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  1. stoptheshit

    Dress Code

    Actually don't own one with balls on it
  2. stoptheshit

    Dress Code

    Actually the sleeve ripped thank you very much and when had time changed it as for bizarre it is white with collar and sleeves thank you
  3. stoptheshit

    Broodbitch free

    Thrilling abra has been DNA tested had 1 litter not racing yet breeding is Cyrus the virus and thrilling belle inquiries phone 0211138105
  4. stoptheshit

    Auckland Track

    Was told drains under 318 were blocked as I say only what was told
  5. stoptheshit

    New Competition

    Jake do you ever just quit been negative every post you put up is its people like you that hurts the industry not helps your the ultimate keyboard warrior
  6. stoptheshit


    Yup got picked up on Thursday felt like a idiot when the fields came out and yup its my fault I shouldve double checked lesson learnt.
  7. stoptheshit

    For sale

  8. stoptheshit


    I was wondering how long it would take to get on here as u know me very well modest you probably get that I nominated for the wrong heats as there are class 1 heats too.
  9. stoptheshit

    For sale

    Prancing bee would probably run better at wanganui. Little brat not pinging for me at the moment. Ph/text :02108179903 $500
  10. stoptheshit

    Putting an end to rumours

    Try again what are you implying that they are dodgy trainers why put them in the same boat as trent agent? If I were you id better start apologising and stop your assumptions cause your looking like a shit stirrer
  11. stoptheshit

    Putting an end to rumours

    Total agreement with you white ranger.
  12. stoptheshit

    Putting an end to rumours

    Like people of this calibre are really going to put their lively hoods on the line especially when they have to pay the prizemoney back put their GOOD NAMES on the line. Seems to be your all great at judging before you know the facts me personally CANNOT see any of these trainers intentionally being dodgy !!