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  1. After you dragged me into your spat on the other site you are not welcome here... cheers.


  2. Stop the personal nonsense ... on various posters I am getting tired of it..cheers.

  3. You seem to have issues with him so be it... but I won't let you always attack him and then try to drag me in as well. Yes he can be abrasive as we all know but if you don't like it don't post. I won't have your personal issue with him spoil threads a constructive one at that.

    I am not friends with him in any shape or form and if he posts out of line, what I consider as it is my site , then i will take action, if you don't like something he says PM me and i will address it for you. I always try to be fair to everyone in here and Midget whichever one it is, is and will be treated the same.


  4. Stop trolling or go...simple

  5. I had two complaints about him from what he was posting on another thread... I warned him please keep it clean and he replied this to me...

    You threaten me. Where will I end up? Would you like to meet up and threaten me when next in NZ? I'm not a shit stirrer you illiterate tosspot. I couldn't care less if you banned me from Race Cafe which as we both know is an irrelevant site viewed with contempt by all the players in the industry. When Dave "created" this site twenty years ago it ran well. Leo Molloy dug a grave for it to feed his ego. You are just the little man on a power trip owning it at present. You've created nothing and have no power whatsoever in your life apart from the perceived power you have here. Honestly Leigh wake up to yourself and don't you ever fucking threaten me again . Will happily walk away from this site. Won't let an ant in a puddle of piss like you have any power over me.


    This is the type of stuff we get all the time...sometimes I wonder why we bother doing it... we make nothing and get this type of ause from people we don't even know.

    1. scooby3051
    2. scooby3051


      You should see some of the posts I stop it is really unbelievable and then they attack me when i will not post them...

    3. scooby3051


      Not so sure... it might seem like grandstanding... not sure i want to do that...lets just see..

  6. You are walking a very fine line...please be careful!!!

    1. scooby3051


      I am telling you to be careful and stop stirring...the thread is inflamed enough ... I will close it like the Moody thread if you guys don't be careful.

  7. Have you had a bad experience with a gypsy???? Or are you related?? Dont feel bad if you are, we are all very understanding on this site!!!
  8. People have been cheating for years... I just cant see how they can clean these codes up.... Its a joke, we can all see why turnovers are down....
  9. How much did you get paid to put this thread up????