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  1. Ive got a 12 bay kennel block with a feeding room on the end that im wanting to move on....good start for a young fella as the price will be right.
  2. They did actually have a mentor type programme years ago when i first got into dogs, some guy Coppins (from memory) was employed by nzgra for the position.
  3. Unfortunately i dont think the nzgra actually care about younger trainers leaving the game otherwise they would be more proactive and approach these people seeking a reason why in the hopes they could do something about it before the arse completely falls out of the game.
  4. Thats where the problem lays i guess....catch 22 but lets be honest what do those sort of fields do for greyhound racing in general? On the flip side you could be like me and keep them as pets!!! Hence the reason ive given up training, i cant cut ties with some these dogs so no point accuring anymore!!
  5. Welcome back, you missed my point...i was saying theres no excuse for lack of noms due to travel here in the north given its an hours drive.
  6. Clearly aquaman doesnt realise its about an hours drive from akl to simply comes down to the lack off dogs that can (or dont get a shot at) run 375mtrs. Must say i do now for once agree with aquaman where he stated that akl racing is boooring...honestly Sunday gone was the end of punting for me, woeful fields. The maiden sprint race (and without checking exactly) would of consisted of 8 dogs with probably near on 200 starts between them...and they still maidens!!!! Where the fark is all the up and comers, previously at least every couple weeks you'd get a few nice type maidens coming through...not now. I decided after last Sunday that my $300 spend at akl a week is staying in my bank...too much of a lottery punting there now im afraid. On a brighter note i did say to a gentleman sitting next to me last sunday before that maiden race to get a dart and throw it at the paper printout and back whatever dog it lands on cause the race is that open...he was stoked with $1 eachway on a $30 shot!
  7. Worse thing is you will get to the track on Thursday and ask around and there will be 6 + other trainers that will say the same thing and more than likely for the same grade/distance you nomed for...makes me wonder sometimes...might be time they make the nom's a little bit more available for industry participants to view?..keeps it totally out there and open that way.
  8. Bang on...sad but true. Funny thing is a few dogs that had recently changed hands and that had never raced on a one turn track have lined up at cambridge and gone very well...dont no till ya try and lets be honest it most certainly wont kill them in trying...
  9. In regards to the training reference you make, its surely no secret that its actually not difficult at all to TRAIN a greyhound as you have pointed out...however it is very difficult for a novice to prepare a greyhound and present that dog to the races 100% SOUND and INJURY/NIGGLE free in order for that dog to run its best possible race for you...this "mastercraft" takes years and years of practice to perfect and some are leagues above others at carrying this my opinion the countries leading/top trainers are the best because they have mastered the art (through years of practice) of checking over dogs properly, its not easy to detect some injuries and being able to do this effectively gives you a huge advantage, you can not only start treating the injury at an early stage but your knowledge has given you the ability to detect it before it potentially "ruins" the dog.
  10. Auction idea been tried (if not tried definately talked about) but the interest and stock wasnt there. No one breeds litters to sell them, their worried they might sell the one "group" dog from the litter given they generally sell them at 3 months old so impossible to determine whats good and whats be honest if you aint buying a pup at 3-6 months old then dont will be a lemon or has issues...heres a tip for you: no one will sell you a young race dog that has ability to go to the top grade unless firstly your monetary offer is so good they cant resist, or you buy one from Aussie cause it seems their less prone to want to "tuck" people surprisingly, only way to get a good dog is buy one at 3 months old completely based off breeding and cross your fingers, hands and feet that it can run...hope this helps.
  11. Finally, and thankfully common sense prevailed today then by the sound of it...thanks for the info.
  12. I did see him at the akl dog track after he was wouldnt be surprised if i told you who he was there with either, they were all there as a group before heading to an event in akl central...
  13. Unfortunately i believe hand timing does count towards a dogs best time for track/distance...geez wait til next week at cambridge when the dog that ran 24.96 opens as a $1.02 fixed odds fav!
  14. Clearly theirs a timing issue with the 457 races...winner of race 6 ran 24.96 according to TAB site. Whats the bet these times will end up being recorded as the new best time for these particular dogs at that track and distance!
  15. The TAB have stooped to new lows lately...i see they are putting captions at the bottom of the screen stating big punts made on horses etc prior to the race. On the weekend they said a punter had put $5k on a horse at $3.50 fixed, i looked at that particular horse and it was still paying $3.50, you cant tell me a $5k bet wouldnt of dropped that quote to $2.50. Im tempted to ring the commerce comission because i believe this new "big bet" advertising is all piss and wind and nobodys placed these bets at all, its simply to entice mugs like me to think "fark if someones put $5k on it surely its gona win". All three i watched that were shown to have bih bets placed on them ran like a 3 leggered donkey. This practice should not be allowed unless the TAB is prepared to show prove that these bets even exsist, my belief is that they dont.