be either Walsh or Udy/Cottem Then you could also look at the younger trainers that are coming up with the likes of Emma Potts & Shardae Hunt.
  6. Gary Sharp

    Pinny Mac.. WOW

    He also did it by 12 3/4L
  7. Gary Sharp

    Vale Max Matthews

    R.I.P Max. You were a pleasure to talk to at the track when you were there. You will be missed my friend.
  8. Gary Sharp

    Brendan Cole

    I see he got 2 firsts, 4 seconds, 1 third, 1 fourth, 2 fifths, 4 sixths, 1 seventh & 3 eighths at Waikato tonight.
  9. Gary Sharp

    Black arm bands

    I only found out about it on Sunday from Kay Herbert. When I got home I sent a PM to Pam & Dennis via her Facebook page giving them both my love & thoughts. Even thou I didn't get on to well with David I still respected the whole family for what they had done in the industry.
  10. Gary Sharp

    Sad news

    Your right Mike I got her name that she uses on here wrong. It's Modest Mouse Not Mini Mouse. Thanks for pulling me up on that Mike.
  11. Gary Sharp

    Sad news

    R.I.P Henny (Mini Mouse) & Leo. You will be sorely missed at the track with your lovely & warm smiles. Your 2 babies would have done you proud today with coming 1st & 2nd in their first start.
  12. Gary Sharp

    Pretty new TAB site BUT.....

    You could always put your bets on at the track Steve. lmao
  13. Gary Sharp

    If you can help.

    If your able to make a donation to this cause it would be a great help & every little bit helps out. If your unable to please don't feel bad as we all find it hard from time to time.
  14. Gary Sharp

    Merry Christmas

    I just want to wish all the members & their families a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. I look forward to our talks next year. From my family & myself (Gary Sharp)
  15. Gary Sharp

    Blood testing

    Nope none taken that I know of & I was down there for it.